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Operation Redwing


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  • 1. Operation Redwing By: Erik Krueger and Max Weiss Period 6, US History II H
  • 2. Background Info
    • Navy SEAL operation in Afghanistan.
    • Took place on June 28 th , 2005
    • Four man group included:
    • Lt. Michael Murphy
    • Gunner’s Mate 2 nd Class Danny Dietz
    • Sonar Technician 2 nd Class Matthew Axelson
    • Hospital Corpsman 2 nd Class Marcus Lutrell
    • Main objective was to capture/kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah
  • 3. Map Of Operation Redwing
  • 4. Start of the Action
    • The SEALs’ hiding place was found by Afghani goat herders.
    • The SEALs voted to let the goat herders go rather than killing them.
    • Soon they were surrounded by 200 Afghani fighters.
    • Knowing the terrain was a huge advantage for the Afghanis.
    • Both groups began open firing, soon the SEALs were in trouble.
  • 5. Getting Backup
    • Soon, the SEALs began jumping down the mountains and were forced into a ravine.
    • Murphy tried to get help by calling for more ground and air troops.
    • Things began to look hopeful when the helicopters came.
    • However, the Chinook helicopter carrying 8 SEALs and 8 Army Night Stalkers was blown up by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG).
  • 6. End of Action
    • After the fire fight, Lutrell was the only SEAL alive.
    • Very weak and badly injured, Lutrell began to crawl/walk.
    • Seven miles later, local villagers found him and took him to their village.
    • The locals hid him from the Taliban and healed him until US help came.
  • 7. Resolution
    • Lutrell was eventually rescued from the small town on July 2 nd .
    • The death toll was one of the worst in six years for U.S. Special Forces.
    • This operation was “the single largest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since WWII.”
  • 8. Lessons of Operation Redwing
    • The Taliban is a serious threat to the US and the world.
    • Despite having advanced technology, US forces are at a disadvantage fighting in the Afghan mountains.
    • The US may have to change its tactics, especially now when President Obama is considering sending more troops to Afghanistan to battle the Taliban.
  • 9. Awards
    • Lt. Mike Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for sacrificing himself to get help for his men.
    • Petty Officers Danny Dietz, Matt Axelson and Marcus Luttrell were awarded the Navy Cross for their courage in battle.
  • 10. Casualties
    • Lt. (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y. 
    • Sonar Technician (Surface) 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew G. Axelson, 29, of Cupertino, Calif.
    • Machinist Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Eric S. Patton, 22, of Boulder City, Nev.
    • Senior Chief Information Systems Technician (SEAL) Daniel R. Healy, 36, of Exeter, N.H. 
    • Quartermaster 2nd Class (SEAL) James Suh, 28, of Deerfield Beach, Fla. 
  • 11. Casualties, Cont.
    • Chief Fire Controlman (SEAL) Jacques J. Fontan, 36, of New Orleans, La. 
    • Lt. Cmdr. (SEAL) Erik S. Kristensen, 33, of San Diego, Calif. 
    • Electronics Technician 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffery A. Lucas, 33, of Corbett, Ore. 
    • Lt. (SEAL) Michael M. McGreevy Jr., 30, of Portville, N.Y. 
    • Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffrey S. Taylor, 30, of Midway, W.Va. 
  • 12. Casualties, Cont.
    • Staff Sgt. Shamus O. Goare, 29, of Danville, Ohio. 
    • Chief Warrant Officer Corey J. Goodnature, 35, of Clarks Grove, Minn. 
    • Sgt. Kip A. Jacoby, 21, of Pompano Beach, Fla. 
    • Sgt. 1st Class Marcus V. Muralles, 33, of Shelbyville, Ind. 
    • Maj. Stephen C. Reich, 34, of Washington Depot, Conn. 
  • 13. Casualties, Cont.
    • Sgt. 1st Class Michael L. Russell, 31, of Stafford, Va. 
    • Chief Warrant Officer Chris J. Scherkenbach, 40, of Jacksonville, Fla.
    • Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny P. Dietz, 25, of Littleton, Colo. 
    • Master Sgt. James W. Ponder III, 36, of Franklin, Tenn. 
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