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  1. 1. Bridal make up by its very nature is a unique requirement and your make up regime for the big day needs careful thought and consideration. Our bridal beauty consultant, Lubna Rafiq, of Art Of Beauty shares some of bridal beauty insights with you...Asian flush
  2. 2. My personal approach to make-up for brides is one of corrective, subtlemake-up that enhances the bride's best features and makes her looknaturally radiant and beautiful on her big day The first thing people noticewhen they look at a bride - is how stunning and radiant she looks, not hermakeup itself In fact make - up that is too obvious can look overdone andartificial so understated and sophisticated elegance is the name of the game!When it comes to applying bridal makeup, there is a correct sequence andtechnique to follow as well as a preparatory stage to ensure that you will belooking your absolute best Selection and advice on the best and mostappropriate products, colours and styles is also imperative What works for youin your day to day use or for other special occasions will not necessarily makeyou look your best on your big day! This kind of in depth knowledge can onlycome from a beautician experienced in the nuances of bridal makeup Skin& Eyebrows The first thing to get right is your skin and eyebrowsI wouldrecommend a series of facials in the run up to your wedding (that is if youdon't already have regular facials) Start a few months before the weddingas it is common for your skin to break out and get worse before it gets betterafter a facial if you haven't had one for a long time (Something to do withgetting all the impurities out) Treat yourself to one a month for four monthsbefore the big dayyour last one should be at least a few days before yourwedding, to give your skin time to settle down Eyebrows should be kept inshape regularly and shaped the day before the d-day if possible
  3. 3. On the morning of your wedding, make sure your skin is well moisturisedabout ten minutes before applying your make-up I always recommend thatyou have your hair done after your Make-up The next stage is to have yourfoundation applies Remember that for the photographs you must take extracare when using light reflective foundation and concealer A lot of Asianbride's pile on layers of foundation underneath the eye, in themisunderstanding that it is a concealer, when actually, it's job is to "putlight" in to dark areas, Don't do it! You may look good to the naked eye,but it will show up too white in your photos and you could look like you havepuffy eye bags! I'm not saying to steer clear of subtle light reflectingfoundations; in fact they are great for giving the appearance of dewy, youthfulskin Steer very clear of shimmery bronzers and blushers though
  4. 4. If you want to use a bronzer, use a matt one and use it very subtly, softly overyour cheeks, bridge of your nose, top on your Asian flush forehead, where youwould naturally catch the sun bear in mind that your neck should not be toodifferent in colour to your face (Don't be tempted to try putting bronzer allover your neck
  5. 5. you'll just end up staining your lengha!) Eyes For your eyes, youcan't go wrong with matt makeup with slight shimmering shadows Iusually use a combination of colours to compliment the Asian bride'soutfit A soft black eyeliner, (No browns) use black mascara for your weddingday, even if you're very fair and usually go for brown - it'll show upbetter in your photographs, smudged close to the base of you lashes on yourupper lid will make your eyelashes appear thicker and, in conjunction with alittle grey or dark brown eye-shadow applied with a thin brush at the base ofyour lower lashes, will subtly define your eyes perfectly for the photos I useblack WATERPROOF mascara on just about every bride that comes to me,and make sure I curl the lashes before applying it On some occasions I evenconsider using false eyelashes as this gives more definition over the eyes andlooks quite stunning in photographs Lips For the bride's lips, I like touse a colour that will not clash with the bride's eyes and dress and ofcourse her Bouquet Bearing in mind you have already primed your lips whenyou applied your foundation and powder by putting a suitable balm ormoisturiser on them after you have done your base By the time you are readyfor lipstick to be applied, your lips will be in perfect condition-Always leave thisto the very last
  6. 6. I use a "Nude" lip pencil over the entire lip before applying the lip colour as itgives extra staying power, apply lip-colour then blot with a tissue and reapplylipstick with a touch of gloss or a more shimmering colour to enhance theshadow of your bottom lip and a slight touch over the top lip And FinallyThe most important tip is to allow yourself a good three hours to get ready asthis gives your beautician plenty of time to work her magic and make you lookstunning More importantly it will give you some all-important chill out timeaway from your interfering aunties Before you make an entrance, a quickcheck and powder before you leave for the ceremony, and your Dulha will betotally bowled over PLUS you will look fantastic in the photos of your dreamshaadi!
  7. 7. Asian flush