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Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
Multiple Births
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Multiple Births


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  • 1. Multiple Births America's Fascination
  • 2. History
    • 75 years ago on May 28, the first set of quintuplets survived infancy
    • All five Dionne girls were a Depression-era phenomenon
    • Each girl had a gas station named after them that was highly prosperous
    • Considered to be more of an attraction than the Niagara Falls
  • 3. In-vitro Treatment
    • Also known as IVF, works to induce hormones to produce eggs that are externally fertilized then implanted back into the uterus
    • Avaliable since the 1980’s
    • Number of twins and triplets increased several fold since then
    • Increased number of women waiting until later in their lives for childbirth
  • 4. Risks and Disclaimers
    • Multiples are more likely to be born premature
    • Risks of miscarriages are heightened
    • Gestational diabetes, hypertension, & preeclampsia can occur
    • Cerebral palsy is a more common occurance
  • 5. Example: Nayda Suleman
    • Had 6 embryos implanted, two which split into twins
    • Considering offers for a reality show or other media opportunities
    • Had in-vitro treatment twice
    • Controversial decision by the doctor
  • 6. Example: Jon and Kate Plus 8
    • Had a set of twins and a set of sextuplets
    • Strapped with financial hardships before the show
    • Created a nostalgic feeling for “big families” for others
  • 7. McCaughey Sextuplets
    • In 1997, they were the first to survive past infancy
    • Parents Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey used fertility drug called Metrodin to conceive first daughter
    • Guarenteed low prices to Iowa state colleges, received an outpour of national assistance
    • Featured on a lullaby cover
  • 8. Fun Facts
    • The largest number of kids birthed from one woman is 69
    • She was pregnant 27 times and gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets
    • Happen between 1725 to 1765
    • Bizarre considering the lack of medical assistance at the time
  • 9. Why the Fascination?
    • America is fascinated with multiples, let alone identical twins
    • Entire websites and blogs dedicated to following their lives
    • Although they seem exploited today, things were worse a few decades ago
    • In 1940, certain multiples were displayed and clearly exploited
  • 10. Fascination Continued
    • With modern technology and in-vitro treatment, ethical issues have surfaced
    • For high quantities, there are clear increases in complications with the babies and pregnancy
    • The decision to terminate specific embryos have surfaced as well, bringing forth a slew of complex ethical issues
  • 11. So Now You Know...
    • The different aspects of multiple births including quantity
    • Examples of popular multiple births in the past
    • History of multiple births
    • Multiple births in modern day
    • Fertility drugs
  • 12. The End