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Search engine optimization, SEO is more about Link building and use of keywords. It is an art that ranks websites very well with search engines for better profitable opportunities. Websites get to enjoy increased visibility through its relevance, trust of its domain, connection to search engines, links of very high quality, popularity in the online social media and ultimately attraction of relevant traffic. Your website should have relevant keywords in the appropriate niche that are regularly searched by various people over the internet and it must be trustworthy for the search engines to rank them well in their search result pages. In general, search engine optimization is a type of internet marketing that is the easiest and most effective in terms of cost among other forms. The outcome is more people or traffic generated and driven to your websites.

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  • SEO Tips & Tricks By A Leading SEO Singapore Consultant

    2. 2. This SEO eBook is solely owned by a leadingSEO Singapore Consultant. You are allowed toshare or distribute it either partly or the whole of itwithout alteration of its contents in any way. Eventhough this eBook is for free access by thegeneral internet users (public), you are prohibitedfrom altering its contentsFailure to abide by this can lead to penalization orfines. Otherwise, feel free to use this eBook andshare it with your friends.
    3. 3. An acronym for search engine optimization, SEO ismore about Link building and use of keywords. It is anart that ranks websites very well with search enginesfor better profitable opportunities. Web sites get toenjoy increased visibility through its relevance, trustof its domain, connecting to search engines, links ofvery high quality, popularity in the online social mediaand ultimately attraction of relevant traffic.Your website should have relevant keywords in theappropriate niche that are regularly searched byvarious people over the internet and it must betrustworthy for the search engines to rank them wellin their search result pages.
    4. 4. In general, search engine optimization is a type ofinternet marketing that is the easiest and mosteffective in terms of cost among other forms. Theoutcome is more people or traffic generated anddriven to your websites.The guidelines and rules of search engines must beadhered to for successful rankings. You do not haveto pay a dime for the search engine rankings butoptimize your website for SEO which assists searchengines in ranking websites.
    5. 5. Among the various services offered by SEO Singaporeconsultants are mainly the development of websitecontent, research of keywords, website structure orcontent review, training on SEO, geographical andspecific market expertise, development and managementof online campaigns for businesses or even advice ontechnical development of websites.There are several tips and tricks that will help youoptimize your websites for them to rank well with searchengines. The search engines that are most commonlyused by internet users for keyword-based searchpurposes are Google, Yahoo and even Bing.
    6. 6. You can either optimize your website on yourown or hire a professional Singapore SEOConsultant to assist you. These are affordableSEO services. The latter is recommended because you gettime to focus and put more emphasis on thecore elements of the business that needs moreattention. These various tips and tricks arediscussed deeply in this eBook to help you turnyour e-Business into a successful venture withincreased sales and ultimately regular cash flow
    7. 7.  Copyright Introduction Powerful Singapore SEO tips & tricks for website owners Conclusion and Recommendation About the Author
    8. 8. These are things that either you should do or not do in attempt to optimize your website. There are things that you must give first priority as compared to others.Tip# 1: High Quality Website Content The first thing that you must consider when writing your website content is quality. You must ensure that the content you write for your website is great enough to let visitors stick around. A great content will also render your website very valuable thus highly ranked by search engines.
    9. 9. Tip# 2: Unique Website Content The content of your website must all be unique. It must never contain similar content to any other websites available over the internet. When you create unique content for your site, it will be ranked well by search engines.Tip#: 3 Frequent Update to Website Content You should also make your websites reliable by frequently updating its content. You can do this by creating and adding new content every now and then to your website. This will not only get your site to rank well but also ensure that it always has relevant content in the right quantity.
    10. 10. Tip# 4: Use the Best Keyword Phrases Another important tip to put into consideration is to ensure that you use a variety of keyword phrases on different website pages. It is not recommended to use only one keyword phrase on all your site pages. You must research for the best keywords in your niche that users frequently search for in search engines and create high quality content for your sites based on them.Tip# 5: Use of Popular Keyword Phrases You should also ensure that the keywords that you select are popular among internet users though, they should not be too popular.
    11. 11. This is due to the fact that keyword phrases that areover popular tend to be very competitive and mostdesired by website owners. Hence, once you havedetermined the right keywords that can help rank yourwebsite highly, it is best to optimize for them.As an example, very popular keywords can land yourwebsite to the 60th page of search engines such asGoogle whereas a less popular one either in thesecond or the first page. Clearly, the latter is the bestoption; the less popular keyword or phrase. Go for thekeyword that will enable your site to rank higher.
    12. 12. Tip# 6: High Website Accessibility An SEO web design Singapore that is well developed and easily accessible is critical to receiving high traffic. This means that both the search engine crawlers and internet users can easily access your website. When your site has great content and is easily accessible, then it means it will be ranked well by whichever search engine it is optimized for.
    13. 13. Tip# 7: Incorporate Keywords in the Website Title Tags One the most critical element of websites is the title tags. In fact, title tags are the most important tags of a website. You must ensure to place your keyword or phrase in the title tag. If possible, you can place it at the start of the title tag. This will ensure that it is accessed by the search engine crawlers. In addition to that, it will also be used by indexes of search engines as links.
    14. 14. Tip# 8: Incorporate Keywords in the Website Domain Among the best ways to optimize for keywords is by incorporating the keyword or phrases in your website domain name as these are the first places to be scanned by the search engine crawlers.
    15. 15. Tip# 9: Incorporate Keywords in the Website URL If you are not able to place your keywords in your website domain name, then there is no need to worry. This is because you can place them in your URLs. This is important due to the fact that search engine crawlers assign some value to the URL text hence you should not miss out on this as it will contribute to your website’s rankings.Tip# 10: Use the Right Keyword Density On every web page of your site, you should attain a certain keyword density in relation to the overall text on the page.
    16. 16. For primary keywords, the percentage density should be between 3 and 7 whereas for secondary keywords it should be 1 and 2 percentages.Tip# 11: Incorporate the Keyword in Your Website Headlines Whether it is the primary keywords or secondary keywords for local SEO, you should incorporate them in your website headline tags. Headlines are usually assigned higher value by search engines because they can recognize that they are more important than any other text in the page.
    17. 17. Thus ensure that you place your keywords in the headlines to gain from this.Tip# 12: Incorporate Keywords in Link Anchor Texts Since link anchor texts are unique and easily recognized in any given page, you can also incorporate keywords in them. Search engines normally give more priority to these anchor texts than any other available texts on the website pages. Hence, your keywords will have the same value to ensure that your website ranks highly.
    18. 18. Tip# 13: Cross-Link Your Page to Other Website Pages Using Link Building Services You can ask other website owners to link their web pages to yours. You should be very careful on the number of inbound links you got on your website. The right number is perfect because having too many links can result in search engines flagging your website as spam which is not good at all.Tip# 14: Incorporate Keyword in Inbound Links Apart from requesting other website owners to link their pages to yours, you should utilize the opportunity to incorporate your keywords in the inbound links.
    19. 19. You can talk to these website owners about it toconsider adding your keyword phrases but youhave to be very careful because you might end uplosing the inbound link. Search engine crawlersuse these links to determine your websitepopularity hence is given higher priority. This is anexcellent way to optimize your site for higherrankings.
    20. 20. Tip# 15: Incorporate Keywords in Inbound Links from Websites with Similar Niche Do not just link your website to any other but ensure that they are of similar niche to yours. This will make search engines categorize your website as credible.
    21. 21. Tip# 16: Link to Known Credible Websites A website that is linked to credible sites is categorized by search engines as credible. Among the credible websites are those with domain extensions such as .edu or even .gov because they have domain names found at a higher domain level. These websites are also very reputable and will make yours the same. Linking to such websites will only ensure that your websites are given more value by search engines thus highly ranked.
    22. 22. Tip# 17: Creation of so Much Website content Website content is paramount and the more content created, the more available information to be indexed leading to higher rankings in search engines. The content must be optimized for SEO by SEO consultants.
    23. 23. The above tips and tricks are highly prioritized by search engines thus will produce the best ranked websites. Implementing them is a good way to optimize websites and ensure that they are well positioned in search engine results. The best SEO company can help you achieve this.Tip# 18: One General Content Theme When creating your website content, you must ensure that it all relates to one topic or theme. For example, if your topic is in the health niche, all the website page contents must relate to that. This will ensure that your site and all its pages are credible.
    24. 24. Tip# 19: Lifespan of Websites Websites that have been in use for a long time rank better than those that have just been put up. Thus, ensure that your website remains in use as long as you can for better rankings.Tip# 20: Utilization of Sitemaps You should also ensure that your website has a sitemap as search engine crawlers use them to locate links on web pages. It does not matter whether it is an HTML, Google or even XML sitemap.
    25. 25. Tip# 20: Utilization of Http 301 Server Redirects For permanent redirects, do not use just any redirects but 301 as spammers normally use them. When you use 301 redirects, search engines will be able to determine that it is of a permanent nature and will prompt them to alter their indexes in use at that time in order for them to use that URL the page is redirected to.
    26. 26. Tip# 21: Utilization of Http 302 Server Redirects In case of temporary redirects, use 302 redirects especially on URLs that are either ugly or even long to those that are friendlier to the internet users thus making unpleasant URL more palatable. Due to the fact that these redirects are used by several spammers to trick search engines, you must use them genuinely for your website to stand out. Professional SEO services can guide you on the use of these redirects or even implement them for you.
    27. 27. Tip# 22: High Number of Quality Inbound Links A high number of inbound links from reputable and credible websites are very important for your website to rank well. Even though, keep in mind that several link farms connected to your site is not comparable to a few inbound links with very high reputation. Choose the latter if you want your website to rank well in search engine results. If you are not sure of how to go about it, seek help from a Singapore SEO company for quality services.
    28. 28. Tip# 23: Incorporate your Keyword in the 1st Paragraph of your Website Content The first few words of website contents are usually among the first to be scanned by search engine crawlers hence it is important to place your keywords or even phrases in the first paragraph of the content created. If possible you can repeat it at most once in the same paragraph.Tip# 24: Incorporate your Keyword at the Top of your Website HTML Apart from placing keywords in the first paragraph of your website content, you should also do the same at the top of the web HTML and even moving the website content to it would also rank your website well.
    29. 29. Tip# 25: Incorporate your Keyword in Alternative Texts Images are the best alternatives to text where you can place your keywords. One major benefit is that it makes recognition of repetitive keywords a bit difficult although you must ensure to avoid stuffing of your keywords in any way. With the best SEO services, your keywords will be placed in the right places.
    30. 30. Tip# 26: Put Emphasis on your Keywords You must also put more emphasis on your keywords by either using larger or different fonts of text on the keywords or even highlighting them. This can be applied on font tags, CSS or even headline tags and will show search engines that these words are more important than any other.
    31. 31. Tip# 26: Uniquely Format your Keywords The only way to make your keywords stand out is by formatting them uniquely. This will put emphasis on them to tell search engines that they are more important than any other words in the website content. You can use tags such as <em> and <strong> to accomplish this.
    32. 32. Tip# 27: Use of Well Described Meta Tags Whichever description you write and use for your website Meta tags is what search engines utilize in their search indexes. An accurate description is thereby required for easy indexing by search engines as well as easy access by potential customers who are searching using specific keywords or phrases.
    33. 33. Tip# 28: Utilization of Links between Web Pages Another easy way to get the links you seek for your website is by linking your web pages to one another using hyperlinks. Even though they are not as important as inbound links to your website in terms of search engine rankings, they help search engine crawlers to span all web pages within your website. This happens as long as the SEO on page of your site is done as required.
    34. 34. Tip# 29: Incorporate Links within the Website Content Unlike artificial links, incorporating links within the created website content text will rank your website very well. This link should be flowing and relevant to the context of the site. Relevant links as well as high quality content or text that is sensible will ensure that your website ranks really well as they are more valued by search engines.
    35. 35. Tip# 30: Add Inbound Links One at a Time Inbound links to your site that have been into use for quite some time will be more valued than newer ones. Make sure that several links are not added to your website all at ago. Doing otherwise will make search engines flag it as spam by thinking that you are only purchasing link placements for your websites.
    36. 36. Tip# 31: Get Listed in Directories You should get your website listed in relevant sections of various directories and websites such as Yahoo and even DMOZ. This will only show that your website has similar niche to the relevant directory section. This is also an important part of SEO services.Tip# 32: Check Outbound Links Regularly Outbound or external links connect your website to others. It is essential that you only link to credible and reputable websites but this can always change with time hence it is significant for you to check the ranks of these websites on a regular basis.
    37. 37. If you find any farm links to bad sites, then you ought to remove them so that your site can maintain its credibility. If you find any farm links to bad sites, then you ought to remove them so that your site can maintain its credibility.Tip# 33: Link Alternative Text Since links are critical to search engines, you can also incorporate them in all the main images in your web pages because images are normally frequently clicked by users. A good Singapore search engine optimization will ensure that all the images in your main pages are linked to other pages.
    38. 38. Tip# 34: Frequently Update your Web Pages Search engines give a higher priority to websites that are updated frequently than those with old contents. Your updates should be very extensive and thorough and not just minor alterations such as correcting typing errors.Tip# 35: Avoid Using Frames in your Website Search engine crawlers find it very difficult to span through web pages with frames because they find them to be heavy. In fact, if you really have to use frames then the no-frames version is the best option for your site.
    39. 39. Tip# 36: Avoid Using Flash on your Web Pages Just like frames, search engine crawlers find it hard to span flash pages because they are seen as images. For creating your website content and to enable easier navigation through it by search engines, you should use HTML. If you really have to use flash in your pages, then use it on smaller parts of the websites that are not very important so that the search engine crawlers can navigate through the important portions of your website.
    40. 40. Note that all the tips of SEO discussedabove are given medium priority whenlocated by search engines in any givenwebsite content. Hence, SEO consultantsshould also give more priority to SEOfactors that are given more priority bysearch engines.
    41. 41. The tips below are given low priority by search engines when found in any page but are still very important for any successful search engine optimization.Tip# 37: Website Pages at the Root Level Directory Web pages that are closer to the root directory are ranked highly by search engines unlike those that are a bit far from it at lower levels. This means that you should strive to ensure that your website pages are much closer to the level of root directory so that search engines can be able to optimize them well.
    42. 42. Tip# 38: Use a Combination of Keyword Phrases as well as Meta Tags In optimization of your website for search engine results, Meta tags play a very critical role in ensuring that websites rank well. It does not matter whether you use secondary or even primary keywords in the Meta tags.Tip# 39: Use Only A few Optimization Secondary Keywords As you write your website content, do not overdo it and ensure that you do not stuff your keywords in any way. For the secondary keywords, just ensure that the percentage ranges from 1 to 2 percent.
    43. 43. Tip# 40: Stemming of Keywords Another good way of optimizing your web pages for search engines is by using various forms of keywords or phrases in the context of the website content. Apart from optimizing your pages, it will also make your content very interesting to your site visitors who will be reading it. As an example, a word like read can take a different form such as reading. The search engines are in a position to tell that these various keyword forms are similar and refer to the same thing. This is what is commonly referred to as stemming of keywords. A good Singapore SEO company will ensure that your website implements this important factor.
    44. 44. Tip# 41: Use of Keyword Synonyms Just like stemming of keywords, use of synonyms of keywords is also essential in ensuring that use of various keyword forms is achieved. This will also ensure that your content is not stuffed with the keyword or phrases. As an example, if your keyword is the word enemy you could replace it with the word foe.
    45. 45. Tip# 42: Keep Related Keywords Close to Each Other Search engines are in a position to recognize related keywords that are used close to each other. Due to the fact that search engines recognize keywords irrespective of position, this is only important if you are trying to optimize your web page to rank well for a particular keyword. Tip# 43: Incorporate Keyword in your Description of Meta The kind of description that search engines display in their result pages of various searches is the description of Meta. This makes it a good place to incorporate your keywords and thus must have an excellent description in the Meta tags.
    46. 46. The company that you select to offer you Singapore SEO services must have experience in coming up with very unique and descriptive information for your site.Tip# 44: Determine and Set Keyword Meta Language Meta tags are usually set in English language and thus if your web pages are not in English, you must set it in the tags so that the search engines can be able to determine what language it really is in. When a user makes a search in the language of your website, search engines will rank your site better for it.
    47. 47. Tip# 45: Incorporate Keywords in Bookmarks Incorporating your keywords in bookmarks or named anchors, indicates that they are very significant and the search engines can be able to tell that. It will make your site rank well in search engine pages as it will be given a higher value by the search engines.Tip# 46: Use Enough External Links You should just have enough links to external websites. Even though your site can be ranked well, too many of these links can portray a negative image of your website and render it less effective and thus penalized in a worst case scenario. If you have
    48. 48. too many external links it will mean that you have to check on them regularly to ensure that your website rank is not compromised in any way. If you do not have time, you can hire a professional SEO consultant to manage the tasks for you at an affordable rate.Tip# 47: Register Sub-domains as Domains Domain names are easily recognized by internet users as compared to sub-domains due to the fact that people believe that they should begin with a www unlike the names of sub-domains. Search engines also do not recognize sub-domains as they do with domain names hence for your website to rank well, you should register all your websites with domain names.
    49. 49. Tip# 48: Register your Website at the Top Level Domain If you want your website to get instant credibility then top level domains are the way to go. A .Com and .Edu domain is much better than lower level domains such as .Au and .Biz. Domain names with the domain extensions such as .Com and .Edu are highly ranked by search engines hence your website will enjoy the same and appear in either the first or second pages. Domains with .Org extensions are also ranked well currently but this might change in the future because they are easier to get and thus are becoming very common.
    50. 50. Tip# 49: Separate Keywords in Domain names with Hyphens Search engine crawlers can recognize that hyphens indicate the beginning and end of any given word. Therefore, use hyphens to indicate the start and end of your keywords in your name. In case of URLs, you can use either hyphens or underscores to determine the beginning and end of your keywords but the latter is much better.
    51. 51. Tip# 50: Maintain Web Pages Less than 30KBIt is important for your web pages being very short inorder for them to load faster. Short web pages willalso assist you to maintain the right keyword densitywithout having to use the keywords several times. Ifyou got pages that are very long, you can separatethem into different pages then optimize them for localSEO so that they can rank well with search engines.
    52. 52. Tip# 51: Avoid Using JavaScript Since most search engines are known to ignore content running JavaScript, it is best not to use them if you want your website to rank well. Though, if you really have to, then you should ensure that it breaks your HTML pages.Tip# 52: Incorporate Text Transcripts in your Content If your website contains sound files as well as podcasts, you should incorporate text transcripts in them in order for search engine crawlers to be able to index them. This is because video files and also podcasts are ignored by search engines just like flash and images as they are heavy and difficult to navigate.
    53. 53. Tip# 53: Avoid Hosts with Spammers and High Downtime Your host should not condone malicious activities as that can lead to your IP address being blacklisted by search engines and thus your website irrespective of its status: genuine or not. Your host should also have high uptime so that your website is always available whenever search engines try to reach it. If your website is always unavailable, the search engines can flag it as a completely gone website.
    54. 54. Tip# 54: Do not replace Text Links with Images Search engine crawlers are only good with texts and not images hence ensure that you do not replace them. If you want search engines to rank your site highly, use text links because they are easier for engine crawlers to navigate through fast.
    55. 55. Tip# 55: Use Correct Keyword Spellings Despite the fact that search engine crawlers can highly rank web pages that are optimized for misspelled keywords, your site can lose credibility with your potential clients. And since the search engines are nowadays are inbuilt with spelling checkers, this will become outdated hence ensure that all your keywords are correctly spelt.
    56. 56. Tip# 56: Avoid Dilution of Keywords This is the use of several different keywords on one page of a website. It is not good as it will confuse both your potential clients and search engines. It will also show that you are not sure of what you really want on your website page. If you must use a lot of different keywords then you should use them on different web pages. A maximum of two or three keywords is enough for your web pages.
    57. 57. Tip# 57: Avoid Stuffing of Keywords This is the use of too many keywords in a particular page. The density of your website pages will determine whether it is stuffed or not. Your general keyword density should be less than 10% of the total text available on your web pages.
    58. 58. Tip#58: Do not rely on Domain Links that Use the Same Internet protocol Unlike other types of search engines, Google does not care about your source of inbound domain links: whether they are from the same IP or host provider. It is therefore important to seek inbound links from domains with different IP addresses or those that are hosted by different providers.
    59. 59. If you own any other domains, do not usethem to create inbound links to your websiteas other search engines other than Googlemight penalize it for that.
    60. 60. This can lead to all search engines banning your websites if they can realize what you are doing and trust me that you will not like it when the website you have invested so much in has to be banned. A company that offers excellent link building services will make this a reality.Tip# 59: Avoid Very Long Domain Names and URLs As much as it is ok to have long domain names as well as URLs of up to ten words or even more, it make your website appear as spam not just to search engines but also your potential customers. It is fine to have long URLs and domains but ensure that it is not something you do every day but once in a while.
    61. 61. Tip# 60: Avoid Using URL Parameters URL parameters are mainly used on dynamic pages but not static one. Since these parameters are bound to confuse search engines, it means that static pages are highly ranked as compared to the dynamic ones. This is because web dynamic pages use URL parameters to show the web pages that are appropriate. Due to the fact that you are looking to optimize your pages for higher search engine rankings, consider using static pages for your website when using SEO in Singapore.
    62. 62. If you must use dynamic pages on your website, then ensure that the critical pages that have their dynamic URLs with parameters are re-written to web pages with static URLs that are shorter in nature for better search engine rankings.Tip# 61: Do not Use Session IDs on URLs Session IDs are claimed to be worse than dynamic URL web pages. As much it is ok to use session IDs, not all search engines can work with them thus it is very important to avoid them.
    63. 63. Search engine crawlers usually identify a common URL with Session ID as a new one every time it comes across it but since it can recognize that the website content is always the same, this can be very devastating. Your website can be flagged as spam or even banned completely from search engine result pages.Tip# 62: Do not Use Google’s AdSense and AdWords for Website Rankings There is a misconception on what AdSense can do and what it cannot. Whereas it can enable you to earn some extra money using your site,
    64. 64. it is totally impossible to boost your search enginerankings using AdSense hence do not be fooled orfool yourself. It actually has no effect on your websitewhether improving or deteriorating your rankings.Google’s AdWords is mainly used for marketingpurposes. As much as it can drive traffic to your site, ithas no effect on its search engine rankings. Hence,you cannot use it to improve the rankings of your sitein any search engine result. A company promising touse these to drive traffic to your site as one of theirSEO packages should raise an eye brow.
    65. 65. Tip# 63: Do not associate your Site to Link Farms By no means should you link your website to link farms. Search engines use links to determine what kind of neighbors you have and how popular your site is. If you really want your site to rank well with search engines, then you must ensure that they do not connect to any link farms.
    66. 66. Tip# 64: Avoid Using a List of Links in Web Pages Even though listing several links on your web pages has no harm, it is not search engine friendly. If you own an e-commerce website and need it optimized for better rankings, then it is wise to make your pages friendly to search engines. Avoiding lists of links on your web pages is just the beginning to higher site rankings on search engines.
    67. 67. Ensure that Singapore SEO company that isdesigning your site or optimizing it does notimplement this on your site unless it isnecessary.
    68. 68. Tip# 65: Avoid Spamming of Links This is when your website connects to another website more than once over and over again. Search engines can determine this trend and flag your website as spam thus you must not practice this in any way. You must also avoid cross-linking at whatever cost as it can make your site not appear genuine. Only links that are genuine and honest are rewarded by search engines accordingly for better rankings.
    69. 69. Tip# 66: Ensure that your Links are not broken Broken links are not appealing to search engines hence must not be contained in web pages. Several broken links can also lead to your site getting banned. You can also get a bad image as a person as a terrible effect of using broken links. A link checker can assist you to determine the state of your links for better rankings. Any bad links found must be gotten rid off.
    70. 70. Tip# 67: Avoid Redirecting Users Using Meta Tags meant for Refreshing purposes Since spammers use Meta tag refreshing redirects, it is not good for your site as it can be flagged for what it is not. Instead, use http 301 redirects for permanent redirecting of users to other URLs.Tip# 68: Avoid Regular Minor Alterations to Websites The content of your website should be regularly changed for higher rankings through the best SEO company.
    71. 71. But, if you only make a few changes to your content, search engines might try to think that what you are doing is trying to fool them that your content is updated as required. It is best to avoid this and ensure that your site content is updated regularly as required and not just minor changes.Tip# 69: Adhere to All Copyright Laws and avoid using Duplicate Content All websites are required to have unique content that stands out among several other websites available online.
    72. 72. Infringement of various laws is not allowed and a site with copied content risks being banned by search engines because this is not allowed. Your website content must not match any other contents available over the Internet.Tip# 70 Use Good html Codes Websites designed for good HTML codes are easier for search engine crawlers to navigate through unlike their counterparts that are very heavy.
    73. 73. Hence, this means that if you want to ensure that your site is well ranked in the search engine positions, then you must use good html codes when necessary. Seek only quality services from search engine optimization companies.Tip# 71: Avoid connecting Images that are Invisible to Each Other If your images cannot be seen by your potential clients then it means that they are invisible. Your pages must be well optimized both for search engine crawlers as well as potential customers for higher rankings. It can also get your website banned.
    74. 74. Tip# 72: Do not utilize Doorway Pages in your Site Doorway pages are website pages optimized for higher search engine ranking for your website. They are known to try and trick several search engines to so they can believe that they are relevant. A reputable Singapore SEO consultant does not use such backdoor methods that are bound to fail eventually.
    75. 75. Tip# 73: Avoid Website Cloaking This is when you use several themes on a single page of your website for marketing purposes. When you avoid using them, your site can then be reached by search engines for better rankings.
    76. 76. Tip# 74: Incorporate Keywords in All Website Links You can also improve your site rankings by ensuring that all the links within the site have your keywords incorporated into them.Tip# 75: Use keyword Phrases Instead of Just Keywords You should also ensure that you use only keyword phrases and not just single word keywords in your website content. It is also wise to include your location in your website content so that it can be accessed in case of local searches from your area.
    77. 77. Tip# 76: Avoid using Ajax Just like flash, images and even JavaScript, Ajax cannot be navigated easily by search engine crawlers because it is very heavy.
    78. 78. As long as your pages are easy to navigate, search engines will rank your site well.Tip# 77: High Quality and Authoritative Links When link building, you must ensure that your links are of very high quality. Quantity is good but not as much as the quality of these links. Bad links can even cause your e-business to have a bad image thus go for quality services.Tip# 78: Easy to Use and Access Site An SEO web design Singapore should ensure that your website is easy to use, access and build links on thus easy for search engine crawlers to navigate
    79. 79. through. This will make your site easy to rank.Tip# 79: Be a little Generous to Link Out Being stingy will not help you in any way. If you have to get inbound links to your site then you must be willing to link out to other sites as well. Other site owners will be motivated and link back to you. But remember to check the credibility and ranking of the websites you link to because you cannot compromise the credibility of your site whatsoever.
    80. 80. Tip# 80: Do Not Dwell In Paid Links In the event of trying to get traffic to your site, it is very tempting to buy links. As much as it works, it can be daunting if a search engine like Google realizes that your links are purchased because it can cause your website to be banned. Search engines look to reward genuine and honest sites hence you should try as much as possible to avoid being flagged as sperm when in real sense you are not. Seek aid from a genuine and experienced SEO company that offers link building services.
    81. 81. SEO is all about marketing and you must be equipped with allthe necessary tools, skills as well as knowledge. SEO is not aone-time thing that you do and sit back with your handscrossed against your chest. It is a continuous process thatmust be done regularly.Ensure that you optimize your website on a daily basis forhigher rankings. Though, remember that search enginerankings are not the only way to drive traffic to your site. Thereare several other algorithms that you can look into butremember that the most important SEO factors are goodcontent, great website reputation as well as popularity andultimately building of links.
    82. 82. The author of this eBook is a leading SEOSingapore consultant with several yearsexperience optimizing websites for searchengines rankings. His expertise in this field isunmatched and he offers consultationservices to local clients in Singapore andthose based in other parts around the globe.