Expertise Hour: The Dos and Don'ts of Web Chat with Johan Jacobs


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Web chat is quickly becoming the preferred communication channel for today's online consumer. When implemented correctly, web chat also has one of the highest satisfaction ratings among all online channels. How can you ensure your initiative meets or exceeds your goals?

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Expertise Hour: The Dos and Don'ts of Web Chat with Johan Jacobs

  1. 1. 1 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL EXPERTISE HOUR: THE DOS & DON’TS OF WEB CHAT Thank you for joining us. We will begin promptly at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET. You must use WebEx audio via phone – receive a call back or dial-in options available in Communicate tab. All lines are muted. Please use the Chat panel for questions.
  2. 2. 2 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL • Submit questions via the Chat panel and Twitter - @MoxieSoft and @ Bushman10 • Session is being recorded and link will be sent to participants THANK YOU FOR JOINING Speaker Johan Jacobs, Former Research Director, Gartner, Inc.
  3. 3. Johan Jacobs Former Gartner Analyst 13 August 2013
  4. 4. Which Group are You?  Some organizations have tried Web Chat already, and have it live or had it live at some point  Not working for you  Low CSAT scores  Not seeing the benefits  Thinking of switching Web Chat off  Some organizations are planning on deploying Web Chat in the not too distant future  Find out what mistakes the above group made  Reality is that Web Chat is very fast growing channel and being demanded by customers for Web and Mobile interactions
  5. 5. Terminology  Live Chat  Proactive Chat  Mobile Chat  Interactive Chat  Many names to add to the confusion  We will use “Web Chat”
  6. 6. Why Web Chat?  The reason most often quoted is to reduce costs  Introduce additional Customer interaction channels
  7. 7. Start a Pilot project  Most deployments start as pilots  Most pilot projects are not seen as strategic  Select low cost product  Pilots tend to become permanent  Success criteria  Low Cost ….. But you have high people cost  High Satisfaction ….. This seldom happens
  8. 8. Best Practice # 1  NO PILOT project…….  Either commit to the project or don’t do it at all Lets explore further…….
  9. 9. Web Chat Costs  Two Types  Cost of the Technology  Cost of the Agent  Technology cost = 10% to 20% of a Contact Center  Agent cost  72% of Agent cost is Salaries  28% of Agent cost attributed to Technology  Only looking at Technology Cost savings will yield only a small benefit
  10. 10. Focus on Agent Costs  Average Web Chat duration = Phone AHT x 2  A Web Chat takes twice as long as a phone call  A Web Chat agent is half as productive as a phone agent  The cost for a Web Chat agent is double that of a phone agent  TCO of Web Chat is worse than that of a Phone call  Cost Savings / Cost Reduction Business Case Fail
  11. 11. Best Practice # 2  The day you start Web Chat agents must perform minimum of 2 simultaneous concurrent Web Chat sessions Lets explore further…….
  12. 12. Web Chat Benchmark  Simplistic Interaction Environment  6 simultaneous Web Chat sessions  3 times as productive as a phone call  1/3 the cost of a phone call  Complex Interaction Environment  4 simultaneous Web Chat sessions  2 times as productive as a phone call  ½ the cost of a phone call
  13. 13. Hands Up……..  Anybody that knows an agent that can successfully achieve 6 simultaneous Web Chat Sessions and get high CSAT scores …
  14. 14.  Never give a Web Chat responsibility to a phone based Call Center agent  Single biggest Web Chat mistake that organizations make Lets explore further……. Best Practice # 3
  15. 15. Why Phone Agents can’t Chat  It’s Simple - They can’t type  90% of Call Center Agents type with only two fingers  Minimum requirement is 65 Words Per minute double hand typing
  16. 16. What you should do  Change recruitment technique / process when planning to deploy Web Chat  Recruit for Business Writing Skills  Recruit for Typing Skills  Web Chat is a Written Business Communication Channel NOT a spoken one  Web Chat is not poorly structured sentences  Web Chat does not consist of a number of acronyms strung together  AWGTHTGTTA – (Google it)
  17. 17. Final Piece of Puzzle Web Chat actually has nothing to do with Chat The success of Web Chat depends on Knowledge Management
  18. 18. Five Knowledge Categories  Corporate Knowledge  Policies and Processes and Corporate Content  What companies did in the 80’s  Agent Knowledge  Information CSR’s need to answer Customer questions  Customer Knowledge  Information Customers need to answer own questions  Partner Knowledge  Information Partners in your supply chain need  Social Knowledge  Content contributed by and delivered to Social communities
  19. 19. Five Levels of Search  Key Word or Question matching Search  Least accurate  Natural Language Search  Ability to understand sentences  Semantic Search  Different meanings of words  Multiple questions in one sentence  Intent Based Search  Intention behind question by looking at behaviour  Decision Trees or Case Base Reasoning  Search engine asks you questions
  20. 20. Knowledge Centered Information  Is NOT….  Google  FAQ  10 to 20 answers to a Question  Document Management  Scripted responses  IS….  The ability to deliver highly relevant answers  The “Single Right Answer”
  21. 21. Knowledge has a KPI & SLA  Key Performance Indicator  Relevance of Response  Relevance of Response = First Call Resolution  Service Level Agreement  85% or more  Only ever deliver 3 or less answers to a question How you do this, what the organizational structure looks like, who owns it etc. will be the topic of our next Webinar
  22. 22. Assuming you have a deep rich Knowledge Base solution  Tightly couple and Integrate your Knowledge Base with your Web Chat solution Lets explore further……. Best Practice # 4
  23. 23. How it Works  Customer Types Question in Web Chat session  Knowledge Base intercepts and search for answer  Pops Answer to Agent  Agents press <Paste> to get answer to Web Chat window  Agent sends answer to Customer
  24. 24. Benefits  Same answer irrespective if…  Customer searches Self Service KBS by themselves  Customer asks Call Center agent  Customer engage with Web Chat Agent  Multiple simultaneous concurrent Web Chat sessions  High Customer Satisfaction due to good quality responses  High Productivity due to not retyping same answer  Well Authored answers  Highly Relevant Responses (85% or more)
  25. 25. Pilot Project Final Analysis  Had integrated Knowledge Base  Same response to same question  Agents had typing skills  Agents had business writing skills  Multiple simultaneous chat sessions EpicWebChatFail
  26. 26. Four Web Chat Best Practices  Commit yourself to Web Chat or don’t do it. Pilot projects for Web Chat does not work  From day 1 you need to run multiple simultaneous Web Chat sessions  Never give a Call Center phone agent the responsibility to perform Web Chat  Tightly couple a Knowledge Management solution with your Web Chat product. Without this low cost & high productivity is not possible
  27. 27. Video Chat Considerations  Agent Aesthetics  Not all your CSR’s necessarily suitable to represent the corporate image on camera  Distracting Contact Center  Personalized cubicles are distracting  Moving People are distracting  CSR not focus on camera is distracting
  28. 28. Virtual Assistants  Conversational interface that delivers text and/or voice based information via a mobile or web user interface  Knowledge Navigator first surfaced in 1987 -  Tightly coupled with Knowledge Base  Delivers “Single Right Answer”  Increases Self Service “Stickiness”  Reduce Cost of transaction  Never take leave; Never gets sick; Never ask for a raise & works 24x7
  29. 29. Johan Jacobs Former Gartner Analyst 13 August 2013 Twitter: Bushman10
  30. 30. 31 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL • Submit questions via WebEx Chat Panel and Twitter - @MoxieSoft & @Bushman10 • Session recording and presentation will be sent via email • Contact Us • • +1.800.474.1149 • QUESTIONS