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Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
Reality Television 1
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Reality Television 1


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  • 1. The Evolution of Reality Television Reality Television
  • 2. What is Reality Television?
    • Reality Television is a genre of television programming in which real life people are followed in a situation, game, etc.  
  • 3. History of Reality Television
    • Even though Reality Television just recently became popular among the society, Reality Television has been around since the beginning of television and even before that.
    • Allen Funt started this reality genre on a radio station that he was broadcasting from while he was in the service.
  • 4. The First Reality Television Show: Candid Camera
    • Based off of his radio show “Candid Microphone”, Allen Funt started a show that uses a hidden camera to capture the reactions of ordinary people to extraordinary, and even bizarre, situations.
    • The famous tagline said on the show, “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!”, is universally known.
  • 5. The First Reality Television Show Series: An American Family
    • On Thursday, January 11, 1973, the first reality television show, An American Family, aired on PBS.
    • The 12 hour documentary in the day to day life for seven months in the William C. Loud family.
  • 6. COPS
    • COPS is an American Reality television series that has been running since 1989 and it has aired more than 700 episodes.
    • The show follows police officers, constables and sheriff’s deputies during patrols and other police activities.
  • 7. MTV’s Real World
    • One of today’s more popular reality television shows, the Real World, is a show that puts a group of strangers in a house together. There is plenty of drama and fights during the course of the show.
    • They are currently on their 20 th season which is located in Hollywood.
  • 8. Current Day Reality Television
    • On television today, there are over a hundred different reality television shows.
    • There are at least two television stations that are fully devoted to reality television