Record Label: Press Releases


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Record Label: Press Releases

  1. 1. MSIT Run a Record Label Music Business Diploma Week 6
  2. 2.   Creativity  Professionalism (etiquette, spelling, grammar)  One Page Only  Be polite. An arrogant or confrontational tone is a big turn-off.  Be interesting and succinct. If you're not good with words, hire someone who is.  Include a URL for the band's website, MySpace page, or other online profile.  Be persistent and follow up. Positive Harrasment Some Key Things to Consider
  3. 3.   Picture at top (logo?)  Contact details  ‘ Do You Even Liftable’ content!  Have a high res image ready to send or attach as well.  Needs to be NEWSWORTHY  A good press release answers these five questions, who, what, where, when, why, how.  Written in 3rd person  Make sure the whole presser is centered! What To Include
  4. 4.  Picture/Image of business  INSERT IN CAPITALS: CATCHY SHORT TITLE THAT CAN BE LIFTED TO USE AS A HEADLINE (WITH LONGER, KEYWORD RICH VERSION OF TITLE FOR ONLINE SUBMISSION)  Brisbane, QLD (1.1.2013) – BOLDED summary of what the story is about, the who, when, why, where and what written in third person and again "liftable" to copy and paste into a news article or read out in a bulletin or talk break.  3 succinct points that quickly tell journalists and producers what they need to know about your story.  A quote from a main player that sums up how everyone feels, why it's exciting or what the main message is you are trying to get across.  OTHER INFORMATION: This is where you can put a short "ad" for your business or yourself - talk about why you are the right person to be commenting on this story and why you are the expert  ######## or -ENDS- to indicate that nothing below this line should be made public  Contact Details for further information. Name, Email, Address, Phone. The Basic Layout
  5. 5.  Embellishment and stories which sound far-fetched. This can damage your credibility.  Hype!!! The exclamation point (!) is your enemy. Credibility can be damaged if you use lots of hype  Avoid clichés, redundancy, and flowery language  Avoid the passive voice. Always use Active Voice.  Do not use logos or trademarks names unless you have permission to do so.  Include little bits of paper (song lists, confetti, fortune-cookie fortunes) that fall out, get lost, and annoy people.  Send music to labels or DJs who have nothing to do with the style of music you make. It's a waste of their time and yours. Things to Avoid!!!!!!!
  6. 6.  Who are we sending this press release to?  Radio?  Street Press?  Online Blogs?  Start building up an online database of contacts! Who To Send To?
  7. 7.   Personalize the email, never bulk send  Make sure you BCC, never show other people’s emails!  Be short and sweet  Ask for less, hopefully you’ll get more  Find the deadline days, NEVER send a Presser on deadline day!  Ask for advertising rates How To Send A Press Release