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Age of Exploration - Western Civ 09
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Age of Exploration - Western Civ 09


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Basic info for 9th grade western civ class. Use it to help you get the gist of things. …

Basic info for 9th grade western civ class. Use it to help you get the gist of things.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Do Now
    • Respond to the following.
    • Give me at least 10 lines.
      • Which should we spend our money on – exploring the Earth for more sources of oil, or exploring space for sources of life?
  • 2. European Explorers
    • Where did they go?
    • Why Did They Go There?
    • What long term effects did it cause?
  • 3. We’re not paying those Ottomans Any more! We’ll find another way to Asia Ottoman Empire “ The Silk Road”
  • 4. Can’t seem to get past here: Rocks &Navigation problems
  • 5. Just keep the North Star in sight.
  • 6. Uh, Oh
  • 7. We need some new technology !
  • 8. Caravel – ocean going ship
  • 9. Text stern post rudder- Instead of a paddle Lateen (triangular) Sail Can sail into the wind Innovations (which Europe learned from the folks in the Middle East)
  • 10. Astrolabe (got this from the Arabs) Compass (idea came from China)
  • 11. Plot the Voyages of the Following Dias, De Gama, Columbus, Cabral, Magellan, Drake, Hudson, Balboa, Cartier
  • 12. Spanish in the New World Came to conquer - not just explore Hernando Cortez: Conquered Aztec Indians in Mexico Francisco Pizarro : Conquered Inca Indians in Peru Conquistadors (Conquerers)
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • Results
    • Thousands of Indians worked to death
    • Ninety Percent (90%) of Aztec Indians died of disease within a relatively few years (25 million to 3 million in 100 years)
    • Africans brought over to replace native slave workers
    • Able to handle diseases better
      • Beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade
    What did the Spanish Want?
    • Money
    • Conquistadors took Native American gold and silver
      • Forced indians to work in mines
    • Converts for Catholic Church
      • Jesuits sent to convert the Indians
  • 16. Triangle Trade Middle Passage
  • 17. Inside of a slave ship
    • 12 million slaves taken: 1450-1880
    • Where did they all go?
    • 1million never reached land 3 million to Brazil
    • 2.5 million to Caribbean
    • 3 million to New Spain
    • 2 million to Europe
    • ½ million to southern US states
  • 18. Here There be Pirates ! Problems for Spain And most of them were working for English Queen Elizabeth