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  1. 1. People are busier than ever and struggling to keep up with demands which makes relaxing at home a necessity. Simple and elegant, warm and inviting provide the inspiration. Say good-bye to big and bulkyfurniture in 2007. Say hello to space saving, narrower sofas and tables in the coming year.
  2. 2. 2007 Top Ten Decorating Trends: 1 Hand crafted furniture: Look forwood furniture pieces with intricate carving, metal and wrought ironpieces with detailed scroll work, and handwoven finishes such asrattan and wicker Brass hardware is making another appearance ina new way Look to see brass feet on furniture pieces such as endtables, sofa tables, and most definitely on dining tables 2
  3. 3. Leather combined with fabrics: Leather furniture is still hotter thanever but this year we will see leather in a whole new way as it ismixed in with different fabrics to create texture and interest in homeaccent pieces Velvet, silk Dupioni, brocade and fur are all hot fabricsthis year 3 Home made accents: From hand made sofa throws toembellished lamp shades, theres plenty of room for DIY projects thisyear Anything that looks hand made or traditional is in
  4. 4. 4 Natural Elements: Bamboo flooring and rattan furniture are hotAnything that reflects elements of nature such as wood is in Darkhard woods such as mahogany, walnut and cherry are the mostpopular this year For added interest, we will see furniture made fromtwo different wood types
  5. 5. 5 Colors: Blues and greens set in a neutral background are the incolors for 2007 Wall colors in creamy beiges and gold with warmbrowns and pumpkin spice accents will be the dominant force Coldand modern is out, metallics are in 6
  6. 6. Ethnic Furniture and Accents: The global influence in homefurnishings is huge With Internet shopping it is easier than ever tofind furniture and home accent pieces made in countries all aroundthe world Asian style furniture has been increasing in popularity thelast few years and will continue to grow this year 7 Space SavingFurniture: Big and bulky is out
  7. 7. Multi-purpose furniture is in Narrower sofas, coffee tables, anddining furniture are all in Mirrored accent tables are making a comeback, this time with jewelry inspired hardware 8 Functional Art:Look for artistic home accents that serve a purpose
  8. 8. Design Lighting is an excellent example You can find a largeselection of light sculptures in lighting stores and on the InternetAlmost all home furnishings are now being made in an artistic formLook for artistic pieces that make you feel something 9
  9. 9. Counter height bistro sets: A casual dining atmosphere is areflection of todays busy lifestyles A less formal setting allowsfamilies to relax and share a quick meal together 10 Room DividerScreens: Both decorative and functional, room dividers are definitelymaking a comeback Used in studio apartments to define livingspaces they provide privacy and a feeling of separate rooms
  10. 10. In larger spaces, room dividers are used to break up the space orstrictly as a home accent piece Were also seeing room dividersused creatively, such as using as a headboard The selection ofdecorative screens is quite large You can find screens made ofwood, metal or a combination of materials including wrought iron andcanvas
  11. 11.