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Kingdom hearts powerpoint

  1. 1. Kingdom Hearts: A Narrative Analysis By: Donald Lambert
  2. 2. Introduction The Narrative is the basic way of telling a story. It is broken up into 3 acts involving the hero going through trials to accomplish a goal. This form is used in film and in video games. The game, Kingdom Hearts, uses the basic form of this narrative. This slide show will diagram this form of narrative, from the Preparation to the Return of the Hero.
  3. 3. Actantal Model Object Receiver Sender Naratee Implied Real Real Implied Narrator Helpers Subject Opponents
  4. 4. Sender Object Naratee Implied Real Real Implied Narrator Helpers Receiver Subject Opponents
  5. 5. The Axis of Narration Pt.1 The previous slides showed the Actantal Model, which shows who the heroes, helpers and villains are. It also shows who the senders (filmmakers) and the receivers (the audience) are. To expand on that, we will look at the Axis’ of the narration.
  6. 6. The Axis of Narration Pt. 2 Axis of Desire: The relationship between the subject and the object. In Kingdom Hearts, Sora (the subject) wants to save his friend Kairi (object 1) and keep the Keyblade (object 2) from the villains of the story. Axis of Power: This involves the helpers and the opponents. The helpers assist the hero in his journey (in this case, Donald Duck and Goofy.) The opponents try to keep the hero from his goal (in this case, Riku, Maleficent, and the Heartless.)
  7. 7. The Axis of Narration Pt. 3 Axis of Transmission: The relationship between the sender and receiver. The sender is Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director. The receiver is the gaming audience.
  8. 8. Sender Object Receiver Naratee Implied Real Real Implied Narrator Axis of Desire Helpers Subject Opponents
  9. 9. Part 1: Preparation • A member of the family leaves home: Sora is forced from his home, Destiny Islands • A prohibition/rule is forced on the hero: • The prohibition/rule is broken: The villain makes attempt at reconnaissance: Heartless try to kill Keyblade Master • The villain learns something about his victim: Maleficent learns Sora is friends with Riku • The villain tries to deceive the victim, get possession of things: Maleficent tells Riku Sora isn’t his friend, tries to get Keyblade. • The victim unknowingly helps the villain: Riku teams up with Maleficent to get the Keyblade •
  10. 10. Part 2: Complication • The villain harms a member of the family: The Heartless take Kairi’s heart • A member of the family lacks or desires something: Sora wants to find Kairi The hero is sent on a quest: Sora is sent to lock “keyholes” by King Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy. • The seeker plans action against the villain: King Mickey seeks to destroy the Heartless. •
  11. 11. Part 3: Transference • The hero leaves home: Sora leaves Traverse Town to go to other worlds. The hero is attacked, tested, interrogated: Sora is attacked by the Heartless and minions of Maleficent. • The hero receives a magical object/helper: Sora gains the keyblade and Donald and Goffy as his companions. • • The hero uses the magical object: Sora fights it the Keyblade and locks Keyholes. The hero is transferred to the location of the quest: Sora goes to Hallow Bastion. •
  12. 12. Part 4: Struggle • The hero and villain join in combat: Sora fights Maleficent and Riku • The hero is branded: Sora loses his heart. • The villain is defeated: Maleficent and Riku are beaten. • The initial misfortune or lack is set right:
  13. 13. Part 5: Return • The hero returns: Sora returns to Traverse Town • The hero is pursued: The Heartless return. A difficult task is assigned to the hero: Sora must destroy the Heartless and their leader. • • The task is accomplished: Sora defeats the Heartless
  14. 14. Part 6: Recognition • The villain is punished: Riku stays behind as a sign he wants redemption The hero is married and crowned: Sora begins another quest to get Riku back. Kairi returns to Destiny Islands •
  15. 15. Meaning The overall theme of Kingdom Hearts is “Heart.” It is used as a literal and metaphorical meaning. Hearts are literally taken from people, but it also means their soul has been taken from them and they lose themselves.