Lesson 10


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Lesson 10

  1. 1. • What has Hitler managed to achieve by 1938?• The policy that Britain and France followed during this time is often referred to as …….. • APPEASEMENT! Appeasement is defined as …. 1. To bring peace, quiet, or calm to; soothe. 2. To satisfy or relieve: appease ones thirst. 3. To pacify or attempt to pacify (an enemy) by granting concessions, often at the expense of principle. Produce a two bubble maps: one of the positive sides to the policy of Appeasement and one for the negative sides of Appeasement.
  2. 2. Why did Britain and France follow the policy of Appeasement• Learning Objectives:• To analyse political cartoons regarding the policy of Appeasement• To find out what happened regarding Hitler and the SudetenlandOM Competences:Teamwork – analysing cartoonsas a teamReasoning – justifying whyAppeasement was right/wrong
  3. 3. Why did Britain and France follow the policy of Appeasement Can you explain why they followed Appeasement using these headings: Military reasons Economic reasons Fear Public opinion
  4. 4. Positives ofAppeasement Negatives of Appeasement
  5. 5. Punch Magazine 1937
  6. 6. What Happened next with Hitler and Europe?• After Hitler successfully achieved Anschluss with Austria and the lack of resistance from Britain and France thus far gave Hitler confidence of achieving more of his original goals…..• Explain what happened regarding Czechoslovakia in no more than 10 sentenceshttp://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/2WWappeasement.htm• You can use page 56 -59 to help you
  7. 7. The Times• Add to your table of Hitler’s actions in the 1930s• Can you come up with newspaper headlines from a:• British Newspaper• German Newspaper• Czech Newspaper
  8. 8. Was the Munich Agreement asuccess or failure for Chamberlain?Positives Negatives
  9. 9. Sources regarding Czechoslovakia• Sources 32, 33, 34 page 58
  10. 10. The Nazi- Soviet Pact• On March 15th 1938 Hitler marched his troops into the rest of Czechoslovakia• Britain and France once again did nothing about this.• This was no longer an action Hitler could justify as rectifying the TOV – this was an invasion• His logical next step would be Poland• Hitler did not fear Britain and France, he actually was more worried about USSR- USSR had long been worried about Hitler as he had made no secret of his desire o expand Germany to the east• Stalin had tried to enter agreements with GB and France in the 1930s – Britain’s lack of resistence to Hitler worried Stalin and felt GB were happy for Germany to et stronger as it protected Europe from Communism• The Munich Agreement in 1938 increased Stalin’s fears of Britain backing Hitler + Britain protecting Poland
  11. 11. The USSRs feelings• Source 41 page 61 shows USSR feelings
  12. 12. Continued….• 24th Aug 1939 Stalin signs agreement with Hitler• This due to lack of faith in GB, fear of Hitler, desire for parts of Poland• 1st Sept Germany invades Poland• 2nd September – GB and France declare war on Germany.• Hitler never expected GB to go to war at this point and his German army were not fully prepared for this
  13. 13. Homework• Was Appeasement the correct policy for Britain to follow?• Print off page 63 to help them