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Music Industry Week 1

Music Industry Week 1






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    Music Industry Week 1 Music Industry Week 1 Presentation Transcript

    • MSIT 2013 Book Performance Venues Promote Products and Services PA Set Up Blair Hughes Blair.hughes@tafe.qld.edu.au
    • Things to Consider…….  Stage management, riders, transport/parking, contracts, set times, promotion, poster design, ticket price, dates, disability access, dealing with politics/egos, how much to pay a band, how much is a band worth?, door deals vs guarantees, support slots, venue costs, what night of the week for a gig?, what venue suits what music? Backstage passes, friends and family/guest lists, run sheets, backline share, equipment storage/ music to play between sets, media coverage, ticket giveaways, merch desk, sound engineers + costs, on sale dates, art work, what are you selling?, all ages vs over 18, alcohol, staff, bands selling tickets, band brand style, marketing/promotion, social media, contact details, press kit/releases, photos, documentation, tax/accounting/budgeting, professionalism/etiquette, touring, radio, event name, booking company name, lighting/rigging, venue management, dealing with agents, splits for management, agents fees, APRA fees, security, band management, networking/elevator pitches, making promo videos, converting/sending files, photography/photographers, filming, comfortable footwear, cleaning of venue/toilets, venue choice, what genre for what venue?, stage design/set up/props, how many free guests per band/per media-plus 1’s, what to include on a gig poster, graphic designers, preparation/planning, professionalism, making money from gigs, pay to play, start small, sending material to press/radio etc., workplace health and safety, fold backs/monitors/audio etc., bar staff, when to start promotion, sound checks, accommodation/travel, tour vans, lawyers, what to do when a band pulls out, plan B’s, Groupies/fans and how to deal with them, wristbands, projector screens/images, following up and following up again.
    • Assessment & Due Dates  1. Participation in class/group work  2. Band & Venue Directory  3. Gig: venue, performers, risk plans  4. Marketing: Promotional Strategies for gig  5. Audio: Setting up PA  Dates TBC
    • Course Schedule: Booking Performance Venues. Week 1-8  Week 1: Course Overview/ Groups/ Assessment Structure/ Talks- What do you want to learn?  Week 2: Booking a Venue (Dates, ticket prices, how many bands?, set times, sound check, who else is playing that week? Band bio’s, promotional material, door deals vs. guarantees, )  Week 3: Booking a Band/Artist (What genre?, What type of night?, How to approach, support slots, how much to pay the bands?, guest lists, ego’s/politics, extend invitations)  Week 4: Writing a Gig Contract. When things go bad….  Week 5: Financing a gig. Risk Assessments. How to plan a gig for cheap  Week 6: Graphic Design/Poster Art/Poster bills. Laws/costs/ways to minimize costs  Week 7: Venue Safety risk assessment. Disability access, what can go wrong?  Week 8: Running the gig (stage management, guest lists, stage design, backline, managing egos/bands, staff, merch, riders, transport/parking, lighting/rigging, photographers)
    • Course Schedule: Promote Products and Services. Weeks 9-16  Week 9: Writing a Press Release  Week 10: Social Media ideas.  Week 11: Getting your gig in the press. Ticket giveaways and reviews. Photo articles. Press workshop. How to handle an interview with the press in person or over phone  Week 12: Budgeting for your promotion.  Week 13: Merch Ideas  Week 14: Selling tickets. Online vs. Physical. Bands/Punters  Week 15: EPK’s. Sonicbids etc.  Week 16: Getting your gig on radio. Interviews.
    • Course Overview: PA Set Up. Weeks 17-20  Week 17: Gigs/PA Set Up  Week 18: Gigs/PA Set Up  Week 19: PA Set Up/ Gig Review  Week 20: PA Set Up/ Gig Review
    • Session Breakdown 9.00-10.00AM  The week in music. Music stories from around the world  Q&A on topics/ Whole group discussions  Homework/Revision/Class Forum  In depth study/analysis of core topics 10.00-10.45AM (15 Minute Break)  Documentaries/Clips/Ideas/Visual time to inspire/educate 11.00-12.00PM  Group Work and Teacher/Student/Group time.
    • Core Beliefs for Booking Gigs  Start small scale/ Life Long Learning  Professionalism at all times  Use as least $$$ as possible  Treat it as a business not a hobby. Be careful not to mix business with friendships. I.e. booking a mates band because you like them. You have to think about your audience, not yourself.  Planning/Preparation is key. Back up plan B’s.  Mistakes happen. Learn from them.  Network but don’t kiss ass  Take calculated risks  Think outside the box at all times….anything goes in the music biz!
    • Gig Groups  Split into groups of 3  Choose a genre that you all agree on to promote  Decided on a serious music industry business name for your group that will be used to book your bands and venue.  Make the following for your group:  Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites for your group that you wish.  Choose a logo/font or design one (not urgent or applicable if you wish, but will look more professional)  Email address. (Gmail or Hotmail will suffice but an info@... looks more professional)
    • Venue Booking List  You are required to search and document a new venue each week, answer these questions and  Include the name of the venue  Include a photo of the venue  Include the venues contact details including phone, address, website, social media sites, fax number, email address
    • Brisbane Band/Artist list  Your job each week is to fill in the following on the class forum. You are to do this twice for two different bands/artists. Include as many responses as you can.  Find a local (Brisbane) band/artist  Post a photo of the artist/band  List the artist/bands’ links to social media such as Facebook, MySpace etc..whatever you want to include  List the genre of the band/artist  List the bands location if known  List the amount of members in the band  Include their biography