Duke Lacrosse Scandal

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  • 1. Duke Lacrosse Scandal
  • 2. Crystal Gail Mangum “Precious”
    • Invited to a Duke lacrosse party as a stripper March 13, 2006
    • Accused three white Duke lacrosse players of raping her
    • Previously accused someone of raping her 3 years after the incident
    • During the investigation, she changed her story several times
  • 3. Kim Roberts “Nikki”
    • Invited to a Duke lacrosse party as a stripper
    • Refuted Mangum’s story about what happened the night of March 13, 2006
  • 4. Mike Nifong
    • District Attorney of Durham County
    • Charged three members of the Duke lacrosse team with various sexual offenses
    • Politically motivated to increase his popularity in the black community
  • 5. Mike Nifong
    • Recused himself from the case and handed it over to the State Attorney General’s office
    • January 24, 2007 - State Bar filed ethics charges against Nifong
    • June 16, 2007 – State Bar finds that Nifong committed 27 violations of the Bar’s rules of professional conduct and decides he should be disbarred
    • July 2, 2007 – Nifong resigns as District Attorney, ending his 30 year career in Durham County’s District Attorney’s office
    • Sued by the three players after charges were dropped
  • 6. Roy Cooper
    • North Carolina Attorney General
    • Dismissed all charges against the three players and declares them innocent on April 11, 2007
    • “ A tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations.” –April 11, 2007
  • 7. Collin Finnerty #13
    • Sophomore on Duke lacrosse team
    • Accused of 1 st degree rape
    • Transferred to Loyola and played on their lacrosse team
  • 8. Reade Seligmann #45
    • Co – captain of Duke Lacrosse Team
    • Accused of 1 st degree kidnapping
    • Transferred to Brown and played on their lacrosse team
  • 9. David Evans #6
    • Captain of Duke Lacrosse team
    • Accused of 1 st degree forcible rape, 1 st degree sexual offense, and 1 st degree kidnapping
    • Analyst for Morgan Stanley on Wall Street
  • 10. Mike Pressler
    • Forcefully resigned as head Duke lacrosse coach on April 5, 2006
    • Accused Duke University of Slander on January 16, 2008
    • Now coaches Bryant University’s Lacrosse team
  • 11. Duke Lacrosse Team
    • 2006 season was cancelled by president of Duke University, Richard H. Brodhead
    • Freshmen, Sophomore’s, and Juniors on the 2006 team were granted another year of eligibility
    • Returned to the National championship game in 2007 and National Semi-Finals in 2008