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  • 1. Hamzah and Kieran presents…… EGYPT EGYPT EGYPT EGYPT 1p12 Mr McGowan S1 African Adventure
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  • 3. CAPITAL CITY IS …… CAIRO POLULATION OF EGYPT IS. A STAGGERING 81,713,520 The flag looks like….. The language is!!! ARABIC!!!!!!!!! The religions in Egypt. There's Islam and Christianity
  • 4. There is so many landmarks in Egypt but the one I have chosen is the great sphinx in Giza. It is the only survivor of the “Seven Wonders Of The World” and other larger pyramids and temples. Giza is a town on the left bank of River Nile . The face is a lion and their kings face. It was approximately made 12,000 years ago. No one really knows what is in the sphinx but Egyptologists think there's tunnels and tombs. There is so many more to learn about this
  • 5. Islam is the original religion in the country, and about 90 percent of all Egyptians are Muslims, most of them are members of the Sunni sect. from Egyptologists says, the Coptic Orthodox church, a Christian denomination, has no more than 3 million adherents and constitutes the largest religious minority; Copts themselves claim some 7 million members. An massive 1 million people belong to the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Armenian, and various Protestant churches. The country has a very small Jewish community.
  • 6. As the population grows Egypt is budlding more sites and attractions for the country. The time difference over there is GMT +3 in the summer and GMT +2 in other seasons. the Approximate area of the country is 1,085 km (about 675 miles) and a 997,739 sq km (385,229 sq mi).
  • 7. Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, a country in north-eastern Africa nearby the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Israel and the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south, and Libya to the west. The principal geographic feature of the country is the Nile River .
  • 8. Hope you all have been listening because we are doing a questionnaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to …….. Hamzah <----- + -----> Kieran
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  • 12. Terrain
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  • 14. Interesting Facts