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Mobile Marketing Educational Presentation

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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. mobilePresented by: Greg Nasto & Nicole Piggott
  2. 2. who is mousetrap?• Full service marketing and mobile solutions company• Specialize in mobile applications, communications & marketing• Provide turn-key mobile solutions to a wide range of industries focusing on utilizing today‟s preferred method of communication, mobile.
  3. 3. evolution of the cell phoneOriginal „Smart‟ Phone
  4. 4. evolution of the cell phoneBriefcase phone
  5. 5. evolution of the cell phone Bag phone
  6. 6. evolution of the cell phone Brick phone
  7. 7. evolution of the cell phoneToday‟s Smart Phones
  8. 8. evolution of textingMorse code – Telegraph
  9. 9. evolution of texting Telegrams
  10. 10. evolution of texting Pagers
  11. 11. evolution of texting Texting
  12. 12. evolution of social media Bulletin Board
  13. 13. evolution of social media Chat Rooms
  14. 14. evolution of social media Instant Messenger
  15. 15. evolution of social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Myspace
  16. 16. caution!The following stats may come as a shock!
  17. 17. communication trends•Effective & Efficient – Instant reach! •90% of texts are read within 3mins •95% read within 14mins •98% opened period! •Compared to only 20% of emails viewed in 6.4 hrs• Preferred •Texts are preferred to phone calls- 3:2 • 2010 - 6.1 trillion texts sent • 2011 - 7 trillion texts sent • 2013 – estimated 10 trillion texts sent
  18. 18. search & action trends•½ of local web searches are performed by a mobile device (Microsoft) 1/2•70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour, as opposed to online searches, 70% of which lead to action within 1 month (Microsoft)• 71% of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information (Google/Ipsos)• Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers 70% that have mobile-specific websites (Brand Anywhere/Luth Research) ONLY 4.8% of US retailers have a mobile website•35% of leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers usesmartphones (OpenTravel)
  19. 19. buying trends• 79% of smartphone users use their phone to help with shopping 74% ultimately making a purchase as a result (Google)• 41% of smartphone owners have made a purchase from their mobile phone (Chadwick Martin Bailey)•It is predicted that U.S. mobile shopping sales volume will reach $9 billion in 2011 (InMobi study)•By 2015, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide, 12% of global ecommerce turnover (ABI Research)• 56% of people believe mobile can make the shopping experience more enjoyable (Lightspeed Research)
  20. 20. marketing trends• Mobile ads perform 2 to 3 times better than online ads in key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness, & purchase intent (InsightExpress) 10x’s• Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons (Borrell Associates)• Of people who react to seeing a mobile ad: (Google/Ipsos) - 42% click on the mobile ad - 35% percent visit the advertiser‟s site - 49% percent make a purchaseMobile marketing spending has increased 75% from 2009 expected to reach $2.3 billion by 2013 (InsightExpress)
  21. 21. mobile – the benefits• Effective, Efficient, Preferred•Instant communication reach•High value for sponsors• Real-time data capture• Cost effective marketing• High value impressions• Database growth for long term marketing - people don‟t change their mobile numbers• Interactive real-time marketing opportunities• Mobile coupons/promotions• Geo & demographical user info - high targeted marketing• It‟s green!
  22. 22. what is mobile? • Tablets/ iPad • Cell Phones • Smartphones • iPod touch
  23. 23. revenue opportunitiesSponsorship opportunities •Mobile App & Text Alert Sponsorship•Why? •Mobile coupon redemption rates are 10 times that of print coupons! •Mobile ads perform 2 to 3 times better than online ads in key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness, and purchase intent •High promotional redemption rate: 15-30% •High value, direct impressions •Real-time data capture •Low cost, high impact marketing •Time sensitive, direct marketing •Geographic and demographical user info
  24. 24. social media integration•Social & Mobile complement each other – one can drive the other• Easily incorporate mobile promotions & initiatives into your social media•Social media unique to each business & is great for reputation building & exposure• Build your social presence & following!
  25. 25. social media con’t• People recommend companies and buy products they follow: - among active Twitter users who follow at least one company: - 59% are more likely to recommend a company they follow - 58% are more likely to buy a product they follow• Comparison shopping is prevalent: - 59% use social networks to compare prices - 56% do so to talk about sales or specials• Over 50% agreed that people can influence business decisions madeby companies, brands and retailers by voicing opinions on socialnetworking sites
  26. 26. applications• Education Mobile Program• Mobile Apps (websites)• Text Communication Services• Text Marketing Solutions • Text Promotions • Text Coupons • Mobile Clubs• Text Surveys/Polling• Interactive Text2Screen• Mobile Sponsorship & more!
  27. 27. education mobile programEmergency alerts Text school closings, schedule changes/delays, fire alarms, etcParental notifications Unexcused absences, parent-teacher conferences, report cards, etcCampus Security Notifications Student bullying alertsEvent reminders sports, theater, band, fundraisers, etcSports/Club Notifications Scores & standings, practice times, upcoming eventsInteractive Education Voting & polling, Text2ScreenLive Surveying & FeedbackText Contests & Trivia
  28. 28. education mobile programText Closings/ Text Parent Text Unexcused Text Event Alert Text Voting/ Emergencies Communication Absences Polling
  29. 29. education mobile program•High Sponsor Value •High value impressions •Direct, low-cost marketing •Capture live data for marketing & database growth •Effective way to reach parents & students •Interactive real-time marketing opportunities •High promotional redemption:15-30% •Geographical & demographical user info • It‟s green!
  30. 30. education mobile programText Emergency Alerts Text Event/Fundraiser Text School News Text Sports/Club Alerts
  31. 31. mobile apps• Mobile searching continues to increase • Are you mobile friendly?• Push info how people want it - mobile • Mobile users is predicted overtake desktop users by 2015• Mobile searches lead to action! • 70% within 1 hour• Consumers are more likely to buy from you • 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites
  32. 32. text communication services• Custom communication programs • Business to business • Internal operational communications • Community alerts & communications• Instantly reach staff or clients with important business information•Make sure your message is read • 98% of texts are read period• Email is becoming increasingly less effective
  33. 33. text marketing solutions• Effective! People react to mobile ads: - 42% click on the mobile ad - 35% percent visit the advertiser‟s site - 49% percent make a purchase• Reach people when they are ready to make a decision -70% lead to action within 1 hour• Reach your target market anytime, anywhere - Most people have their phones on them 24/7/365 - It’s our alarm clock!
  34. 34. case studies - mousetrap Cold Stone of Royal Oak • Custom Mobile APP •“..I LOVE IT..what an awesome job!” -Leslie Kusek, Franchise Owner • Text Mobile Club – monthly blast • Interactive Contests – submit favorite creation • Low-Opt out rate: 2% on home grown database
  35. 35. case studies - mousetrap 2011 ALSD Conference •Interactive Conference & Mobile APP •Event & Session Reminders •Interactive Voting & Polling “The text program was a huge hit this year! …we need to do the program in the future. We’re working on securing sponsors for next year.” -Amanda Verhoff, ALSD “Thank you! Your program really helped out with the reminders at the show.” -Scott Hinzman, ALSD
  36. 36. case studies - mousetrap Dr. Marshall - Cats Veterinary Text Appointment Reminders “The Mousetrap Mobile Reminder System has been a valuable asset in reducing our overall operational costs and increasing our patient confirmation efficiency.” -Dr. Dan Marshall, DVM Cats Veterinary
  37. 37. questions?
  38. 38. mousetrap mobile