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The slides for my minor project pitch for my

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Presentation slides - Gigabit

  1. 1. GigabitBuilding Blocks Between Gigs and Slots Ashley Firth - BAIMP3 - Minor Pitch
  2. 2. What is it?Gigabit is a web application that helps match up artists withpromoters in order to fill empty slots in concerts, by allowingartists to advertise exactly when they are free to play.
  3. 3. Why make it?1) To bring music promoters and artists together in order tostreamline the process of creating gigs and finding newmusical talent.2) To see if I want to pursue a career in development.3) To show off to prospective employers.
  4. 4. ResearchWhy it’s worth making...
  5. 5. Audience Research1) Promoters - E-Mail Conversations“The calendar idea seems great, anyone Robin - Evacuate:Promotewho can solve the last minute banddilemma is a hero in my books. Adam - Viper Promotions“I think this will be a great tool… Goodluck id love to see the finishedproduct.”
  6. 6. Audience Research 2) Band Survey 9% 18% How difficult do you find it to find places to perform live?  Easy Fairly Easy - Shows a need to establish a firmer connection Problematic between artists and promoters 73% V. Difficult 8% 17% How often do you update your profile on social networking sites at the moment? 17% - Gives purpose to the interactive calendar17% 42% Daily Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Hardly Ever
  7. 7. Primary Research - Interviews Video Here
  8. 8. Concept Research Costs API Vague Context
  9. 9. Platform Research Knowledge is in PHP, but I researched other platforms:Concrete5 Wordpress Drupal CakePHP Zend Conclusion Decided to hard-code the project myself in PHP. I will then refactor with OOP, using MVC structure. Technical specifications can be found in documentation.
  10. 10. The Prototype Video Here
  11. 11. The Anatomy of the Application
  12. 12. Audience Research 3) Public Survey 9% What do you think is the main thing that stops you going to more 27% gigs than you currently do?  Advertisement Cost of Gigs - Shows an additional audience in the public64% Loud Noise If you knew about more unsigned concerts, do you think you would 27% attend more? Yes - Supports the above notion No 73%
  13. 13. Implementation How to get it to people...
  14. 14. Risk AssessmentSince  creating  the  idea,  I  have  kept  mindful  of  the  various  factors  that  could  jeopardise  the  success  of  the  project,
  15. 15. Deployment Strategy 1) Soft Release (Alpha Testing) - 9th January-6th February - Being deployed in Southampton - Gain a first wave of users, populate the site, gain feedback 2) Easter Tour/Print Campaign (Beta Testing) - 2nd April-14th April - Sponsoring a UK wide tour along with Robin Henderson - At least 6 cities confirmed (potentially 10) - Meet with promoters. Print campaign, advertise to artists and public
  16. 16. PlanningHow am I going to get it done?
  17. 17. Plan for the year
  18. 18. November 12th - Working calendar & SearchDecember 20th - Alpha finished December 13th - Full working message centerMarch 5th - Beta finished December 20th - Working Profile Pages (photo, andApril 1st - API finalised audio)May 9th - Final Submission January 2nd - Integration with Facebook for events
  19. 19. So who’s working on it?1) Designer - Aleece Burgess2) Developer - Tim Stone3) Promotion - Robin Henderson
  20. 20. Thank you for listening I look forward to answering your questions...