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Animal ethics


A discussion on the documentary Earthlings

A discussion on the documentary Earthlings

Published in Education
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  • 1. Animal Ethics Ecotourism Mr. Estrella
  • 2. Earthlings Earthlings: any living organism that shares the Earth with us. All living things have evolved from common ancestors that lived in the ocean.
  • 3. Earthlings It is a true miracle that any organism gets to experience life. The odds of fertilization, gestation, birth and living to adulthood are against us all.
  • 4.  What a wonderful gift it is to be conscious.
  • 5. Earthlings All living things want to remain alive. This is why prey tries its best to evade being eaten or killed.
  • 6. Earthlings Questions1. Why do you think animals want to live so bad?2. Why are living things afraid of death?
  • 7. Earthlings Questions3. What do you think makes people believe it is okay to enslave others for their own benefit?
  • 8. Earthlings4. Why do you think Nazis thought it was okay to torture, embarrass and kill Jewish adults and even children?
  • 9. Earthlings The following video is for awareness purposes. It is not intended to make you change your lifestyle. It is for you to think about the five different ways animals are used by humans. Reflect after watching the documentary and if things bother you, get involved.
  • 10. Earthlings Earthlings - DocumentaryOr type thefollowing in yourweb browser’saddress to watchit online.http://vimeo.com/24715637
  • 11. Earthlings Questions1-2 paragraphs each.5. Do you think we have the right to own and even kill other living things for our own benefit?6. If you don’t think we have that right, will you become a vegetarian or a vegan or… ?
  • 12. Earthlings Review1. List 4 ways animals are used by people.2. As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields. What does that mean?3. What does the following mean? “Ignorance is the first line of defense?”4. Do you believe that humans have a complete disrespect for living things? Why?
  • 13. HW: Earthlings Essay“Pain and suffering are in themselves bad and should be prevented or minimized, irrespective of the race, sex or species of being that suffers.” Introduction -1 Paragraph Body -3 paragraphs with 3 points you make. Conclusion Paragraph with your closing statement. (What do you want people to remember about your essay.)