Music Throughout Today’S Pop Culture
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Music Throughout Today’S Pop Culture






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Music Throughout Today’S Pop Culture Music Throughout Today’S Pop Culture Presentation Transcript

  • Music Throughout Today’s Pop Culture Rock and Hip- hop Genres By: Dan ni Schwartz
  • Presentation Purpose
    • The purpose of this power point presentation is intended for you to gain knowledge about contemporary rock and hip hop music within the 21 st century.
    • Using the pictures and the explanations provided on each slide you will learn about these two musical genres by exploring the songs in general, different messages sent throughout the songs, and the major role it plays in today’s pop culture today.
  • Contemporary Rock: What is it?
    • Contemporary Rock Music is generally defined as a solid beat, which can be fast or slow
    • The genre is mainly used by guitar, and other components that follow a band, to which commonly contains a soft tone.
    • The vocals can either fallow a soft tone, or add a rougher style to the music, by singing with a harsher tone.
    • It is commonly called by teens today: “chill” music
  • Contemporary Rock: A quick History
    • Throughout the 20 th century contemporary rock music had became a key aspect of musical culture.
    • A stepping stone into the growing popularity of contemporary rock music in the 20 th century included the expansion of artists musical interests by taking risks, developing new tunes, sending messages within songs.
    • This includes songs such as……
    • 1950’s- Rock around the clock tonight: Max Freedman and James Myers
    • 1960’s- Please, please me: The Beatles
    • 1970’s- Layla: Derek and the Dominos
    • 1980’s- Livin’ on a Prayer: Bon Jovi
    • 1990’s- I Don’t
    • Wanna Miss a Thing: Aerosmith
  • Contemporary Rock In 21 st Century
    • Rock remains to play a major role in today’s pop culture as artists continue to musically evolve.
    • Following either the rough or soft tone of the music it is continually growing in today’s society.
  • Contemporary Rock Artists
    • Some popular contemporary rock artists of the 21 st century and have carried over from the 1990’s include..
    • -Matchbox 20 -John Mayer
    • -Rob Thomas -Nickelback
    • -Jack Johnson AND MANY
    • -Red Hot Chili Peppers MANY MORE
    • -Dave Matthews Band
  • Contemporary Rock: Musical Messages
    • Some artists use their musical abilities as a way to express their views on certain issues or events.
    • Many common themes that contain messages or issues that artists discuss within their songs include:
    • -Poverty -Politics
    • -Economics -Love
    • -Abuse -Religion
  • Example of Song With a Musical Message
    • How Far We’ve Come- Matchbox 20
      • This song discusses the social aspects of today including the evolution of people throughout history.
      • It mainly deals with equality between different races, sexes, religions, and, also, the evolution of technology and that society is taking note to the changes and growth throughout the world.
      • Website to view lyrics:
  • Contemporary Rock: Entertainment Value
    • Contemporary rock, also, consists of songs of pure entertainment value.
    • These songs engross much of today’s rock pop culture.
    • This is mainly because society is attracted to songs that make them feel good and put fun, enjoyable thoughts in their head that make them want to listen to the music.
    • It is provided as an escape from the everyday troubles of life and allow people to feel good, based upon the happiness and “good vibes” of the songs.
    • It involves aspects mainly consisting
    • of:
      • Partying
      • Girls
      • Drinking
      • Having a good time
  • Examples of Songs With Pure Entertainment Purposes
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Snow
    • Nickelback: If Everyone Cared
    • 3 Doors Down: Not My Time
    • John Mayer: Gone
    • Jason Mraz: Mr. Wordplay
  • Hip- Hop: What is it?
    • Hip- Hop music can be defined as a type of rhythmic style over beats
    • The beats are commonly spoken over by:
    • -Rap Artists (MCing/ers)
    • -Singers
    • -Synthesizer
  • Hip- Hop: A Quick History
    • Hip- Hop within the 20 th century started around 1970
    • Common hip- hop artists were pre- dominantly among African American and Latino cultures
    • New vocal styles originated with MC-ers/ Rapping
    • -This is a vocal style when a performer speaks in a rhyme, typically, rhythmically to a beat
    • This new style of music increased pop culture’s popularity throughout its time
  • Examples of 20 th Century Hip- Hop Artists
    • 1970: DJ Kool Herc
    • 1980: Run D MC
    • 1990: LL Cool J
  • Hip- Hop In 21 st Century
    •  Hip- Hop’s position in pop culture has only grown since the 20 th century
    •  It plays a huge role in today’s pop cultural society as it has expanded in developing contemporary styles, beats, and tunes
     Still using Mcing/ers, rappers, and (in 21st century) more singers, Hip- hop is continually growing in popularity
  • 21 st Century Hip- Hop Artists
    • -Outcast -Mary J. Blige
    • -Lil Wayne -Chris Brown
    • -50 Cent -Kanye West
    • -Jay Z -Ludacris
    • -Lupe Fiasco AND MANY
    • -Eminem MANY MORE
    • -Akon
  • Hip- Hop Artist Trend
    • Hip- Hop artist throughout both the 20 th and 21 st century are pre- dominantly of Latino and African American Cultures
    • One of the few, seriously taken, successful hip- hop artists of a different nationality is:
    • EMINEM; a Caucasian male. His success is mainly because of the purity and true talent that he possess in his music
  • Example of an EMINEM Song
    • Mockingbird- This song’s success is based on the fact that the artist is genuinely speaking about/ to his daughter. This interests society to learn about his story concerning his daughter, followed by a catchy beat.
    • Link to view song lyrics:
  • Hip- Hop: Musical Messages
    • Hip- Hop artists commonly use their music to express their views to the public concerning certain social and economical issues within society.
    • Frequent themes that hip- hop artists discuss within their songs include:
    • -Poverty -Societal
    • -Law -Economical
    • -Abuse
  • Example of Song with Musical Message
    • Runaway Love- Ludacris featuring Mary J. Blige
    • This song discusses the abuse, poverty, and societal issues that unprivileged teen girls between the ages 11-15 commonly face
    • The unfortunate events occurred throughout t he course of the song displays that the public, and musical artists, are acknowledging the problems and horrible events that occur in unrevealed homes; that we are listening.
    • Link to view song lyrics:
  • Hip- Hop: Entertainment Value
    • Many hip- hop artists, also, create songs for pure entertainment value
    • These songs are extremely popular within the 21 st century, as many hip- hop listeners favor this style of the music.
    • This is because the entertainment songs are primarily provided for means of catchy music beats, and rhythmically inclined people who purely enjoy the music.
    • The music is provided, also, as an escape for it contains topics events involved with having a good time, which many people prefer to listen to.
    • Some of these topics include:
    • -Partying -Having a good time
    • -Girls -Drinking
  • Hip- Hop Music: Where Entertainment Value Music is Played
    • Many of the hip- hop songs provided simply for means of entertainment are commonly played in different dance clubs, bars, parties, and other social gatherings.
  • Examples of Songs With Pure Entertainment Purposes
    • Flo- Rida: Elevator
    • Mims- This is Why I’m hot
    • 50 Cent- Candy Shop
    • Kanye West- Work Out Plan
    • Chris Brown- With You
    • T-Pain Featuring Young Joc- Buy You a Drank
  • As a result, th ere are many different asp ects to both contemporary rock and hip- hop music within the 21 st century, as it continues to expand today THE END