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Web2 Google


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Mountain Lakes Institute Classroom 2.0 March 2009 Reviewing Web 2.0 w/ GoogleApps Image from
  • 2. Tech Tip: Buying a Car, 2.0 Style
  • 3. Tech Tip: Oovoo vs. Skype update
    • 1. Review Web 2.0 technologies and apply them to Google Apps
    • 2. Explore Google Apps and brainstorm ways we can use them in our classes tomorrow
    image Thirst-Quenching Web 2.0
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. 1. Web 2.0 Review
    • Social Bookmarking*Blogs*Wikis*
    • Grassroots Pics & Videos*Podcasts*
    • Social Networking*Serious Games*RSS Feeds
  • 8. Newest Horizon Report The k-12 Edition
    • Last week NMC posted its first ever Horizon Report for K-12ers
    • This effort seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies that will likely have a significant impact on K-12 education.
    • Check it out at the Horizon Wiki
  • 9. Google: One-Stop Web 2.0 Shopping
  • 10.  
  • 11. Step 1: Get a Google Account (GMAIL)
  • 12. What are rss feeds? From our friends at Common Craft! How can Google Reader help us Manage the world wide web?
  • 13. Try Google Reader
  • 14. From our friends at Common Craft! GOOGLE DOCS WHY USE DOCS OVER MICROSOFT PRODUCTS?
  • 15. Google Docs
    • From Word to Doc
    • From PowerPoint to Presentation
    • From Excel to Spreadsheets
    • Example: MLHS Program of Study
  • 16. Using Google Earth...
  • 17. Using Google Sites
    • Google Sites is a free service that allows anyone with a Google login to quickly generate a useful and handsome site for free.
    • It is their version of a wiki
    • Best Practice Sample
  • 18. Google & Research
    • Refer to the How To handout for researching tips from the Information Searcher newsletter ( vol. 17, no. 2 )
    • Go to Google Tutor , an independent site with blog posts, videos and more
    • Check out Nicholas Carr’s provocative Atlantic essay “Is Google Making Us Stoopid?”
  • 19. Exploring All Things Google
    • /
  • 20. Google Video Tutorials
  • 21. Dr. Helen Barrett’s Helpful Google PDF Tutorials
    • Google's "Using Google Docs in the classroom: Simple as ABC" (PDF version)
    • How to create an electronic portfolio with GoogleApps (including GoogleDocs & Page Creator Tutorials PLUS Google Sites)
    • GoogleDocs Help Center - Documents (Google)
    • Blogger Help, (Google) Video (Blogger: How to Start a Blog) (YouTube)
  • 22. Official Google Blogs
    • /
  • 23. Web 2.0 Soldiers?
    • Five months later, what have we learned?
    • What have we implemented?
    • What goals will we set for next week, month or year?
  • 24. Articles from Edutopia
    • Start with Sara Ring’s “ Google for Educators : The Best Features for Busy Teachers” ( 1/2008 )
    • Click on “Tech Teacher: Cut Through the Web Noise: RSS feeds help sort out the new from the mold” by Geoff Butterfield for a great VISUAL
    • Go on a Road Trip with Google Earth & read “Google Lit Trips: Bringing Travel Tales to Life: Follow along for a multidimensional literary adventure” by Suzie Boss ( 6/2008 )
  • 25. Articles from T.H.E. Journal
    • For more on Web 2.0 technologies , see “Top Ten Web 2.0 Tools For Young Learners” by Chris Riedel ( 2/2009 )
    • For info on Simply Google , check out “A Taste of Web 2.0” by Patricia Deubel ( 3/2008 )
    • For information on Google Earth , see Dave Nagel’s “Google Earth 5 Goes Underwater, Travels to Mars” ( 2/2009 )
    • See Google Docs in action in “Show & Tell” by Matt Bolch ( 5/2008 )
  • 26. March 09 Bibliography: In addition to Edutopia & Journal Slides All links, videos, handouts & articles used for this presentation can be found on my social bookmarking page: