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Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
Amish Tragedy
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Amish Tragedy


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Amish Tragedy October 2, 2006
  • 2. Objective
    • The purpose of this powerpoint is to inform you of the events that happened on October 2, 2006.
    • At the end, you will know about how the day progressed, the victims, and the aftermath of the tragedy.
  • 3. Where?
    • West Nickel Mines School – a one room schoolhouse
    • Old Order Amish Community in Nickel Mines
    • Bart Township
    • Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • 4. Who?
    • Charles Carl Roberts IV
    • 32 years old
    • Milk-tank truck driver
    • Resident of Georgetown (an area of Bart Township)
  • 5. What Happened?
    • At 10:25 am, Roberts entered the schoolhouse with a 9 mm handgun.
    • He ordered the male students to help him carry items from his truck into the school.
    • They carried: lumber, a shotgun, a stun-gun, wires, chains, nails, tools and a small bag.
    • The small bag contained a change of clothes, toilet paper, candles, sexual lubricant, and flexible plastic ties.
  • 6. Taking Victims Hostage
    • He ordered the female students to line up against the chalkboard.
    • He allowed a pregnant woman, three parents with infants, and all other male students to leave the building.
    • Roberts barricaded the doors using the lumber he ordered the males to carry in.
  • 7. The 911 Call
    • The teacher of the school, Emma Mae Zook, managed to escape to a nearby farm and called 911 at 10:36 am.
    • At 10:42, the first trooper arrived at the school followed by many others immediately afterward.
    • At this time, Roberts was binding the arms and legs of his hostages.
  • 8. Help Arrives Police arrive at the scene Within 10 minutes of the emergency call. October 6 th – 10:42 am
  • 9. The Shooting Begins
    • During the next minutes, the troopers managed to communicate briefly with Roberts several times.
    • Each time, they requested permission into the schoolhouse, but Roberts denied and threatened violence against the children.
    • 11:07 – gunshots were heard from within the schoolhouse.
    • The troopers immediately approached, but the shooting abruptly stopped – Roberts had committed suicide.
  • 10. Rescuing The Children
    • The troopers broke into the schoolhouse in 2 and a half minutes.
    • Troopers and EMT’s administered first aid to the girls who were still alive, until ambulances and helicopters arrived to take them to nearby hospitals.
  • 11. The Victims
    • KILLED
    • Naomi Rose Ebersol: 7
    • Marian Stoltzfus Fisher: 13
    • Anna Mae Stoltzfus: 12
    • Lena Zook Miller: 7
    • Mary Liz Miller: 8
    • Rosanna King: 6
    • Rachel Ann Stoltzfus: 8
    • Barbie Fisher: 10
    • Sarah Ann Stoltzfus: 12
    • Esther King: 13
  • 12. Possible Motives
    • A suicide note written by Roberts stated that he had molested two relatives 20 years ago, and recently had thoughts of molesting again.
    • However, the two relatives told police that no abuse ever happened.
    • Also, there were no reports that Roberts molested any children in the schoolhouse.
    • Therefore, the gunman’s motives still remain a mystery.
  • 13. Amish Forgiveness
    • Surprisingly, the Amish community extended immediate forgiveness and comfort to Roberts and his family.
    • Marie Roberts, Roberts’ wife, was even invited to the funeral of one of the victims.
  • 14. Starting New
    • West Nickel Mines School was demolished on October 12, 2006.
    • A new school – New Hope School – was built nearby on April 2, 2007.
  • 15. THE END By: Jen Feder Mr. Greenberg’s 5 th period Honors US History class