ICT- thinking outside the classroom box
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ICT- thinking outside the classroom box



Louise Crossley and Chris Fuller at SSAT conference 08

Louise Crossley and Chris Fuller at SSAT conference 08



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ICT- thinking outside the classroom box Presentation Transcript

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  • 19. Are you looking at the new Programme of Study and want to develop successful learners? Consider the development of a language blog to help you develop learners who have the essential skills of literacy and ICT; who are creative and who can communicate in a variety of ways; who reflect on their work and the work of others; who learn to work independently and who enjoy learning and are motivated to achieve the best they can.
  • 20.
    • how to use moblogging to complement and enhance the use of a blog
    • how to create podcasts and add them to iTunes
    • how podcasts can be used in the classroom
    • how mobiles and ipods can be used to enhance learning beyond the classroom
    During this session we will look at…
  • 21. Moblogging across the universe
  • 22. Moblogging What is moblogging? Mo bile blogging - the ability to update a blog from a distance e.g. on a visit / exchange Seize the moment
  • 23. www.shozu.com - Send media straight to blog from phones Moblogging
  • 24. Uses: Record reports after incidents Allow pupils to create video diaries without your supervision Document REAL conversations Moblogging
  • 25. Allows you and pupils to leave voice messages on the blog Uses: - more detailed update messages - maintain interest amongst those left behind - genuine motivation for oral activities Moblogging
  • 26. Flip Ultra video cameras Video-documentaries Plug into any USB and upload to blog / www.blip.tv - no converters needed Moblogging
  • 27. Effective use of Podcasts and iTunes
  • 28. Podcasting What is a podcast? - effectively an audio file which is then put onto the Internet
  • 29. Podcasting How have I used them? - Grammar series - role-play raps - pupil recordings - pupil grammar explanations
  • 30. Podcasting Grammar series created to help reinforce grammar learning OUTSIDE of the classroom - responding to a request by a pupil - FANTASTIC for audio learners
  • 31.  
  • 32. Podcasting Role-play raps Created to strenghten knowledge of key role-play scenarios - each set to a different musical style to aid recognition
  • 33. Podcasting Pupil grammar explanations - benefit of explaining to others - need for script - peer assessment on podcasts - minimal teacher input, maximum output - pupils then have an immediate revision tool
  • 34. Podcasting
    • Sounds hard, but isn’t!
    • Record podcast...
  • 35. Podcasting How to record a podcast... 1) Recording material
  • 36. Podcasting
    • How to record a podcast...
    • Recording material
  • 37. Podcasting
    • How to record a podcast...
    • Recording material
  • 38. Podcasting
    • How to record a podcast...
    • Recording material
  • 39. Podcasting
    • How to record a podcast...
    • Recording material
    • Audacity for PCs- www.download.com
    • + LAME FE
    • (allows you to export as MP3)
    • OR Garageband for Macs
  • 40. Easy way to change volume levels Highlight sections then delete Podcasting
  • 41. To finish the podcast, export as MP3… Podcasting
  • 42. Podcasting
    • So we have our finished podcast, now what?
    • Insert it into a blog post as an .mp3 file
    • Add it to iTunes- for instructions see my blog
      • Highly motivational
      • Allows repeated re-use of material
  • 43.
    • Podcasts as listening materials...
    • Coffee Break Spanish
    • -excellent topic explanations
    • 2) Notes In Spain
    • - come with supporting materials
    • - based around topics reflecting life in Spain
  • 44.
    • Podcasts as listening materials...
    • 2) Elliot school podcasts
    • - KS5 topics, with exercises
  • 45.
    • Podcasts as listening materials...
    • 3) iTunes as a podcast search engine
  • 46. Using mobiles in the classroom…
  • 47. Using mobile phones
    • Issues:
    • Banned in many schools
    • Risks of inappropriate behaviour
    • Fear of pupil intercompetition
    • Concern of pupils not having a phone
  • 48. Using mobile phones
    • However, there are huge benefits...
    • Enjoyment and motivation- MFL becomes cool again
    • Speaking the pupils’ language whilst teaching them ours
    • Increasing range of services available via WAP
      • e.g. YouTube,
  • 49. Lasting motivation is about students feeling a genuine emotional investment in the activities they undertake. This will come about through a learning process that centres around rich, real experience with relevance in the wider world. Connected magazine, Learning and teaching Scotland Using mobile phones
  • 50. Using mobile phones
    • Useful tools available on most mobile phones...
    • Voice recorder
    • Camera
    • Video camera
    • Stop-watch
    • Bluetooth
    • Ability to play-back videos and music
    How much would it cost a department to have enough of these to share between 2?
  • 51. Using mobile phones
    • Ideas for video projects using mobiles...
    • Describing school as go round it
    • Describing local area
    • Guide to saving the environment
    • Following and giving directions
    • Describing friends
    • Recording grammar explanations during the lesson
  • 52. Issue: how to get the recordings back to the teacher Options- 1) bluetooth them to a computer 2) bluetooth them to teacher’s phone 3) other options? Using mobile phones
  • 53. For example, directions: - in pairs, pupils decide which room they will give directions to -write script - walk around the building and record the directions - swap phones / bluetooth to each other and follow the instructions - find out whether they followed instructions appropriately FOR EXAMPLE Using mobile phones
  • 54. House and home - pupils build up to estate-agent style description of their house - free choice of recording manners - mobile phone - voice recording - video on camera Using mobile phones
  • 55.
    • Key = extending learning beyond the classroom
    • - more and more we will also need to think about how to capitalise on the power of ipods
    • quizzes produced using www.iquizmaker.com
    • videos converted using www.zamzar.com
    • podcasts
    • mobile slideshows / role-play raps
    Using mobile phones
  • 56. For more info… www.chrisfuller.typepad.com (where this presentation will be available to download) [email_address]