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Notes rb labs 1 and 2

Notes rb labs 1 and 2






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    Notes rb labs 1 and 2 Notes rb labs 1 and 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Forces and Motion
    • Forces and Motion Lab 1 “Graphing Your Motion; Pages 1-7 Lab 2 “Gravity’s Pull”; Pages 9 – 16 Lab 3 “Keep on Truckin’ ”; Pages 15 – 28 Lab 4 “Laws of Motion”; Pages 29 – 34 Lab 5 “ Work Made Easy”; Pages 41 – 56 Lab 6 “ Power to do Work”; Pages 57 – Lab 7 “ The Force of Friction”; Pages 35 - 40
    • Forces and MotionLab 1 “Graphing Your Motion;Pages 1-7Lab 2 “Gravity’s Pull”; Pages 9– 16
    • Lab 1Graphing Your MotionGraphing Your Motion
    • Key Objectives The Student will investigate andunderstand speed, velocity andacceleration The student will construct and interpretdistance-time graphs of speed andacceleration The student will interpret motion and itsdirection from analyzing a motion graph
    • Key Terms Motion
    • MotionMotionA change in position in relationto some fixed object or frame ofreference
    • Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:We can graphmotion usinga line graph
    • A positive slopemeans that anobject ismoving forwardin relation to areference point,(+:+)Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:
    • Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:A flat linerepresents nomotion or aStationaryposition (0:+)
    • Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:A negative slopemeans that anobject is movingback from or awayfrom a referencepointPoints B – C (-:+)
    • Essential Learnings:Essential Learnings:Time is alwaysmoving forwardbecause it cannot go backward.Time is alwaysthe x axis in amotion graph
    • TimeSeconds1 2 3 4 501.534.5PREDICTION
    • TimeSeconds1 2 3 4 50234Activity
    • Lab 2Gravity’s PullGravity’s Pull
    • Take a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwPc0kK9VHU
    • Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Investigate and understandthe effects of gravity andNewton’s laws of motion
    • Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Explain and apply the Law ofUniversal Gravitation
    • Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Differentiate between Massand Weight
    • Key ObjectivesKey ObjectivesThe student will:– Explain the relationshipbetween mass, the force ofgravity and weight
    • Key TermsKey TermsForceGravityWeight
    • ForceForceA push or pull.The unit of forceis a Newton (N)which may bemeasure with aspring scale
    • GravityGravityA type offorce orattractionfoundbetween twomasses
    • WeightWeightThe force ofGravity(measured innewtons)acting on themass of anobject
    • Essential LearningsEssential LearningsForce is defined as a push or a pullacting on something.The unit of force is a Newtonnamed for Sir Isaac Newton afamous English PhysicistNewtons are measured with aspring scale
    • Essential LearningsEssential LearningsSir Isaac Newton proposed theUniversal Law of GravitationUniversal Law of Gravitationwhich states:which states:– The force of gravity between twoobjects is related to their mass andthe distance between them
    • Essential LearningsEssential LearningsWhen two masses are attracted toeach other:– As the mass of each objectincreases, the force of gravitybetween them increases– However if the distance between thetwo masses increases the force ofgravity between them decreases
    • Formula (Gravity)Formula (Gravity)F of G~m1 x m2d2m1 = Mass of object 1m2=Mass of object 2d = Distance between objects
    • Essential LearningsEssential LearningsThe weight of an object is ameasure of the force of gravityacting on the objectIn Physics weight is calculated inNewtons (N)
    • Essential LearningsEssential LearningsWeight varies depending on the forceof gravity at a given location– EX:At the top of a mountain, weight maybe less than at sea levelHowever Mass does not change withlocation.Mass is always a constant!
    • One More Thing….. Gravity on Moon– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C5_dOEyAfk Gravity Demo– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT58uS8VK6g
    • Essential LearningsThe End!