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Databases & spreadsheets

  1. 1. Unit 1 Revision:TWO KEY TOPICSDatabases & Spreadsheets
  2. 2. Revise Database and Spreadsheet topicsPractice answering exam questionsObjectives
  3. 3. What is a database? How would you define it?“A piece of software that is used to store data in astructure that allows the data to be processed toproduce meaningful information”DATABASES
  4. 4. DATADatabase Definitions:
  5. 5. INFORMATIONDatabase Definitions:
  6. 6. FIELDDatabase Definitions:
  7. 7. RECORDDatabase Definitions:
  8. 8. TABLEDatabase Definitions:
  9. 9. KEY FIELDDatabase Definitions:
  10. 10. CRITERIADatabase Definitions:
  11. 11. SORTINGDatabase Definitions:
  12. 12. ASCENDINGDatabase Definitions:
  13. 13. VALIDATIONDatabase Definitions:
  14. 14. UPDATINGDatabase Definitions:
  15. 15. DATA TYPESDatabase Definitions:
  16. 16. DATA“facts, figures; recordedwithout context”Database Definitions:
  17. 17. INFORMATION“data that has been processed tomake it useful – with context”Database Definitions:
  18. 18. FIELD“a field is a single piece of datathat can be stored in a database”Database Definitions:
  19. 19. RECORD“all the data about a single itemor thing – made of several fields”Database Definitions:
  20. 20. TABLE“a collection of relatedrecords”Database Definitions:
  21. 21. KEY FIELD“a field in a table that is uniquefor each record”Database Definitions:
  22. 22. CRITERIA“when searching, a criterium (orcriteria) is what you’re searchingfor”Database Definitions:
  23. 23. SORTING“putting data into an order”Database Definitions:
  24. 24. ASCENDING“data put in order smallest tolargest, or A to Z(opposite to descending)”Database Definitions:
  25. 25. VALIDATION“Rules that allows the softwareto check whether data entered isallowable”Database Definitions:
  26. 26. UPDATING“changing data to reflect changes inthe ‘real world’ that have happenedsince the data was originally input”Database Definitions:
  27. 27. DATA TYPES“restrict what type of data can beentered in a field (e.g. number,date/time, text, boolean etc.”Database Definitions:
  28. 28. A store keeps details about their customers and theirorders in an information handling system.a) Give the names of two key fields used in the abovetable (2 marks)b) There is a ‘Boolean’ field in this database. Give thename of itc) Give the names of two other fields that could beused in this table other than the customer name,customer address and customer telephone number.QUESTION: p97 Q4
  29. 29. d) Give the name of a suitable validation check that could beused for the Size field and describe how it could reduceerrorse) The store offers free delivery on all items with a costgreater than #200. How many of the customers showwould qualify for the free delivery?f) A member of staff in the warehouse wants to find outdetails of all small goods that are delivered. Complete thetables below to show how she can obtain thisinformation from the systemQUESTION: p97 Q4
  30. 30. QUESTION:
  31. 31. WORD DEFINITIONDATA Values (text or numbers) entered into the spreadsheetLABELS Text used to identify the (columns of) data in a spreadsheetFORMULAS Used to perform calculations. Always start with “=”FUNCTIONS Special formulas that use a wordCELLREFERENCEThe code to identify each cell uniquely with a letter and anumberRELATIVEREFERENCEWhen a formula is copied or dragged, a relative referencemoves with itABSOLUTEREFERENCEWhen a formula is copied or dragged, an absolute referencedoes not moveSPREADSHEETS
  32. 32. Start with “=”Use ‘operators’ like + - * / > < >= <=FORMULAS
  33. 33. Specialised calculation pre-programmed into thesoftwareAVERAGEMAXIMUMSUMCOUNTCOUNTAIFFUNCTIONS
  34. 34. The diagram shows a simple spreadsheet that a student uses to helpbudget her money1. Write down the contents of cell A4 (1 mark)2. Write down the contents of cell B7 (1 mark)3. Put a tick in the boxes next to those formulas that would correctlywork out the total of her expenditure when placed in cell B8 (2 marks)Question: Page 117, Q2Formula Tick if it gives the correct total=B2+B3+B4+B5+B6+B7+B8+A2+A3+A4+A5+A6+A7=SUM(B2:B7)=SUM(A2:A7)=B2+B3+B4+B5+B6+B7