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  1. 1. In Australia, many cleaning companies use industrial cleaning products that are very mild and have low levels of chemical smell. Since most of the products are approved by the office cleaning maintenancecontractors, the chemical cleaners used for bathrooms and for other areas where there are more chances of germ-breeding are stronger and harsher. Most of thestrong disinfectants and anti-germ chemicals are used for toilets and high traffic areas. In general, regular lemon scented dusting spray is used at homes and offices for cleaning electronic devices and other equipments. But companies like North Sydney Office cleaning often use brass polish and dusting spray for electronic items like computers and other peripherals.Since most of the electronic items like fancy lights andhardware items like door handles are made from brass metal, therefore brass polish is commonly used for cleaning and polishing of brass items. Most of thecommercial companies and businesses have very strict guidelines about the chemicals and cleaners to be used for office cleaning. The chemicals and other disinfectants to be used should not cause any type ofallergic reactions and should not be very harsh. These strict guidelines are made to avoid any type of health complications for their employees and even for theOur site cleaning staff people.
  2. 2. Companies like office cleaning north Sydney uses advancedstate-of-the-art office cleaning equipment and devices for office cleaningand commercial cleaning tasks The advanced dry vapor steam cleanersare used for rapid cleanup tasks and leave very less water behind
  3. 3. The use of dry vapor steam cleaners is considered to be an eco-friendlycleaning method Vacuum systems can be attached with commercialsteam cleaners for simultaneously extracting dirt and dust while cleaning
  4. 4. This not only results in enhanced productivity in the cleaning operations,but also in reducing the time and effort of cleaning processes to be doneby other equipment for the same job Since steam cleaning method isbeing used by most of the office cleaning companies, other systems andtechniques for cleaning have also been upgraded with futuristic changesand have more merits and uses
  5. 5. Traditional carpet cleaning systems required at least 15 to 20 hours forthe carpets to dry up, whereas, newly developed systems take around 5to 6 hours for the carpet drying has fixed prices for bedroom, lounge,double bedroom, hallway and staircase carpet cleaning
  6. 6. Even upholstery cleaning charges of two-seated sofas, armchair,three-seated sofa, dining chair, car upholstery, single mattress sanitationand double mattress sanitation are also fixed Many office cleaningcompanies charge a flat fee based on the number of cleaning staffemployed in a particular factory or building, where as some companiescharge on the basis of square footage of the area to be cleaned
  7. 7. Many companies even have set guidelines for Our site the number oftimes the cleaning operations for a particular task are going to beperformed on weekly or on monthly basis offers various types ofcleaning services meant for commercial, residential and industrialpurposes
  8. 8. If anyone is interested in availing their services, he or she can call ontheir helpline number available on their website
  9. 9. Our site