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Park Cities Self Storage - New Facility of the Year Nomination


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Park Cities Self Storage - Nominated for the 2013 New Facility of the Year. Park Cities Self Storage offers a variety of self storage and wine storage units to meet all of your needs.

Park Cities Self Storage - Nominated for the 2013 New Facility of the Year. Park Cities Self Storage offers a variety of self storage and wine storage units to meet all of your needs.

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  • 1. 1 Submitted By: Tom Maxfield Director Of Operations Move It Management 4015 Belt Line Road, Ste 300 Addison, TX 75001 Tel: (214) 389-3939 2013 New Facility Of The Year 6831 W. Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75225
  • 2. 2 Table Of Contents General Information About Park Cities Self Storage Location Design & Construction Aesthetics Types of Storage Security Features Customer Service Marketing Community & Environment Results & Summary 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 13 | 15 | 16 |
  • 3. 3 General Information OWNERS Provident Realty Advisors, Inc. 17440 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75287 (972) 733-3399 FACILITY MANAGEMENT Move It Management 4015 Belt Line Rd, Ste 300 Addison, TX 75001 (214) 389-3939 ARCHITECT PRA Construction, LP 10210 North Central Expressway, Ste 300 Dallas, TX 75231 (972) 385-4100 Chris Anderson, AIA Development Partner, Provident Realty Advisors Inc. 17440 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75287 (972) 733-3399 CONCEPTUAL DESIGNER Chris Anderson, AIA Development Partner, Provident Realty Advisors Inc. 17440 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75287 (972) 733-3399 DESIGN ARCHITECT Randall Owen, AIA Partner at Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects 702 San Antonio St. Austin, TX 78701 (512) 474-8548 Contributors, Providers and Vendors GEOTECHNICAL/WATERPROOFING CONSULTANT Professional Services Industries, Inc. (PSI USA) 4087 Shilling Way Dallas, TX 75237 (214) 330-9211 INTERIOR HALLWAY SYSTEM Janus International 134 Janus International Blvd. Temple, GA 30179 (770) 562-2850 MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE/ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Alonna Rogers, Operations Coordinator U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network (602) 263-6736 SECURITY SYSTEM Scott Deranger, Owner Site Safe Security 2100 Hwy 360, Ste 904 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (972) 602-9353 ROOF SYSTEM PRA Construction, LP 10210 North Central Expressway, Ste 300 Dallas, TX 75231 (972) 385-4100 WEB MANAGEMENT/INTERNET MARKETING ROI Online, LLC 617 SW 8th Ave, Ste 400 Amarillo, TX 79101 (806) 373-8700 Contributors to and providers of the Park Cities Self Storage project who made the vision of Provident Realty Advisors, Inc. come to life:
  • 4. 4 About Park Cities Self Storage Park Cities Self Storage in Dallas, Texas is the “brainchild” of Provident Realty Advisors, Inc., of Dallas, a high-end speciality commercial developer renowned for its intuitive ideas and business savvy tactics involving master planned residential communities, anchored retail centers, multi-family acquisition and development, repositioning of outdated malls and apartments, land investments, infill mixed use development, and self storage facilities. In the past 25 years, Provident Realty Advisors has constructed 14 self storage facilities. A long-standing Dallas developer, PRA is experienced in designing strip centers, “rifle shot development,” as you will, in areas with high density plagued by municipal and real estate barriers. PRA owner and Project Director Scott Morway and Development Partner Chris Anderson were eager to accept a new challenge. When they noticed a gap in the Dallas self storage market, a need for a high-end, modern self storage facility, they conceived what is now Park Cities Self Storage, a five-story facility that touts a customized climate controlled wine cellar, energy-efficient implementation, advanced security measures, and a bevy of valued customer amenities. It truly is one of a kind. The Provident Realty development duo sought guidance from Move It Management, a company that could provide precision and customer-centric administration. Morway and Anderson’s vision for a modern self storage facility meshed well with the Park Cities community, which consists of two affluent municipalities, Highland Park and University Park. Considered the highest demographic of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex, the population of Park Cities is on the brink of 32,000, complete with upscale shopping, outstanding educational institutions and luxury living. Before Park Cities Self Storage was built, however, the community lacked in one area: self storage. It was “underserved,” says Tom Maxfield, Move It Management Director of Operations, due to zoning restrictions that prevented development inside municipal areas. PRA found a solution that resided in a 1950s-era doctor’s office. Zoning rules permitted a five-story structure, a project that would be uninterrupted and a final product that would be aesthetically pleasing and of high value. After 14 months, Park Cities Self Storage received the green light to break ground. The facility was completed in 10 months. Opening June 21, 2013, Park Cities Self Storage exemplifies the definitions of fresh, modern and sleek. The 55,232 square foot, five-story facility touts 611 top-of-the-line units, including units ranging in size from 2.5x2.5 to 10 x 20, with climate controls, roll-up doors and elevator access. The Birth of Park Cities Self Storage
  • 5. 5 Josh Springer Senior Property Manager (214)556-3833 6831 W. Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75225 Josh Springer, who has been the Senior Property Manager since the facility’s inception in the summer of 2013, is the ideal candidate to run Park Cities Self Storage. Having attended Highland Park High School, which is situated in the Park Cities area, Josh boasts a strong understanding of the community. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University, graduating from the Hankamer School of Business. In addition to a sterling education, Josh holds a unique blend of work experience that helps shape his excellent customer service abilities. Through two prestigious internships he learned the true meaning of a “customer for life.” After graduating from Baylor, Josh accepted a job with the Dallas Stars, later joining the Move It Management (formerly Watson & Taylor Management) team. He diligently learned the storage industry and quickly advanced from relief manager of the Dallas area to managing the flagship location in Uptown Dallas, Stow & Go Self Storage. During his tenure at Stow & Go Self Storage, the property saw dramatic increases in NOI (34% gain), gross income (22.4% gain), occupancy (5% square foot increase) and projected rent (18.8% increase). Through continued revenue management, dedication to controlling expenses, and his fastidious development of lasting relationships with customers, Josh helped the facility grow from a $750,000 income property to a $1.2 million. Leading into the Future An integral part of the Move It and Watson & Taylor team since 2009, Josh has consistently proven he is a vital asset to this company and industry. His genuine care for Park Cities Self Storage customers and his pride for the facility is exhibited daily through client interaction and unflagging stewardship. Josh and his wife currently reside in the Dallas area and enjoy cycling around White Rock Lake. Park Cities Self Storage represents the future of self storage, a streamlined, visually pleasing facility and accompanying staff who cater to customers’ interests, desires and demands. Scan QR code to watch our 2013 New Facility of the Year Nomination Video.
  • 6. 6 Location As the premier area of Dallas, Texas, the University Park and Highland Park neighborhoods do not want for much: upscale shopping, five-star eating, luxury real estate and outstanding schools merit its reputation. However, with a population nearing 32,000, a place to store residents’ belongings and valuables was absent. Strict zoning requirements have thwarted projects in the past, but Provident Realty Advisors, Inc., was determined to make its ambitious project triumph. A vacant doctor’s office from the 1950s presented an ideal location. All PRA needed to build was a five-story, aesthetically pleased and uninterrupted project. As with many aggressive projects, setbacks were inevitable. The initial concept of Park Cities Self Storage was refined through work with the City of Dallas Planning personnel and the City of Dallas Arborist. This collaboration resulted in a four-story plus basement design that maintained existing trees, fit the available building area, met fire separations and zoning laws, coverage ratio, maximization of visibility, and adequate space for the required new landscaping. Overcoming Hurdles
  • 7. 7 Design & Construction The existing zoning of the Park Cities area provided for self storage use under an SUP, but Provident Realty Advisors selected to go for a rezoning to a PD in order to manipulate the FAR, building height and archaic parking requirements. In order to influence a positive response to the zoning request and to fit in with a higher demographic, PRA presented an exterior design of masonry in integrally colored, specially exposed aggregate block, curtain wall glazing, and EIFS similar to surrounding office and commercial construction. This masonry design not only provided a higher aesthetic, but it also provided structural support and fire separation. The glazed walls show off the bright inviting interior space to the outside and provide natural lighting inside, all in a contemporary commercial design aesthetic. Zoning restrictions were not the only obstacle PRA encountered. The small location site lacked room for staging or material laydown. Barely measuring 38,000 square feet, the site includes one half of the adjacent street. With several easements and old infrastructure, the project required ample work with utilities and collaboration with the City of Dallas to abandon old facilities that were no longer providing service. The site includes a street lined with several adult Live Oaks, which needed to remain undisrupted. In addition, the site is off the main boulevard in the area, which created visibility issues. Design and Conquer In order to overcome the aforementioned quandaries, PRA sought the counsel and expertise of PRA Construction, Inc. PRA Construction, Inc., Provident Realty’s internal construction subsidiary, carefully scheduled delivery of material when it was needed in the construction process and negotiated special access with neighboring properties. PRA Construction worked in concert with the project’s design team to produce realistic solutions to design issues in the field as well as offer alternative designs to save time, money and energy. Special temporary protection construction was provided for the adjacent office building only 6 feet away allowing for fire exiting. PRA Construction worked with the design team and geotechnical/engineering/waterproofing consultant From the Ground Up Professional Services, Inc., (PSI USA) to produce a design/build foundation system and basement wall including a subsurface redundant waterproofing system immediately on the property line next to an existing subsurface garage. After 14 months of planning, the project was able to break ground. Ten months later, Park Cities Self Storage was complete, opening its doors on June 21, 2013.
  • 8. Aesthetics To complement the modern, streamlined motif, Park Cities Self Storage incorporated glass paneling and expansive windows to let in natural light and provide an inviting feel for employees and tenants. The wine cellar area is one of Park Cities Self Storage’s most impressive elements. Customized with Oak cabinet doors, stained concrete floors and low-level lighting, the wine cellar evokes a Tuscan environment. The blue and green color scheme conveys a fresh, vibrant feel. The Park Cities Self Storage brand remains consistent throughout the interior and exterior of the building and property. The spacious, tidy front lobby exudes a welcoming experience for visitors and customers. 8
  • 9. 9 Types Of Storage Park Cities Self Storage unit selection is unrivaled. The building contains 79,740 gross square feet. While the small footprint still contains two elevator and two required exit stairs, it maintains about 72% gross/net efficiency. The 611 storage units include 562 standard units and 49 wine units. The standard units come in the following sizes: 5x5, 5x10, 7.5x10, 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20, with various features such as climate controls, elevator access and roll-up doors. The storage areas feature a bright white and yellow Janus hallway system, which elicits a cheerfully bright interior décor. One of Park Cities Self Storage most noteworthy features is its superior wine cellar establishment. Customized and highly attractive as a whole, the chilled and optimum humidity and climate controlled wine storage cellar in the basement contains 49 units in sizes 2.5x2.5, 2.5x2.5 half height, 2.5x5, and 5x5 for large volume case storage. The wine cellar is adorned with Oak cabinet doors, stained concrete floors, specialty low-level lighting and generator backup power with exterior building hook up. Arguably one of the finest wine storage facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, the wine cellar was built for people with personal wine collections. The facility can house anywhere from 1-2 cases to 200 cases. Built and designed with a personal touch in mind, wine lovers or sommeliers can host wine tastings and meet and mingle with fellow wine collectors at the facility. The wine storage area is accommodating for restaurant and bar owners, caterers and event planners, who may also be in need of a safe, secure and good-looking wine cellar as well. “We take great pride in this aspect of our facility, and always look for ways to display its beauty,” says Senior Property Manager, Josh Springer. In addition to Park Cities Self Storage’s exquisite wine cellar, the facility also includes five drive-up units, with two currently acting as secondary garages for tenants. All Your Storage Needs Under One Roof
  • 10. 10 Security Features Since the No. 1 priority of Park Cities Self Storage is its customers, it’s imperative that the safety and security of customers’ belongings is at the top of list as well. Whether someone is storing something as valuable as a designer wedding dress, vintage wine, a classic car or a brand-new boat, or something private such as legal documents and tax records, or something as mundane as an unused piece of furniture, Park Cities Self Storage goes to great lengths to ensure all of these items are protected. Park Cities Self Storage takes security very seriously, providing the highest possible security in the City of Dallas. Excelling with the latest security systems. Its alarm system is superior to most currently guarding homes and office buildings. Every unit, including units in the wine cellar, are individually alarmed. A tour of the security system begins with a key fob system that only allows you to the floor where the tenant’s unit is located. It continues through each unit, all of which employ the safest cylinder and latch locks on the market couples with each unit being individually alarmed to a key fob. Alarms are routed to a central server that notifies the on-site management, off-site monitoring service and, if desired, has the capability of sending email notifications to the tenant. Camera monitoring covers all areas of the interior including the stairwells and emergency exits as well as outside the facility. Thirty-two high-definition surveillance cameras monitor the entire property 24/7. All emergency exits are one way (out) and alarmed. The building is fully fire protected and is of noncombustible construction. The office and every floor of the facility features large flat screen monitors with security camera feeds to provide awareness of the customers surroundings. Last but not least, the building was designed to accommodate a mobile diesel generator in the event of a catastrophe or disaster when there is a total outage on the building. This system keeps power for the wine storage area as well, a very unique feature. The final barrier of security is Park Cities Self Storage’s management and staff members, who constantly watch and walk the property to make sure items are safe. Cylinder locks are used on each individual self storage unit. The office and every floor of the facility employs large flat screen monitors. Park Cities Self Storage implements a key fob system. Safe and Secure Storage
  • 11. 11 Customer Service Cleaning Services Park Cities Self Storage is dedicated to keeping its facility and property orderly and polished. “Customers are why we are here, and we must provide them with the perfect storage experience. Our tenants are what is most important to us. We must work to maintain a positive and professional relationship with every one of our tenants. Ultimately our goal is to make them ‘customers for life,’ whether that be storage, boxes, moving supplies, or a U-Haul van rental.” — Josh Springer, Senior Property Manager We’ve all heard the sayings, “the customer is always right,” and “the customer comes first,” but how many businesses and companies adhere to those adages? Park Cities Self Storage does through and through. By offering an array of customer amenities, perks, discounts and promotions, and features, Park Cities Self Storage is confident it presents tenants with the best possible service in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. In addition to free Wi-Fi, convenient online payment options, hours of access 365 days a year, including holidays, 10 percent discounts to all Military servicemen and women, and a full parking and loading area, Park Cities Self Storage prides itself on the following unique customer benefits: The Customer Comes First Tenant Insurance The facility offers a great package from U-Haul called Safestor. With this renowned company’s expertise and large organization, Park Cities Self Storage is able able to leverage a perfect package for storage tenants. You will see great prices for tenants with coverage that is based on storage needs. 50% Burglar Coverage begins at the level of $5,000, which is $9.995 a month. The coverage level of $10,000 is $19.95 per month and the coverage level of $15,000 at $34.95 per month. 100% Burglar Coverage is also available, including a coverage level of $5,000 at $16.95 per month; a coverage level of $10,000 at $31.95 per month; and a coverage level of $15,000 at $44.95 per month. Park Cities Self Storage staff members clean the property top to bottom every week. This includes bathrooms that are cleaned daily. Employees walk the property every day, picking up all trash and debris inside and outside. As you can see, Park Cities Self Storage isn’t just a self storage facility. It is a one-stop shop for packing, moving and storage, making it utterly exclusive in its customer service. Environment
  • 12. 12 U-Haul Partnership Park Cities Self Storage’s professional partnership with U-Haul is about adding value and convenience to customers’ self storage and moving experiences. By making the facility the one-stop shop for all of moving needs, Park Cities Self Storage enables people to have easier moves and better storage experiences. The neighborhood storage store provides everything tenants may need for moving, including van rentals, a storage room and packing supplies. A wide variety of packing supplies are available on the U-Haul website. If a customer sees something they require for their storage or move, Park Cities Self Storage will add those items to its inventory. Customers can order boxes and supplies online, and these items will arrive on time at the appointed site for their move. Large discounts are available for bulk purchases as well. Convenience The property is located in the heart of Dallas, perfectly located between the Park Cities and Preston Hollow neighborhoods. Park Cities Self Storage is easily accessible from either Hillcrest or Northwest Highway and not far from popular North Park Mall. The facility is laid out so that moving is a breeze with two freight- sized elevators and five floors to choose from. Valet Moving Services This service is truly unique. If a tenant needs an extra hand or is in a hurry, the Park Cities Self Storage team is there to help. A customer can let the facility manager or member of the support staff know when he or she will be arriving, allowing Park Cities Self Storage to assist customers in placing their valuable items into a secure unit. Park Cities Self Storage understands its customers lead busy, often hectic lives. It takes a good amount of time to pack and move items, but thanks to the facility’s strong relationship with local moving companies that work on an hourly basis, Park Cities Self Storage staff can take a load off their tenants by saving them time and stress. Preferred Provider Network Moving can be difficult and you don’t always know who to trust. That’s why Park Cities Self Storage has assembled a list of companies that have worked with the facility itself or other customers. The facility only refers companies with perfect records to customers.
  • 13. 13 Marketing Marketing was instrumental in the success of Park Cities Self Storage. The marriage of traditional and modern marketing drew a large amount of traffic. Prior to opening, creative signage and a temporary banner with the facility’s contact information was made. The website launched in the spring of 2013, more than 90 days ahead of the opening. Park Cities Self Storage placed advertisements in the local “Park Cities People” newspaper, teasing the Grand Opening. As soon as the Park Cities sign was erected, phone calls and emails came flooding in. Advertising with Southern Methodist University in Dallas during the sorority and fraternity Rush activities was employed as well. Referrals also played an integral part in Park Cities Self Storage’s marketing strategy. Park Cities Self Storage would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their combined efforts in making the facility a possibility: the moving companies, Fantastic Moves, AB Moving, Pro Plus Movers, All My Sons Moving and Two Men in a Truck. Several local apartment complexes and retirement communities helped Park Cities Self Storage succeed too: The Edgemere, The Renaissance at Preston Hollow, The Caruth, and Villa Del Norte. The above businesses represent the majority of Park Cities Self Storage’s partners at this time, but the facility is constantly reaching out to new ‘Strategic Partners’ and new people to refer customers and practice beneficial Business to Business methods. Traditional Marketing
  • 14. 14 Online Marketing The preliminary launch of the Park Cities Self Storage website, 90 days before its opening, proved to be a fundamental facet of the facility’s success. The website provided a large percentage of potential customers and leads in the beginning, and continues to do so. Designed and maintained by ROI Online, LLC, an Internet marketing agency in Amarillo, Texas, the site is easy to navigate and use, and is eye-catching with a simple, yet pleasing logo and color scheme. A keyword strategy and search engine optimization tactics in relation to Google throughout the website pave the way for a high-performing site. Information for potential tenants regarding prices and unit sizes is readily available on the homepage of the site. Blogs have also proved crucial to Park Cities Self Storage’s online presence and customer base. published an initial blog post about the importance of security at a self storage facility in March of 2013. That blog has been followed by two supporting blogs every week, ranging in topics from wine storage and fine art storage to household and business storage. Park Cities Self Storage regularly meets with and collaborates with ROI Online regarding web trends, blog topics, social media tools and ways to move forward in the facility’s online footprint. ROI Online also created a website designated for a mobile and iPad format. In addition to its diligent website efforts, ROI Online manages Park Cities Self Storage’s social media networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, allowing Park Cities to integrate with a variety of platforms and form online relationships with a diverse mix of potential customers and followers. 60+ Online form submissions since June An average of 100 visitors daily on the website
  • 15. Community & Environment One in the Community “At Park Cities Self Storage, our business is based on providing a need for the community around us. In doing so we feel connected to all aspects of the community around us and continually look for ways to connect. We truly believe that our involvement in the Park Cities Fourth of July Parade, [Southern Methodist University] RUSH activities, and “Park Cities People” have worked to establish a good name in the community for the facility. We look forward to growing with the area around us.” — Josh Springer, Senior Property Manager In order for Park Cities Self Storage to fully become part of the University Park and Highland Park community, it must exhibit continuous efforts to support and better the area. Those efforts were seen merely two weeks after its grand opening when Park Cities Self Storage helped sponsor the local July 4 Park Cities Parade. The facility passed out coloring books to children at the parade and those attending the art show at the Zhen Music & Arts Institute on West Lovers Lane in Dallas, which is less than four miles away from Park Cities Self Storage. Park Cities Self Storage is a member of the Self Storage Association and the Texas Self Storage Association. Going Green In this day and age, it is paramount that as global citizens we help preserve and protect the Earth and our environment. Our resources our finite, and Park Cities Self Storage acknowledges that. As a reputable, modern business, Park Cities Self Storage is obligated to exhibit eco-friendly measures. However, the facility’s environmentally conscious efforts extend beyond obligations. It genuinely cares about maintaining its surroundings. During the construction phase of the project, we made sure to not disturb and upset the local flora and fauna, including the Live Oak trees lining the street. While not a LEEDS project, the building meets or exceeds all the new IBC and State mandated energy conservation requirements for building envelope and energy consumption. Additional energy use reduction features include a reflective single ply membrane roof, remote controlled lighting, high efficiency heat pump HVAC systems, and low energy LED signage and accent lighting. Most of the materials used in the construction were produced within 100 miles of the construction site. Recycling is also encouraged on- site for employees, visitors and tenants. 15
  • 16. 16 Results & Summary Where We Are Today Park Cities Self Storage’s mission was to stand out among other self storage facilities, not just in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area, but all over the United States, and to provide outstanding customer service. With each coming day, it does just that and more, thanks to its dedicated employees, exclusive services, unparalleled amenities, and of course, its loyal customers that have put their trust and valuables in the hands of Park Cities Self Storage. The dream was to offer a facility that appeals to myriad customers’ wants and needs, whether it’s for storing superfluous business equipment and supplies, excess household items and belongings, or a budding wine collection. Open a mere few months, Park Cities Self Storage is currently in front of its budgeted goal for 75 days operating, and is renting units at proforma rent rates. In addition to Park Cities Self Storage’s wonderful start to the storage lease up plan, its exceptional sales and support team have sold more than $3,200 worth of retail items, and formed a strong U-Haul Van rental business, grossing over $1,500. As of September 4, 2013, Park Cities Self Storage is at an occupancy rate of 14.4% per unit, and 16.19% per square foot, but is continuously seeing customer interest and growth. Two of the 49 wine cellar units are rented. The economic rate is 15.35%. The price of rent per square foot is $2.07. The prices for individual units range from $89 for a 5x5 unit to $224 for a climate controlled 10x10 unit to $419 for a climate controlled 10x20 unit with a roll-up door and elevator access. Park Cities strives to offer prices that can fit with each of its customers’ budgets and storage needs. Nestled in the well-to-do Park Cities community of Dallas, Park Cities Self Storage’s reputation not only must uphold the fine character of the area, but must also cultivate it, and further its development and name. Park Cities’ reputation within the community is one that represents a beautiful and cutting-edge facility, safe and secure storage, and efforts to serve the surrounding community, its people and recreations. Park Cities Self Storage endeavors to provide the cleanest and highest level of service for all its self storage customers, tenants and neighbors. The future is wide open and bright for Park Cities Self Storage, and its professional team is eager to see what awaits around the next corner. Its unwavering dedication to its customers, state-of-the-art facility, drive to offer the best available self storage and moving experience, unique blend of amenities and early success all contribute to Park Cities Self Storage’s eligibility to win the 2013 Self Storage New Facility of the Year.