Thinking about creativity
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Thinking about creativity



A presentation given at UIMP, Santander, to encourage creativity in the classroom.

A presentation given at UIMP, Santander, to encourage creativity in the classroom.



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    Thinking about creativity Thinking about creativity Presentation Transcript

    • Chris Fuller
      Thinking about creativity
    • Issues in English education system
      • Motivation
      • Behaviour
      • Choice of easier subjects for GCSE
      • Lack of independence when pupils arrive at KS5
      - No capability for research
      ORthinking for themselves
      • Tasks inappropriate
      • Lack of challenge in MFL
    • In this session
      Recentchanges in approach
      Creating a spontaneousenvironment
      Thinking of thetask
    • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
      • Emphasisondevelopingskills
      - “Personal Learning and ThinkingSkills” (PLTS)
      • Attemptstoallowourpupilstobecreative
      • Desirefortheteachernottobe at theheart of EVERYTHING
    • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
    • Isabelle Jones
    • Isabelle Jones
    • withthanks to Isabelle Jones
    • Thinking about our “thinkers”
    • Creating a spontaneous environment
    • Creating the space
      How many people can pupils talk to EASILY in your current room?
      • table layout
      • performing opportunities?
    • Wall support
      What is going to provide reassurance to our pupils?
      • do we let them study our displays?
      • what do we think about errors?
      • what do wewantthemtobethinkingabout?
    • Props
      other ideas?
      • cardboard TV?
      • wigs?
      • masks?
    • Rewards
      How do we reward our pupils who are prepared to embrace spontaneity?
      • stickers
      • pupil elected teacher of the lesson
      • postcards home?
    • No right answer
    • Thinking of the task
      Can you be creative when you can only achieve a right / wrong answer?
      • open ended, not transactional
      • need for room to debate / present arguments
    • Language of Speculation
      What do our pupils want to be able to express in languages?
      • argumentative attitudes
      • can be colloquial
      • developing during the years
      • needs planning into SoW
      • the art of circumlocution
    • No wrong answers
    • Sort through the cards + build up the case for each argument.
      • ¿España?
      • ¿El extranjero?
      Your answer must be based on the information given. FIND YOUR EVIDENCE! Write down your conclusions in full in English.
      ©Neil Jones
    • ©Neil Jones
    • Las Islas Canarias
      Las Islas Canarias forman parte del Estado Español.
      ©Neil Jones
    • Mysteries
    • Reading Images
      What has just happened?What is about to happen?
    • ©Rachel Hawkes
      ¿Quéva a pasarahora?
      ¿Quéacaba de pasar?
      ¿Qué o quién hay en la foto?
      ¿Qué no se puedever?
      ¿Cuándo se hizo la foto?
      ¿Qué se puedever?
    • Odd One Out
    • Living graphs
    • Predictions
    • Predictions –
    • Predictions
      Preparation in schoolsSchools are seen as being at the forefront of preparations for London 2012. They are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the preparations. The stress on sport comes at a time when schools are encouraged to pay ever greater attention to all aspects of diet, nutrition and exercise. The number of obese children is increasing and fewer children are engaging with sports on a long-term basis. For schools, the question is how they can take advantage of the different opportunities being presented to them. Cash will probably have to be sought for specific projects. Headteachers will need to consider potential requirements in their schools and be prepared to act quickly once an announcement of any new programmes is made. Linking with the new education programme being put forward by London 2012 will help. For the past year the London 2012 Committee has been working with schools to create a programme which meets all their needs, thereby linking the Olympics in all areas of the curriculum, not just sport.
    • What’s the question?
    • Twist the question round
      What would not happen if...?
      What did you not do last weekend?
    • Word precision
      What is your ideal classroom like?
    • Pupil bingo
      Importance of fun even at higher levels!
    • Working with other departments
    • Whatcouldwe do withflags?
      art- createtheirown
      creativewriting- describe yourkingdom
    • Which major country in South America is not in dark blue? Why?
      Where abouts in the continent is it?
    • Climatezones
    • Development
    • Population density and development
    • Development
    • What is your Spanish department working on?
      thankstoNeil Jones,
    • Poetry and drama
      thankstoNeil Jones,
    • thankstoNeil Jones,
    • What do youcoverthatotherdepartmentsmightmention?
    • Going global
    • International links
    • International links
    • Chris Fuller
      Thinking about creativity