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  • This is the s1 dragons den project.
  • Our cartoon was edutoons our teacher is mr alexander the group is lewis james and kyle


  • 1. The S1 Dragons Den Challenge
  • 2. EDUTOONS Mr Alexander 1P9 Lewis James and Kyle
  • 3. Who are we
    • Stewie stew is our group name.
    • Kyle Stevenson is our group leader.
    • Lewis Macgregor is the project developer.
    • James lannigan is market researcher.
    • We want £2000000
    • we will give you 25% of our business
  • 4. Our Product Idea
    • Our product is a cartoon
    • It’s a funny and educational cartoon
    • For children from 1-12
    • We chose this To help children learn about the world better
    • It was good idea because It will help children learn
    • We think Parents and schools will buy it
  • 5. Market Research
  • 6. Who did we interview?
    • We interviewed people of all ages they mostly think it was a good idea
  • 7. Were people male or female?
  • 8. What age were the people we interviewed?
  • 9. What people thought of our idea?
  • 10. Product Design
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13. How does it work?
    • It’s a two part comic cartoon
    • One person is doing it right and one is doing it wrong
    • it will help children do the right thing
  • 14. Benefits of our product
    • To educate and make children realise it is good to study hard .
    • Adaptable – can be used to teach anything.
    • Short and does not require a lot of reading ability.
  • 15. Advertising
  • 16. Where do we plan to advertise?
    • Magazines
    • Television
    • Newspapers
  • 17. Product Handout
  • 18. Edutoons are great for you to educate Edutoons are fun to get the job done