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Time Warner Presentation

  1. 1. Time Warner <br />
  2. 2. Context<br /><ul><li> 4th largest entertainment conglomerate in terms of revenue.
  3. 3. Major industries are: Film, Television and Publishing
  4. 4. Current CEO/ Chairman: Jeffrey L. Bewkes</li></li></ul><li>Sports RelatedContext<br /><ul><li> World Championship Wrestling was sold to WWF Entertainment</li></ul> (March 23, 2001) <br /><ul><li> Decided that wrestling was not in the network's best interest.
  5. 5. Such action might have indirectly shaped the wrestling industry.</li></ul>__________________________________________________________<br /><ul><li> Owns Sports Illustrated</li></li></ul><li>Sports Illustrated<br /><ul><li> A weekly sports magazine.
  6. 6. Circulation of 3 Million copies weekly.
  7. 7. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues’ reception is seen as anacceptable exhibition of female sexuality.
  8. 8. Female stars are trying to be on the cover of this magazine (esp. The annual swimsuit edition). This brings out their sexuality in them.
  9. 9. This shows the coverage of media cross the board: Film stars are posing for a sports magazine. </li></li></ul><li>Key Examples<br />Here are some examples of Time Warner’s subsidiary companies.<br /><ul><li> Film: Warner Bros. Entertainment
  10. 10. Television: HBO
  11. 11. Publishing: Time Inc.</li></ul>________________________________<br /><ul><li> Games: Warner Bros. Games.
  12. 12. Music: Warner Music Group</li></li></ul><li>Extended Examples<br /><ul><li>New Line Cinema
  13. 13. Time Inc.
  14. 14. HBO
  15. 15. Turner Broadcasting System
  16. 16. The CW Television Network
  17. 17. Warner Bros. Entertainment
  18. 18. Kids' WB
  19. 19. The CW∑4Kids
  20. 20. Cartoon Network
  21. 21. Boomerang
  22. 22. Hanna-Barbera
  23. 23. Adult Swim
  24. 24. CNN
  25. 25. DC Comics
  26. 26. Warner Bros. Games.</li></ul>This show the broad range ofmedia<br />coverage that Warner Bros. have.<br />
  27. 27. Institution<br /><ul><li>New Line Cinema -> Warner Bro. -> Time Warner -> AOL -> News Corp</li></li></ul><li>Institution and sport stars<br /><ul><li> The job of sports agents is to construct an image for the star, be it sports or movie.
  28. 28. Sports agent work alongside advertisers to enhance the image of their stars.
  29. 29. When sports stars behave differently from their expected image, both their image and their advertisers will ruined.
  30. 30. In terms of Richard Dyer’s theory, the parallel narrative is shattered.
  31. 31. In terms of institution, the web of companies do not want to be associated with this behavior.</li></li></ul><li>stars Image Examples<br />John Terry<br /><ul><li> Captain of the Chelsea football club.
  32. 32. Voted father of the year – Marketed by agents.
  33. 33. Positive image, building/ constructing image.
  34. 34. Trusted, liked, love figure</li></ul>Scandal: Slept with teammate’s ex-girlfriend, had her pregnant her and then paid for the abortion. <br />Tiger Woods<br /><ul><li> Won the most number of PGA tours.
  35. 35. Focused, family man.</li></ul>Scandal: Cheated on his wife.<br />
  36. 36. Integration<br /> <br />Vertical Integration:<br />Buying over the businesses along chain of production.<br /><ul><li>Backward Vertical Integration
  37. 37. Forward Vertical Integration</li></ul> <br />Horizontal Integration:<br />When one business buys over another business which provides the same goods and/or services in the same chain of production.<br /> <br />Conglomerate Merger:<br />The process of two unassociated businesses merging together for increased profit. <br />
  38. 38. Integration in context<br /> <br />Vertical Integration:<br />Buying over the advertising business, the studio, production set designing businesses, etc. <br /> <br />Horizontal Integration:<br />Time Warner buying over Viacom, News Corp, Walt Disney.<br />Conglomerate Merger:<br /> Buying a bicycle shop.<br />The point of an integration is to expand the business, increase market share and ultimately gain control over the industry.<br />
  39. 39. X<br />