Music Business: Artist Management


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Music Business: Artist Management

  1. 1. Diploma Course Blair Hughes Week 2: Band Management
  2. 2.   Why do you want to manage an artist?  Why do you think that you can do this?  What would be some good outcomes for you to achieve in six months? (release an EP, tour QLD, get a number 1 hit?) Why Manage an Artist?
  3. 3.  1. Always plan from the END to the START! 2. Know your audience. 3. Have a kick ass booking agent, but an agreement so you can book your own shows 4. Think GLOBALLY as Australia is Australia. 5. Merch. Think revenue streams. Great designs = $$$ 6. Use social media creatively and professionally 7. Don’t be a jerk. Small industry. 8. Never OVERPLAY your market. Brisbane is Brisbane! Gig’s every 6 weeks. 9. Lawyer Up. ‘Better Call Saul!’ 10. REHEARSE the show! Get a sound engineer 11. BRAND the BAND! 12. Never forget the PAUSE button. Fundamental Artist Management Tips
  4. 4.   Bands/artists are slack…Not all, but most don’t care about $, the biz or but the ART!  While managers do plenty of things to ‘run the ship’ it is a 50/50 partnership. The band must be working as hard as you are on the business side, on the music side.  THIS IS A BUSINESS……..Not a HOBBY! Take it seriously. You are NOT their MUM!
  5. 5.   1. People Skills: Networking, Communication, Enthusiasm, Honesty, Respect  2. Being The Responsible One: You keep the show on the road, the act together, the $$$ rolling in!  3. Music Industry Knowledge: Know what you are talking about!  4. Multi-Tasking: You will need to play different roles at the same time. It is tiring but fun!  5. Being Neutral. Disagreements Band Management Skills
  6. 6.  Run It By Them: Opportunities, Proposals, Ideas. Positive and that the band is in your best interests.  Keep Them Informed: What is going on around the band.  Have Frequent Meetings/Communicate: Use a private social media page, text, share ideas and communicate!  Be Realistic: Hive Saturday example  Find the Right Band: What is their brand? Are the songs radio ready, outstanding songs, do they look the part, are they serious/is this a business or hobby?  What Happens Between an Artist and Manager Stays Between an Artist and Manager. Confidentiality is key! How to REALLY Manage
  7. 7.   Go to gigs!  JJJ UnEarthed/YouTube/4ZZZ etc  Radio, Digital Radio, Street Press, Online Music sites  Social Media  Fans/Punters/Friends  Solicit demo’s (Brisbane Sounds/labels)  Word of Mouth…Who are people talking about? How to find a band/artist to manage
  8. 8.   How can you sell your skills to a potential band/artist? The jobs a manager does depends very much on the band and where they are in their careers. For an unsigned band, a manager should: - Send out demo’s to radio, label, print media, online blogs etc, network in the industry, get the band gigs, , Book gigs and invite labels and the media to the shows, Help book studio time and practice sessions, Explore funding opportunities for the band, run social media, be the van driver, co-ordinate tours, what else can you think of? For signed artists, managers should: - Negotiate financial deals with the label for expenses like touring and recording, Oversee other people working for the band, like accountants, agents, and merchandisers. What can a band manager do?
  9. 9.   Research one of your favourite bands/artists  Find out what information you can about their manager  What is their background?  Can you establish why they became a manager?  Are there any skills that you can see that make them a great manager?  What success have they had with their artist/artists? Records, festivals, etc Task 1: Artist Manager Case Study
  10. 10.   Research an artist management website  What key elements do they have on the website?  Think about how you could set up a website (free), social media. Task 2: Artist Management Websites