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  • 1. Types of VariableWhich shape is the odd one out?
  • 2. Learning Objectives: • Identify variables in a practical all• . • Decide on which variables to most change, measure and keep the same • Know the correct terms for some variables
  • 3. Revision of variables Can you …an remember …a what is control …a meant independent dependent variable? by… variable? variable?
  • 4. Revision of variables Summary:The independent variableis the one that you change or select.The dependent variableis the one changes as a result,and that you measure.The control variables must not change,so that it is a fair test.
  • 5. In summary• Categoric These have word labels.• Ordered These categoric variables can be ranked, in an order.• Discrete These can only have whole number values.• Continuous These can have any numerical value.
  • 6. Planning• When we plan an experiment we must always make sure that we choose a• suitable range• and• number of values for the independent variable.
  • 7. Range• It is important in science to choose the correct range of Independent Variable.• E.g. the age of pupils in our school range from 11  18.
  • 8. Fair Testing Assessment• A car manufacturer wanted to test the braking distances of its cars at different speeds.• What would you say the following should be? There is more information on the following slide – Independent Variable – – Dependent Variable – – Control Variables – – Range of Independent Variable- – Values of Independent Variable –
  • 9. Fair Testing AssessmentBraking distances and speed.• Independent Variable – What am I changing in this investigation?• Dependent Variable – Because of what I am changing, what will I measure?• Control Variables – To make it a fair test what do I need to keep the same.• Control Variables – Ones I cannot Control – Which things will it be difficult to control?• Range of Independent Variable• Values of Independent Variable
  • 10. Plenary• Use the post-it to mark which plan is the best• Write on it what you like about it