Motley Magazine Social Media Training


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Motley Magazine Social Media Training

  1. 1. MotleySocial Media AndYou!
  2. 2. What is social media?Social Media is a means of engaging withMotleys readers. The aim of social media is toentertain, inform and converse all whileimproving Motleys image and directing hits toour website.
  3. 3. What social mediadoes Motley have?Motley currently has Facebook and Twitter and I aim toincrease the followers greatly.FacebookTwitter0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 350020142013
  4. 4. But......
  5. 5. We need to work together to makethis happen!
  6. 6. Aspects of good social mediaCorrect spelling and grammarNO TXT SPEAK AND LOADS OFEXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!Or Xs and Os XOXOXOXOOKeep it professional but still fun
  7. 7. Speaking for the magazineRemember that the magazines fb and twitterpages speak for the magazine so put your bestfut forwardNo coarse language, foul play, sexism, racism,homophobia or making fun of mature students.No singling out people. Motley isnt yourpersonal page.However celebrities are fair game.If anyone leaves a complaint on the FB page orsends a nasty tweet in please leave me (TheEditor) deal with it.
  8. 8. What can you post?Memes or quick witted picutres e.g.Events youre involved with once youvepermission from the editor.New music videos but with a comment to createa conversation e.g.Images taken on campus i.e. Christmas tree,scavenger hunt. (No stalker photos)
  9. 9. What cant you post?Links to rival publicationsLinks to other news sources. The aim is to getpeople engaging with Motley not other people.So instead of posting a link about an actordying, make a status about it with a lovelypicture e.g.No sharing pictures – save it and post it asMotley
  10. 10. Dangers of facebookWhen managing a FB page youreautomatically set to act as the page wheninteracting with it.In laymans terms, if you see a post belongingto Motley in your news feed and you like it, itllcome up as Motley liking their own post unlessyouve specifically gone onto the page andchosen to act as yourself.This is particularly important as it could causehassle e.g. Motley got into a shit storm when itran that SU Elections opinion poll and someonevoted in the polls as Motley Magazine.
  11. 11. THE TWITTER BEASTTwitter may seem easy but its very tricky to get the hang ofprofessionally.Anything thats posted on the Facebook is also posted on thetwitter page.When giving a shout out to someone do not include the@Mention at the beginning of the tweet and if you do have a fullstop (.) before hand i.e. .@UCC to launch space programIf you send the tweet like this @UCC to launch space programonly followers who follow @UCC will see it and youll beeffectively cutting your audience in half.
  12. 12. WHATS A #HASHTAGHashtags are a way to easily group tweets by acertain topic e.g. “Devo Tulisa left the #Xfactor”#They #Do #Not #Need #To #Be #Used #On#Every #Word #To #Ensure #DiscoveryTwitters search function is smarter than that.Most used hashtags this year will be #UCC#Cork #UCCMediaIf anyone has any interesting in live tweetingevents please say so! Matches & TV Showswelcome
  13. 13. SO IN SHORT....No text speakNo offensive languageBe professionalBe engagingBe entertainingBe the best you can be
  14. 14. Any questions?Depending how youre readingthis you can Leave a commentbelow, put up your hand now,or email me at