Unit 6 - Production Team Case Study


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Unit 6 - Production Team Case Study

  1. 1. Production Team Project Instructions: 1. Complete this packet to develop your magazine concept. 2. Complete this packet to demonstrate your skills and interests. 3. Complete this packet to begin brainstorming for your project. 4. Fill in each box with the appropriate information. 5. Include your name and your period on the packet!
  3. 3. Production Team Name(s): [TEXT] Due Date: Class/Period: A good theme should directly relate to the story of this year at your school, and it should define the main idea and mood of your magazine. Whether you choose a phrase or slogan, pack as much meaning as possible into as few words as possible. Coming Up With a Verbal Theme 1. Make a list of things that are unique to your interests: [TEXT] [TEXT] 2. Circle or Highlight theme ideas that you like: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… 50 ways to be a Wildcat A brave new world A brighter shade of gray A defining year A first time for everything A face in the crowd A journey through time A moment’s hesitation Bold Back to the beginning Be something. Be more. Be different Beyond a Shadow of a doubt Block party Body • heart • spirit Break out of the box Briefly Bridging the gap Breaking the surface By any other name By word of mouth Can you hear us now? Can you imagine? Can’t beat it Capture the spirit Change the channel Changing directions Choose your own... Closer to the truth Coasting through Coincidence? Coming to a school near you Destination unknown Déjá vu Despite it all Detour Did you know? Dare to dream Digital daze Dimensions Don’t take us for granted Double the memories Down to the wire Enigma & Emotion Echoes of yesterday Eclectic Eclipse Elements Emergence End of the road Evolution Expansion Explore Finetuned First impressions First thoughts Full circle g.r.e.e.n. Generation next Going, going, gone Get the picture Got it? Ground zero Hidden messages High expectations In living color Into the future ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________
  4. 4. 3. Without copying from the “theme ideas list” come up with your own “theme list.” Use question 1 to help you. [TEXT] 4. Make a “summary statement” of the above ideas. [TEXT] 5. Narrow this statement down to a single idea. [TEXT] 6. Solidify your idea into a single catchphrase or slogan. [TEXT] [TEXT]
  5. 5. Coming Up With a Visual Theme The visual theme needs to be expressed through layout, color schemes, font choices, image style and overall design. 7. Decide on a color scheme. Choose three colors that “go together” or “match.” Go to this link in order to help decide: www.colorschemer.com: 1. 2. 3. 8. Choose three fonts which go along best with your verbal & visual theme: 1. 2. 3. 9. Summarize your visual style. Examples of styles include (but are not limited to): grunge, classic, retro, vintage, traditional, bo hemian, emo etc. EXPLAIN in your words what you mean by YOUR STYLE. [TEXT] 10. Why do the answers above go with your verbal theme? [TEXT]
  6. 6. In each BOX below, PASTE an example of your visual and verbal ideas. You can come up with these on your own OR COPY images from the internet. Keep in mind your VERBAL and VISUAL THEME! [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC]
  7. 7. Case Study This is a small group project. Doing a small group project is a great way to challenge your skills and force you to think about steps and procedures (instead of just winging it!). Good luck! To Complete this Project: 1. complete this brainstorming project with your partner 2. decide who will be the production designer and who will be the production photographer 3. take at least fifteen photos showcasing your genre (fashion or music) 4. take additional photos geared towards your theme (specifically) 5. then create these pages for your magazine: • COVER (production designer) • TABLE OF CONTENTS (production designer) • ONE PAGE with a brief article and lots of images and/or graphics! (production photographer) • A SECOND PAGE with a brief article and lots of images and/or graphics! (production photographer) • An ADVERTISEMENT using a product