Music Industry: Press Releases


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Music Industry: Press Releases

  1. 1. Band/Gig Press Releases Week 9 TAFE
  2. 2. Press Releases for your gig  Why write a press release?  Perspectives. Band, Editor, Public  What’s your story?  What are you asking for?  How will you get heard in the press?  What’s included?  What not to do  How to stand out?  SEO and the importance of Google  Examples
  3. 3. Why write a press release?  Gets the word out about your show/band  Shows your serious  Shows your professional  Shows the industry you have a career plan/business plan- model  A way to create buzz  To get a review  To get an interview  To tie in with advertising- Advertorial.  You get to know media and understand how the media works
  4. 4. Perspectives.  Band: BEST GIG EVER!  Editor: I see the same thing every day. Only puts in a tiny blurb from original 300 word presser.  Public: Just another band/ Another gig
  5. 5. What’s your story?  You need to be saying something!  How is your gig better than the rest?  How is your gig different?  What is your market/audience?  Do something that’s not been done before  How is it special? Unique? Awesome?  Free tickets, competitions, drinks, giveaways
  6. 6. How will you get heard in the press? How it works  You write up a press release  You send it to media (Newspaper, radio, TV, online) by deadline. You must know your deadlines.  They decide what they want to include in their publications  They decide where your blurb or story will go based on space and other stories.  They decide how much of it to include. This is why it’s important to have your WWWWWH clearly visible.  A lot of this comes down to relationships with editors  Other factors include if you’ve paid for advertising or doing comps.
  7. 7. SEO  Search Engine Optimisation  Make sure you tag your press release with its key words on your web pages.  Helps to highlight the event on google  Brisbane Sounds. Too descriptive but through tagging became #1 search in ‘Brisbane Music’
  8. 8. To do list  How will you stand out from the pack? Every day there is a new band, tour press release  Send your press release no later than 6 weeks from the date of the show  Respect the guidelines  Provide photos. Band and poster  Provide practical information  Choose your media wisely  Remember the music industry is a small place  Make sure you follow up with editors, radio announcers etc about reviews, ticket giveaways, interviews no later than 2 weeks out.  Actually take the time to get to know your towns editors. Take them for coffee, dine them and let them know your plans, how much $ you have to work with and see where you can both help each other  Keep your presser short and sweet  Recap all the WWWWWH stuff at the end in bold headings.  Make sure you put a name to an email. Number too.
  9. 9. What not to do  Poor grammar & Spelling errors  Don’t engage in Too much info/life story  Don’t show frustration  Don’t be annoying  Long waffling sentences, paragraphs or even stuff that doesn’t make sense…It happens!  Sending the press release via email to everyone rather than BCC (blind carbon copy)  Sending too many follow up emails too soon or to the same people too soon.
  10. 10. What to include  The who, what, where, when why, how (in the first paragraph) then more detail in further paragraphs. Summary at the end.  Have a solid news angle or a STORY. How is your event different, how will it stand out?  Is the headline optimized for keywords? Is it tagged for SEO. Think of unique words to use rather than ‘BAND PRESS RELEASE’. Will help you stand out more. SEO! Search Engine Optimisation.  Can you attach a video of the band?  Attach additional files such as band links  Is there an inventive promotion to tie in?
  11. 11. Structure 1. Header:  At the top center of your page should be a headline announcing your news - "Band X on Tour!" is fine, or something in your own words that expresses the point of the press release.  Use a large font and bold print.  Don't make the headline cryptic. Remember that the person reading your press release is probably reading lots of other press releases - they'll appreciate you giving them a clear message about why they should keep reading. 2. Paragraph One:  Use this paragraph to state again that the band will be on tour, and if there is a reason why, say, to promote a new album or new single, include that in this paragraph.  You don't have to go into great detail about the new album/single here - if you want to draw some attention specifically to that, send your album press releases as well.  You can also include a sentence or two about the band to give the reader a point of reference - tell them why they may have heard of you - but keep it brief. If you need a more formal introduction, include your band bio separately
  12. 12. Structure Cont’d 3. Paragraph Two:  This paragraph is not as much a paragraph as it is a list of your gig dates. Introduce them by saying something along the lines of, "You can catch Band X at:" and then listing your tour dates. Put each date on a separate line.  It also helps to center this information on the page and set the text apart in some way, either by using a different font or italicizing the text.  You want the details of the shows to jump off the tour press release. If you know what other bands are on the bill with you, include their names here as well.  If there is anything special about any of the shows - for instance, if a show is an afternoon gig or if the show is 18+ only - include that information on your list as well. 4 Closing:  To close your press release, include the contact information the person in charge of handling press queries about the shows.  Make a suggestion of what you want the person to reading the press release to do with this information: "if you need more information or if you want to interview the band or review the show, please contact so and so."  Hammer home the contact information again by either having another small text box along the bottom of the page, or by bolding the text (visually, along the bottom this works better if the box is small and long - stretching horizontally across the page, rather than a wider text box that is centered on the page).
  13. 13. Language in Press Releases  Engaging  Exciting.  Use of a quote?
  14. 14. Other Ideas  The label or band logo in one of the top corners of the page.  Contact information for the person that will field calls from the press for more information.  The band/label web address and/or MySpace page.