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GameTie is a middleware solution that would allow intercommunitave gaming between Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles.

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    1. 1. Middleware to support inter-console communication Danny O’Connor, 0747076 – Michael Shaw, 0742597
    2. 2.  GameTie is a middleware solution to take the current online communities of console gaming – specifically PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE - and unify them using a middleware solution without affecting the consoles or the way that they are used. This would allow a wider online community and remove the platform dependency issues associated with online play.
    3. 3.  The two big consoles that support online play both have separate communities.  PlayStation users can only play with other PlayStation users  Xbox users can only play with other Xbox users.  New gamers are forced to choose
    4. 4.  The objective of this business is to provide a middleware solution that will allow both online communities to connect on a common ground  This would allow Xbox users to play with PlayStation users (and vice versa)  Intercommunicative Online Console Gaming within a MUCH larger community
    5. 5.  We believe that this proposition is both technologically and monetarily feasible  Costs would involve investigating the console-server communication…  …and then developing a stable middleware element allowing console communication  Much of the work involved could be outsourced
    6. 6. ‣ Getting Sony and Microsoft jump on board? ‣ It would be imperative that the service functions efficiently and to the users’ satisfaction ‣ Synchronization between consoles ‣ Communication between consoles
    7. 7.  Games developers will snap at the concept as it increases potential for online play  Developers and players will pressure the manufactures to accept concept.  Bigger Community means wider collaboration amongst gamers.
    8. 8.  As of February 5th 2010 Xbox LIVE has a user base of 23 million members approximately  As of June 14th 2010 PSN has a user base of 50 million members approximately  Both communities are still rapidly growing in their number of registered users  With the maturity of the service, GameTie would eventually be capable of supporting both communities
    9. 9.  Sell middleware to games developers for a license  License would be renewed on a yearly basis  Fee per game that utilises middleware that developer pays
    10. 10.  Apply for Grants from enterprise boards/local authorities.  Look for possible investment from philanthropists
    11. 11.  Development will be outsourced.  Development Timeline will be 9 months.  Testing rolled out globally.  Testing Timeline will be ongoing  First Beta Release within 1st year.
    12. 12.  For first market release of GameTie, we will target a small, entry level FPS developer.  GameTie will be free to this developer.  If successful will bring a lot of media attention to developer and GameTie.  For subsequent Games the developers will have to pay the full licensing fees.
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