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Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates
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Somalia Pirates


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  • 1. Somalia Pirates By Leah Schaller and Alison Grossman
  • 2. Where?
    • Most of the pirate attacks have been reported to occur off the Somalia coast
  • 3. At first it was “Pure Survival”
    • -one of the few opportunities to make a living in lawless Somalia.
    • -Stole from local fisherman.
    • -Used the money to buy boats and weapons.
  • 4. Pirates Gone Crazy
    • Lately, the Pirates are becoming more organized and persistent.
      • Because of food prices going up
    • It has become a highly profitable, sophisticated criminal business with millions of dollars in ransom payments.
  • 5. Who They Work For
    • -They mainly work for themselves
    • Most pirates work in groups similair to gangs called clans
    • They gain alliances with the officials from the Puntland government and bribe them so they can use ports to store their captured ships
  • 6. - the warlords get the money and in most cases, give it out to their family and friends -they also distribute it to their clan members Benefits
  • 7. Al Queda Connection?
    • There is some evidence that connects the pirate attacks to Al Queda through the International Islamist Groups
    • "There may be some loose elements among the Islamist groups that have tie-ups with the pirates, because the movement is fractured into six or seven different groups, and each may have its own problems getting funding," says Jhazbhay.
  • 8. What Are We Doing To Stop Them
    • The NATO alliance and a group of countries assigned ships to patrol the coast of the Somalia coast and the area surrounding it
    • However, there are no guarantees of total safety ( the pirates have gotten past Naval patrolling)
    • - "Unless you have a warship in the immediate area, and, crucially, with a helicopter, you've got no chance of stopping them," says Cornwell.
  • 9. Continued..
    • - Ships also should try to protect themselves from the pirates by making sure they are prepared for any surprise attacks
    • - Egypt hosted a meeting with many countires including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Jordan
    • -They tried to figure out a joint strategy against piracy that threatens trade through the Suez Canal which is a major canal for Egypt
  • 10. Stories New wave of Somali pirate attacks Click picture
  • 11.