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Creative Observations



I brief primer I give to my new creatives to give them a sense of my beliefs.

I brief primer I give to my new creatives to give them a sense of my beliefs.



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Creative Observations Creative Observations Presentation Transcript

  • Some creative observations
  • Have an opinion. If a client is at all savvy they appreciate it. If a client is naive they need it.
  • The state of the art is a moving target and the “best of breed” is only relevant until it’s bested.
  • Copy is not always about the most economic means of saying a thing. Most sentences should not begin with bullet points.
  • Type is a design element and not merely a collection of fonts resident on your hard drive.
  • Photography can be commissioned and not just recovered from royalty free on-line scrapbooks.
  • The Internet should stop being a silent movie.
  • The Internet should stop being a brochure.
  • People with more opinions than ideas should speak less and listen more.
  • Avoid the flavor of the month, it’s what you eat when you don’t know what you want.
  • People who wear suits aren’t all stupid and people who wear all black aren’t necessarily hip.
  • Brainstorming sessions require that all participants actually speak. Nodding and looking intrigued doesn’t help much.
  • Being creative sometimes doesn’t involve a computer at all. Discover the magic hidden in most cocktail napkins.
  • Cynicism isn’t bad; petulance is.
  • Don’t trust your first idea, it’s likely to be knee-jerk or something you saw on this morning’s cereal box.
  • Never discard your first idea, it could be a stroke of genius, and cereal boxes can sometimes provide more than dubious nutrition.
  • Believe in this medium, but don’t lord it over anyone.
  • Aspire to be clever. Aspiring to be a creative genius usually makes one seem like a pompous twit.
  • On the other hand, if you really are a creative genius please disregard the above.
  • Keeping people in the dark is the result of not being very bright.
  • Every presentation is a piece of theatre. Creatives take enough crap for being theatrical we might as well use it to our advantage.
  • Think outside the box. Better yet, never get in one to begin with.
  • If you think you’re the center of the universe remember, in space nobody can hear you scream.
  • We’re often asked to be passionate in a way that doesn’t disturb anyone. That’s like making an X-rated film in which nobody takes off his or her clothes. Be passionate.
  • Committees are the result of poor planning. Consensus amongst too many people results in things like Wonder Bread or the Ford Taurus.
  • Politics are the last refuge of the feeble-minded and are only glamorous on TV.
  • A little PowerPoint is a dangerous thing, and there is rarely little of it.
  • The web is not fully grown; it’s in its adolescence. As a result it’s awkward, has an enormous sex drive, and bad skin. Be patient.
  • If you discover that you work for a really great client work very hard because if you work for a lousy one you’ll work even harder.
  • Good creative is like music; in less than one minute you have to convey a great melody line and an infectious hook. Doesn’t hurt if it has a good beat and you can dance to it.
  • Unless you have strange sexual proclivities, never kiss anyone’s ass.
  • When someone says ‘don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions’ remind them it’s okay to yell ‘fire’ if you see a burning house regardless of whether you know how to put it out or not.
  • Learn how to put out fires.
  • A blank white piece of paper gives birth to a lot of good creative; a lot of white paper covered in thick business prose often buries it.
  • Taking yourself too seriously is usually a solitary pursuit.
  • Believing you are defined by any company title you are ever given is like believing that a man’s shoe size indicates anything other than the length of his foot.
  • Thinking you can do everything is more the result of self-importance than accomplishment.
  • Lavish window-dressing means nothing if the store is empty. A lot of comps do not mean a lot of ideas.
  • If you find yourself at the top of the heap make sure you know what it’s made of.