What Is Marketing Automation?


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An overview of Marketing Automation - from initial lead generation, through to lead scoring and lead nurturing. The presentation explains the problems marketing automation solves and the benefits it delivers. It also summarizes the key features provided in Marketing Automation.

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  • And this are some client quotes
  • Startup companies have a few key goals at the start
    – build your product,
    - raise finance,
    - get your first customers
    - hire staff
    Once you are confident that you have a product that
    (a) meets a real customer need and
    (b) a decent sized market, then your focus must switch
    The key goal from that point forward is a Repeatable Customer Acquisition Process
  • Startup companies have a few key goals at the start
    – build your product,
    - raise finance,
    - get your first customers
    - hire staff
    Once you are confident that you have a product that
    (a) meets a real customer need and
    (b) a decent sized market, then your focus must switch
    The key goal from that point forward is a Repeatable Customer Acquisition Process
  • And this are some client quotes
  • We setup our company, Motarme, in 2011
    We are building a web-based system for Marketing Automation which went live in September last year and since then we’ve been selling our first licenses.
    We also provide consulting on web marketing for B2B technology firms
    Our clients include Siemens, Atos and about 40 technology and software firms.
    Before setting up Motarme I was Head of Marketing at Singularity, and prior to that I worked with Siemens, Deloitte, Misys Corporation among others.
  • What Is Marketing Automation?

    2. 2. Marketing Automation helps you: •generate more sales leads, •make more sales and •earn more money.
    3. 3. 3 • Marketing Automation systems are web-based applications. • They help you generate more sales leads. • They help you generate better quality leads. • They automate the follow-up with those leads to convert more of them to “sales ready” leads. • They coordinate web marketing activities like email marketing, online ads and online registrations. • They help you analyze which marketing inputs produce the best outputs – sales leads and sales.
    4. 4. Why Do You Need Marketing Automation?
    5. 5. The Problem • Lead Generation tends to be inconsistent – not standardized or automated. • Can identify contacts but these don’t convert to opportunities • Process frequently ignores buyer behaviour – buyers now do a lot /most of their research online Ad hoc lead 11 generation - not repeatable 2 2 Ad hoc lead management - inconsistent 3 3 Too many manual steps – not scalable
    6. 6. 6 The problem ThTeh Pero Pblreomblem Typical problems with Lead Generation today • Online lead generation is not systematically managed. • Marketing teams generate a limited number of leads from one or two sources such as tradeshows. • Marketing teams pass every contact they generate to Sales without sorting out the good from the bad. • Sales teams believe the leads they get from their Marketing units are low quality and so do not follow them up effectively. • Some leads are not followed up within a reasonable time frame, or at all. • Marketing can’t see what happens to the leads they pass to Sales. • Marketing can’t compare the quality of leads generated from two different sources because they can’t track their progress in sales. • Marketing teams are not sure which activities generate ‘good’ sales leads. • Marketing aren’t sure which elements of promotional spend produce the best sales results.
    7. 7. 7 Lead Generation is Moving Online 4 of the top 5 lead sources are online 1 2 3 4 5 47% Source: DemandBase and Focus.com, 2011
    8. 8. EEmmaaiill MMaarrkkeettiinngg 8 Digital Marketing Is Too Complex •Specialist skills required •Multiple tools for SEO, ads, social ...
    9. 9. 9 Tools Not Designed For B2B Tech Marketing •Tools not designed for typical sales or marketing staff •Complex systems that require specific skills •Have to use multiple tools to obtain benefit
    10. 10. Our Goal A Repeatable Customer Acquisition Process 11 Predictable 2 2 Scalable 3 3 Automatable
    11. 11. What Does Marketing Automation Do?
    12. 12. ThWe PThraohbtel eD mporeosb Mlemarketing Automation Do? Generate Web Traffic Capture Leads “Nurture” those Leads “Closed Loop” Reporting Handover Sales- Ready leads
    13. 13. ThWe PThraohbtel eD mporeosb Mlemarketing Automation Do? Generate Web Traffic Capture Leads “Nurture” those Leads “Closed Loop” Reporting Handover Sales- Ready leads
    14. 14. ThWe PThraohbtel eD mporeosb Mlemarketing Automation Do? AAuuttoommaattee eeaacchh sstteepp ffrroomm iinniittiiaall ccaappttuurree tthhrroouugghh ttoo hhaannddoovveerr ttoo ssaalleess Awareness 100% Lead 35% Capture Lead 32% Nurturing 26% Handoff to Sales Revenue 22% € $ £ Source: Forrester Research “The State of Lead to Revenue Management” July 2012
    15. 15. ThWe PThraohbtel eD mporeosb Mlemarketing Automation Do? MMaarrkkeettiinngg AAuuttoommaattiioonn ssyysstteemmss ttyyppiiccaallllyy mmaannaaggee tthheessee aaccttiivviittiieess MMaarrkkeettiinngg AAuuttoommaattiioonn LLeeaadd ggeenneerraattiioonn LLaannddiinngg ppaaggeess LLeeaadd ssccoorriinngg EEmmaaiill mmaarrkkeettiinngg LLeeaadd NNuurrttuurriinngg SSeeaarrcchh EEnnggiinnee OOppttiimmiizzaattiioonn ttoooollss CCRRMM IInntteeggrraattiioonn AAnnaallyyttiiccss && ““CClloosseedd LLoooopp”” rreeppoorrttiinngg
    16. 16. What Are The Benefits?
    17. 17. The Benefits 17 Increased Lead Generation Generate more leads from increased automated lead capture. Better Quality Leads Marketing apply consistent criteria to ensure only sales-ready leads are passed to sales. Increased Revenue More leads and better quality leads convert to more sales and increased revenue. Increased Automation More efficient use of marketing and sales time through automation, leading to reduced cost per lead. “Closed Loop” reporting - accurate insight Understand which marketing inputs results in sales. Analytics leading to better decision making for marketing spend.
    18. 18. The Benefits 18 There’s a clear business case Industry Research + + 20% - 30%  80%  80%  136%  136% Convert an additional 20% to 30% of Leads Reduce lead cost by up to 80% 136% increase in Gross Profit - CSO Insights Sources: Forrester, Gartner, MarketingSherpa, CSO Insights
    19. 19. How Does CRM Relate To Marketing Automation?
    20. 20. Marketing Automation Customer Relationship Management Acquire Maintain / grow Customer Life Stage Retain / recapture Users Marketing Sales Support Source: David Raab, http://customerexperiencematrix.blogspot.com The Benefits
    21. 21. What Are The Key Features of a Marketing Automation System?
    22. 22. Key Marketing Automation Features 22 Lead Capture Forms Ability to create registration forms or capturing website visitor registration details. Landing page design and host Drag and drop page design, hosting of the resulting landing pages for visitor lead capture. Lead profiling Capture profile information including location, source of visitor, keyword search terms, social media profiles. Lead scoring rules Automated rules to apply a numeric score to a lead based on its profile and behaviour. Lead grading/Persona matching Allow manual grading of lead’s match to targeted “personas”. Lead routing/allocation Automated rules to route lead for automated or manual follow-up. Notifications Notify sales or marketing personnel when prospects take a specific action. Lead Nurturing Automatically send a sequence of email messages to a lead based on pre-defined rules. These rules can related to its score, profile, location, company or other parameters. Lead Behaviour Score Automatically add or subtract points from a lead score based on behaviour such as additional website visits, downloads, email opens, inactivity etc. Core Features
    23. 23. Key Marketing Automation Features 23 Nurture emails Create a pre-defined sequence of emails to be used for follow-up ‘nurture tracks’. Email campaigns to multiple recipients Send email campaigns to multiple recipients. Email design Design user-friendly HTML marketing emails. Auto-responder emails Trigger automated emails when a user takes an action. Landing page design Design user-friendly HTML landing pages in a drag and drop editor. Customizable form fields Create new form fields. Progressive profiling Progressively acquire additional information from clients on repeat interactions via landing pages, web pages or emails. Email
    24. 24. Key Marketing Automation Features 24 CRM connector Integration connectors to main CRM systems. Route leads to CRM account Assign leads, have them posted to sales team’s CRM accounts. Retrieve CRM opportunity data Retrieve opportunity status and revenue data for leads from CRM system and match to marketing lead generation costs. Custom CRM fields Create custom fields in the CRM system and match them to fields in the Marketing Automation system. CRM Integration
    25. 25. Key Marketing Automation Features Reporting and Analytics Web visitor tracking Tracking of visitor numbers, sources, search terms, location, 25 frequency etc. Lead reporting Reports on number and quality of leads, cost per lead. Channel analysis Analysis of quality of lead, cost per lead, per channel e.g. email, SEO, pay-per-click, social. Revenue impact Analysis of which leads converted to revenue, from which sources and at what cost. Anonymous visitor tracking Tracking of visitors before they register on a landing page or form.
    26. 26. Key Marketing Automation Features 26 Contact Management Manual update Ability to manually edit a lead record to update address or contact data, add notes. Social media data Integrate to LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks to pull up profile data on the lead and append it to the record. Data append Integrate with 3rd party data appending services to enrich lead detail records. List management Manage and segment lists of leads based on industry, geography, role and other parameters.
    27. 27. Key Marketing Automation Features 27 Search Engine Optimization Search source data Record the source data including keyword terms against lead records. Keyword configuration analysis Analyse client website page settings. Keyword opportunity analysis Identify high volume keyword opportunities. Keyword ranking information Identify current ranking against selected keywords.
    28. 28. What Are The Goals For a Marketing Automation Project?
    29. 29. 29 Marketing Automation ThGe oGaolasls Foof Mr Markaertikneg tAiuntgom Aautitoonmation 1. Generate more leads 2. Generate better quality leads (i.e. generate more 'hot' leads and less 'cold' ones). 3. Ensure we respond to all leads (i.e. that none of them go un-contacted). 4. Make sure this response happens faster than at present (e.g. minutes or hours rather than days). 5. Ensure we respond to all leads consistently. 6. Ensure this response is based on information we have about the lead, rather than based on a given sales person's current location, their workload or their access to the CRM system or other circumstantial drivers. 7. Ensure that our longer-term response (lead nurturing) is effective at driving engagement with leads – that our actions increase engagement, not decrease it. 8. Record sufficient information about how we manage leads so that we can analyze our activities and draw accurate conclusions about how to improve our approach.
    30. 30. How Do You Implement Marketing Automation?
    31. 31. Where Do You Start? Who to target – Ideal Customer Profile (Personas) What is a Lead? – Define with your Sales team 11 22 What Are We Selling – review 33 your Value Proposition Execution Preparation 44aa Inbound Tactics Outbound Tactics 55 Process Automation with Motarme System CCaappttuurree PPrrooffiillee SSccoorree NNuurrttuurree Sales Ready 44bb
    32. 32. “ We have seen for ourselves how a solid strategy has helped to drive traffic to our site and generate sales leads.” Caolan Bushell Business Development Manager Mergon Group Barry Rooney Chief Operations Officer Siemens ITSS “Motarme delivered real, measurable results in a short timeframe – sales and contacts from our target audience at Tier 1 companies.” Joe Lynch General Manager IMEC Technologies “Generating leads online is now a central part of our sales strategy.” About Us
    33. 33. What We Do – B2B Technology Marketing Motarme helps business-to-business (B2B) technology companies generate leads online and convert those leads to sales. We provide marketing automation, website design, digital marketing and PR services. •Lead Generation Consultancy •Marketing Automation •Web Marketing and Web Design
    34. 34. Thank You Motarme Marketing Automation T: +353 1 969 5029 M: +353 86 383 8981 W: www.motarme.com Twitter: @motarme