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A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
A2 Media Evaluation
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A2 Media Evaluation


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College A2 Coursework

College A2 Coursework

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  • The general conventions of newspapers are things like a Masthead, Headline, Articles which use columns and lots of images as well as a logo and an email address.
  • My Front Cover uses many conventions of a newspaper to make it look professional such as a formal but bold masthead so it still stands out and the slogan “Bringing Manchester Together” to relate to my audience. I have used a fictional website to show that my newspaper branches out into other medias and I have used red in the primary optical area to grab the audiences attention.
  • My Inner Page also shows forms and conventions of a newspaper by using a headline that has been written so that both lines are equal in length, columns that keep the structure of the text intact and a free gift; in this case is a voucher for WHSmiths.
  • When researching the conventions of a radio advert I found that there were 3 common things that appeared. You need your advert to be memorable so that it gains popularity. To give enough information about your product or business so the listener will know what it is and why they should buy it. And to use humour to persuade the audience to like your advert.
  • I found that the conventions of a Print Advert were to:Use colour and images to attract attention – so the audience will notice it Use a slogan that is simple and that people will remember Create it in a similar style to what you are advertising And to keep it simple and not to bombard people with too much information
  • My radio advert describes some of the things that are included in my newspaper. I used “Step On” by the Happy Mondays for my background track because it is one of the most famous songs to come out of Manchester. I also chose to use strong Manchester accents for the members of the public to make the advert as Mancunian as possible.
  • For the Print Advert I chose to keep the same Masthead and font as my newspaper, as well as the same red text for the website to keep the same overall feel and house style of my newspaper. I chose to use a picture of the Manchester skyline to relate to the fact it is a Manchester newspaper. And I also used a black background to help my advert stand out and look more professional.
  • When I received my audience feedback, these were the features that the audience thought I should have included in my newspaper: A larger font for my masthead because the sizing is too different between the large letters and smaller ones Adding more colour to my front page because it doesn’t stand out that much Adjust the scaling on my inside page because the voucher is slightly too big and imposes on the article A logo to again add some more colour to the front page And also an advertisement to make it look more professional.
  • On the other hand the features that the audience thought were good about my newspaper were: Thatall of the text and images line up neatly with each other The grey text box looks professional The good spread of images across both of the pages And the fact that all of the lines of the headlines are equal in length, which makes the layout look efficient
  • I improved some of my technical skills over the course of this project, such as my skills using a digital camera, using new techniques on Microsoft Publisher like the background grid and I can now confidently use all of the features on my blog such as adding text and images.
  • An earlier draft of my Front Page shows how I used the spacing of the grid to help me select which areas of the page I should use things such as columns and images. I also learned how to capture and record sound using a microphone and digital recorder and then edit it using the program Adobe Premier Pro.
  • The first thing I found difficult with this project was making sure everything on my newspaper levelled out to make it look like a newspaper with a professional layout. I struggled with editing my radio advert because I had never used Adobe Premier Pro before so I didn’t know how to use it until I slowly got to grips with it. I also had some problems with uploading certain files to my blog because a lot of them were in the wrong format so I had to go through the process of changing them so they could be uploaded.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A2 Media Evaluation
      Newspaper Project
      Mike Slater
    • 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • 3. The Conventions of a Newspaper Front Cover
      E-mail Address
      Use of images
      Use of columns
    • 4. How my Front Cover uses forms and conventions
      Bold but formal Masthead
      Using Red in the primary
      optical area to grab the
      audience’s attention
      Slogan to relate to people
      Use the date, to make
      it look professional
      Used a fictional website
      to branch out into other
      Headings to separate
      the different aspects
      of the article
      Used a variety of images
      Only 50P
      Bringing People Together
      Friday 3rd December 2010
      Free voucher for 50% off any book at WHSmiths
      Pensioner attacked with axe writes letter to thugs
      A heroic pensioner who was attacked with an axe after he fought off robbers outside a local bank has written a letter urging them to stop their criminal ways and change their lifestyle. The 66 year old who cannot be named for safety reasons, fought off the robbers outside the Royal Bank of Scotland building society on Swinton precinct where one of them stabbed him with an axe after he wouldn’t let them enter.
      The pensioner sustained serious injuries to his arm and shoulder from the axe wound and has just been released from Salford Royal Hospital after needing 12 stitches and is currently undergoing rehab therapy to heal his arm. In the meantime he has been writing a letter to the thief who stabbed him to try and get him to change his mind about a life of crime.
      “I saw your face after you stabbed me and I saw fear. I know that you did not want to do it, which is why I have written this.”
      “I thank you for making the conscious decision of letting me keep my life.”
      “Don’t get me wrong, I hope you get what you deserve for your actions, but I sincerely hope you can change your lifestyle.”
      “You’re worth more than this. Think of yourself, your parents and your family and pack it in and do something with your life, because if you don’t there will come a time when you meet someone like yourself, but he’ll be carrying a bigger axe.”
      “An honest letter from the victim.”
      Detective Constable Nathan Hale, of Salford CID, said: “The criminals escaped in a blue Ford Mondeo registration EU51 NRN.”
      “If anyone had any information at all on this incident, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”
      Manchester’s very own rock trio ‘Fire & Flames’ have just opened their new Music Centre in Salford
      Written by Michael Slater
      Manchester’s newest music phenomenon’s Fire & Flames opened their new Youth Music Centre on Thursday. The music centre, situated in Salford district of Manchester, is where the band grew up, as front man Dave Gregory explains “When we were growing up, music was a massive part of Manchester’s culture everyone wanted to learn to play some sort of instrument. But there aren’t as many people who are learning to play an instrument as there were 10 years ago.”
      He then goes on to stress the fact that Manchester’s music scene is a big part of our culture and that the main reasoning behind the music centre “Manchester has a very powerful musical background with iconic bands like The Smiths, Oasis and more recently the Courteeners; we wanted this to continue into the future. So we came up with the idea of creating a music centre in Salford to keep the tradition going, teach the kids how to play all different kinds of instruments as well as teaching them about Manchester’s musical history and hopefully kick start some of their musical careers.”
      Thomas Richards, head of construction from Salford council is backing the project saying “I’m delighted the boys are doing this for the community, out of their own pockets as well; it is a very generous thing to do. They aren’t doing it for profit either; they are just providing a service that will benefit the children and the culture of Salford. It will be great for the kids to learn to play an instrument - it is a great skill to have. I know a lot of people, including myself, that regret not learning to play an in
      Image For Main
      strument when they were younger. It’s a fantastic opportunity”.
      The new centre named “Salford Youth Music Centre” will provide youths aged 8 – 18 the opportunity to learn a variety of various instruments including Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums. The centre also contains a recording studio and a games room that includes musical games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band (that the band believes do actually help to hone hand eye co-ordination with musical instruments). There will also be a vocal coach that will help teach people how to sing and musical history lessons for the
      students that want to pursue a career in music.
      The band will run the centre for the first two months, until they go on their third UK tour and from then on it will be run by the tutors themselves. But the band assures us that they will visit the centre as much as they can after they finish the tour. “It will be great to come back as much as we can to see how all the kids are getting on and what progress they are making. We hope to become an active part of it again after the tour is over”.
      Caption for both images
      Image For Main
    • 5. How my Inner Page uses forms and conventions
      Headline has been written
      so that both lines are equal
      Page Number and
      Section of the
      Columns keep the
      structure of the
      text in tact
      Free Gift, in this
      case a voucher
    • 6. Conventions of a Radio Advert
      - Make it memorable
      • Give information about
      your product
      • Use humour to persuade
      the audience to like your
    • 7. Conventions of a Print Advert
      Use colour to attract attention
      Use a slogan that people will remember
      Keep it simple, don’t bombard people with information
      Use images
      Create it in a similar style to what you are advertising
    • 8. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    • 9. My Radio Advert
    • 10. My Print Advert
      I chose to keep the
      same Masthead, font
      and red text to keep
      the same overall feel
      And house style of
      my newspaper
      I chose to use a picture
      of the Manchester skyline
      to relate to the fact it is a
      newspaper from
      I have used a black
      background to make my
      advert stand out more and
      to look more professional
    • 11. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
    • 12. Critical Feedback
      Make the Masthead font bigger
      Add more colour to the front page
      Adjust the scaling of my inside page
      Add a Logo
      Include an advertisement on the front
    • 13. Positive Feedback
      Overall layout is good – pleasing on the eye:
      All text and images line up with each other
      Grey text block
      Good spread of images
      Heading lines are the same length – looks neat
      Voucher looks professional
    • 14. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
    • 15. Skills I have Improved over the course of this project
      Digital Photography
      Using Microsoft Publisher
    • 16. New skills I have learned to use
      • Newspaper conventions on publisher, e.g.
      columns and grid outlines
      • Sound recording using a microphone
      and a digital recorder
      • Sound editing using Adobe Premier Pro
    • Technical skills I struggled with
      Making sure everything on my front page
      levels out to make it look professional
      Editing my Radio Advert / Uploading
      my sound recordings
      Uploading certain files to my blog