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Motley Magazine Social Media Training

  1. 1. MotleySocialMediaAndYou!
  2. 2. Whatissocialmedia?Social Media is a means of engaging with Motleysreaders. The aim of social media is to entertain,inform and converse all while improving Motleysimage and directing hits to our website.
  3. 3. WhatsocialmediadoesMotleyhave?MotleycurrentlyhasFacebookandTwitterandIaimtoincreasethefollowersgreatly.FacebookTwitter0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 350020142013
  4. 4. But......
  5. 5. Weneedtoworktogethertomakethishappen!
  6. 6. Aspectsofgoodsocialmedia● Correct spelling and grammar● NO TXT SPEAK AND LOADS OFEXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!● Or Xs and Os XOXOXOXOO● Keep it professional but still fun
  7. 7. Speakingforthemagazine● Remember that the magazines fb and twitterpages speak for the magazine so put your bestfut forward● No coarse language, foul play, sexism, racism,homophobia or making fun of mature students.● No singling out people. Motley isnt yourpersonal page.● However celebrities are fair game.● If anyone leaves a complaint on the FB page orsends a nasty tweet in please leave me (TheEditor) deal with it.
  8. 8. Whatcanyoupost?● Memes or quick witted picutres e.g.● Events youre involved with once youvepermission from the editor.● New music videos but with a comment to createa conversation e.g.● Images taken on campus i.e. Christmas tree,scavenger hunt. (No stalker photos)
  9. 9. Whatcantyoupost?Links to rival publications● Links to other news sources. The aim is to getpeople engaging with Motley not other people.So instead of posting a link about an actordying, make a status about it with a lovelypicture e.g.● No sharing pictures – save it and post it asMotley
  10. 10. Dangersoffacebook● When managing a FB page youre automaticallyset to act as the page when interacting with it.● In laymans terms, if you see a post belongingto Motley in your news feed and you like it, itllcome up as Motley liking their own post unlessyouve specifically gone onto the page andchosen to act as yourself.● This is particularly important as it could causehassle e.g. Motley got into a shit storm when itran that SU Elections opinion poll and someonevoted in the polls as Motley Magazine.
  11. 11. THETWITTERBEAST● Twitter may seem easy but its very tricky to get the hang ofprofessionally.● Anything thats posted on the Facebook is also posted on thetwitter page.● When giving a shout out to someone do not include the@Mention at the beginning of the tweet and if you do have a fullstop (.) before hand i.e. .@UCC to launch space program● If you send the tweet like this @UCC to launch space programonly followers who follow @UCC will see it and youll beeffectively cutting your audience in half.
  12. 12. WHATSA#HASHTAG● Hashtags are a way to easily group tweets by acertain topic e.g. “Devo Tulisa left the #Xfactor”● #They #Do #Not #Need #To #Be #Used #On#Every #Word #To #Ensure #Discovery● Twitters search function is smarter than that.● Most used hashtags this year will be #UCC#Cork #UCCMedia● If anyone has any interesting in live tweetingevents please say so! Matches & TV Showswelcome
  13. 13. SOINSHORT....● No text speak● No offensive language● Be professional● Be engaging● Be entertaining● Be the best you can be
  14. 14. Anyquestions?●DependinghowyourereadingthisyoucanLeaveacommentbelow,putupyourhandnow,