Lesson 11


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Lesson 11

  1. 1. Key Topic: What was it likefor Immigrants who cameto Britain 1939-75?Todays Lesson focus:Who and why did immigrants come to Britainduring 1939-75?Lesson Objectives:1. To know which nationalities arrived in Britain andwhen2. To understand the complex factors that led to themmoving to Britain
  2. 2. Who Britain during WorldWar II?
  3. 3. O Poles:O 14,000 served in the RAFO 120,000 left Poland after Russian invasion and settled in BritainpermanentlyO American GIs:O Over 3 million were posted inthe UK throughout the warAfrican American GIs - 130,000 African American soldiers came toBritainCommon Wealth Troops:Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Indians served in theBritish forces as well as those from the CaribbeanO POWs:O There were 157,000 Italians and 402,000 Germans in Britainat its highest figure.
  4. 4. Where are the immigrantsfrom?Use the map that you have been given to locatewhere people came from around the worldYou need to annotate the map with theinformation provided
  5. 5. What can you find out fromthe source?O Look at the source provided and you needto write down as much information as youcan find out from itWhat is the source?What is it talking about?The name of what It is talking about?Where it came from ?Date?Professions?Where they were staying - where did they see themselvesstaying in the future?
  6. 6. Do the Immigrants look the way youwould have expected them to look?
  7. 7. Windrush 1948O The arrival of the ship Empire Windrush is a key moment inBritish History – seen as signalling the start of post warimmigrationO IT was in fact NOT the first ship to carry immigrants from theCaribbean (that was the Ormonde one year before in 1947)O Why was Windrush so important?O After Windrush there was a large influx of Caribbean immigrantsinto the UK in the 1950sO It was the first immigrant ship which was met by news camerasO There was a small crowd of whites protesting for them to ‘gohome’O It brought the public attention to the arrival of immigrants inBritain
  8. 8. Why Did people leave theCaribbean for Britain?O Create a table in your books with twocolumnsO One side is looking at Pull factors andthe other will look at Push factors
  9. 9. How far does this source explainwhy Caribbean immigrants came toBritain? (6 marks)O Source 6 page 452O Source 7 page 453
  10. 10. Immigration from EastAfricaO Most of the people who came to Britain from EastAfrica were in fact Asian!O Because….. In the 1830s when slavery had beenabolished, British companies and govs in Africa stillneeded workers so they took people from the poorestparts of Asia to work in Africa in not much betterconditions than slavery.O By the twentieth century an Asian Middle classemerged in Africa who migrated to Britain to look forwork as lawyers, doctors etc.O Also during the 1960s when most of British coloniesbecame independent – they often wanted to establishtheir own national identities and therefore Asians wereforced out. Eg Uganda President Idi Amin expelled50,000 Asians who fled to Britain
  11. 11. Asian Immigrants fromAsia!O Its important not to forget that AsianImmigrants who came to Britain were alsofrom Asia!O Use page 455 to find out about this groupof immigrants.O Complete the following tableFactor East Africa Caribbean IndianSubcontinentEconomicHardshipExample Example ExamplePersecution orDisruptionEconomicOpportunityAdventureProspect ofreturning HomeExistingCommunityoffering supportLinks with BrtainFor each group of peoplehighlight the factors which youthink were the most important inattracting them to Britain.