Main presentation did by Genius Soft analysis


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Main presentation did by Genius Soft analysis

  1. 1. Introduction. Kushuhara company has been trading 2002 Exporting fish and seafood products. Our main clients are, France Italy Australia Austria Europe USA
  2. 2. Key decisions. Introduce new fish sausage. Selected Jabalpur in India to launch it. Selecting advertising method. Satisfying customers requirement in target market.
  3. 3. 4P’sProduct,  Packaging.  With different flavours.  Brand name.Price,  Raw materials.  Techniques.  Pricing objectives.  Pricing strategy.
  4. 4. Promotion,  Advertising methods.  Promotion strategy.Place,  Launch in Jabalpur in India.  Infrastructure facilities.
  5. 5. Why we selected india among these two countriesPakistan,  Pakistan is muslim country.  Civil war going on Pakistan,so the demand is low.  When comparing with India,Pakistan is far away from sri lanka.  The number of trade agreements between India and Sri lanka is morethan the trade agreements between Sri lanka and Pakistan.Maldives,  Fisheries are one of the main industries of Maldives.  The marin prospect for economic development is the country’s main resources.  Rice and fish are the staple food of Maldivians.  They have limited land mass.
  6. 6. PESTLE Analysis.Political Environment,  The government in power.  Attitudes to taxtation.  Attitudes to social welfare.  Attitudes to foreign trade and trding blocks.  Economic Environment.Economic Environment,  Wage rate .  National economic trends.  Inflation.
  7. 7. Social-cultural factors. Exporting our product into an area where culture plays a major role will effect are product badly.but as almost all region and cultural condition fish and eatable,this will not be a problem in exporting are product.Technological factors. There may be threats of Indian firms coming up with innovative and similar industrial,at the moment.there is onlyone major player,and there is a less chance of it being a major competitors as low price of their product is high.
  8. 8. Legal factors. There are many legal factors.that can effect the product there may be product safty regulation and financial regulation according to helth and safty regulation we may have to reduced the preservatives and excessive ingredients.Technological factors. There are sartin rules regulations which we have to a side when it to the enviorment.we are using bio-packing to save the by doing that.we are avoiding the environment from effecting the product.
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis Opportunity Strength. Many people in this city do not take meat for their meals, because of their religion we do a seafood business influences. already then company can Jabalpur is located in central india. it is adaptable that seafood for help to populate the product in whole this product. market. The company selected to export this product to Jabalpur in India because thereligions influences are higher than the other countries. Threats After we entered the market in Jabalpur it will be a thread for fish sellers in this city and other products which made by fish. Main competitors’ images is also thread Weakness for us.There is a airport in Jabalpurbut there isn’t a harbor. Then we export this product via airline. That cost is higher than exporting via naval route.
  10. 10. Summary Kushuhara company has been  Trading 2002.  Key decision.  Product,promotion,price,place.  PESTLE analysis.  SWOT analysis.
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