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  • 1. Special Olympics Bharat Gujarat
  • 2. Special Olympic Overview Special Olympic Philosophy Special Olympics is founded on the belief that people with intellectual disabilities can, with proper instruction and encouragement, learn, enjoy and benefit from participation in individual and team sports.
  • 3. Special Olympic Overview Special Olympics Goals and Vision Special Olympics vision is to bean unprecedented global movement which through sports training and competition improves the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and, in turn the lives of everyone they touch. To support this commitment to growth, Special Olympics established the following goals: - Expand & develop more local programs in communities throughout each country - Become a worldwide movement lead by athletes. - Commit to changing attitudes of every person on Earth.
  • 4. Special Olympic Overview Special Olympics Athlete A person with ID who trains in a Special Olympic sports and who competes at least once in a SO games / competition at any level ( local, state, national, regional, or world ) during the calendar year ( 01 Jan-31Dec )
  • 5. Special Olympic Overview Special Olympics Sports and Competition All Special Olympics competitions follow the rules published in the Official Special Olympics Summer and Winter Sports Rules available through your respective Special Olympic Program or from Special Olympics headquarters.
  • 6. Special Olympic Overview Special Olympics Sports offered Twenty-six Olympic-type sports are officially offered by Special Olympics. Alpine Skiing Snowshoeing Power Lifting Athletics Table Tennis Sailing Basketball Tennis Snowboarding Bowling Aquatics Speed Skating Cycling Badminton Team Handball FingureSkating Bocce Volleyball Football Cross Country Skiing Gymnastics Equestrian Roller Skating Floor Hockey Softball Golf
  • 7. Agreement with the International Olympic Committee• Special Olympics is formally recognized by the IOC.• Special Olympics is the only organization permitted to use the word “ Olympics “ in its title.• The Olympics and Special Olympics have similar Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, and Award Ceremonies
  • 8. Special Olympics, Inc. Operates in 251 countries; Develop policies and resources to support Regional offices Programs; conduct Regional and World Games National Programs operate National Programs at the Nationwide level Area Programs support, Area Programs organize and expand local Programs Local Programs - ORGANIZE: Local Programs direct service delivery to athletesCOACH: Coach/ COMPETE: Competition/ Train Games Management
  • 9. Special Olympics International Office U.S.A – Washington D.C. 7 Regional Office Latin North Middle Africa Europe East Asia Asia Pacific America America Est. 22 Country Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh Brunei Darussalam BharatCambodia Bhutan Indonesia Japan Laos Malaysia Myanmar Nepal Newzeland Pakistan Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Samoa Timorleste Thailand Vietnam
  • 10. India(Bharat) 26 StatesA.P. Bihar Chandighad Chhatisghad Delhi Gujarat Himachal Goa Hariyana Jarkhand Kerala Karnataka Pradesh Maharastra(E) Maharastra(W) M.P. Manipur Orissa Punjab Pondichery Rajasthan Sikkim Tamilnadu Utranchal U.P.(E) U.P.(W) W.Bengol
  • 11. GujaratAhmedabad Amareli Anand Baroda Bhavnagar BharuchBanaskantha Dahod Daman-Selvas Div Jamnagar Junagadh Kheda Kuchh Mehsana Navasari Narmada Panchmahal Porbandar Patan Rajkot Surat Surendranagar Sabarkantha Selvas Valsad
  • 12. North Zone Centre ZoneNo. District No. District1 Mehsana 7 Ahmedabad2 Patan 8 Anand3 Sabarkantha 9 Kheda4 Banaskantha 10 Surendranagar5 Gandhinagar 11 Baroda6. Kutch-Bhuj 12 Panchmahal South Zone West ZoneNo. District No. District13 Surat 20 Amreli14 Bharuch 21 Bhavnagar15 Navsari 22 Jamnagar16 Narmada 23 Junagadh17 Dang 24 Rajkot18 Valsad 26 Porbandar19 Selvas-Daman 26 Surendranagar
  • 13. Special Olympics Bharat National, Area & Local Program Responsibilities Experience shows that focusing roles and responsibilities to support these 8 components enable the Area Program to grow and develop into a quality, sustainable, athlete-focused Program. Athletes Coaches Volunteers Sports, Training & Competition Finance, Accounting & Budgeting Fundraising Public Awareness
  • 14. THE END