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Mosio Capabilities | Brand and Agency Solutions for Mobile | SMS | Text Message Marketing and Advertising


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Mosio's Mobile Marketing Capabilities Deck for brands and agencies. SMS / Text Messaging software for advertising campaigns and usage in magazine ads, billboards, guerrilla and street marketing …

Mosio's Mobile Marketing Capabilities Deck for brands and agencies. SMS / Text Messaging software for advertising campaigns and usage in magazine ads, billboards, guerrilla and street marketing services.

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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Mobile Marketing Capabilities
  • 2. About + Value + Capabilities + Work + Buzz Mosio is a mobile technologies agency providing text messaging and mobile web solutions for businesses, brands and agencies. Our mobile strategy and development services amplify marketing programs, increase business efficiencies and reach company goals. 877.572.9953
  • 3. Your keys and your phone – they’re always with you. Mobile bridges the digital divide between online and on-the-street and gives a longer tail to traditional marketing campaigns and events. The right mobile solutions deliver high-value interactions that drive sales, increase awareness and build brand loyalty. We manage mobile, so you don’t have to. As an Agency + Software as a Service (SaaS) hybrid, we use our expertise and experience to help our clients connect with consumers on-the-go, using their mobile presence to generate revenue, increase engagement and build brand loyalty, both on and offline. Evolving at the speed of technology. Since 2007, we have designed, developed and launched mobile social communities, interactive mobile technologies and industry-specific products and services that evolve with social trends and technologies. Mosio simplifies mobile. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . About
  • 4. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Value Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Mobile is all we think about. Our team brings decades of experience in mobile technologies and marketing to the table. We understand the dynamics and help our clients identify, strategize and execute mobile applications and services with the greatest reach, impact and return on investment. Every mobile campaign is unique. We work with our partners to serve as their mobile arm. We’ll get your team comfortable with our services so you can augment your efforts with impactful results. Everybody wins. Expanding a scope of services to include mobile adds value and generates revenue. We work with every partner on an individual basis, catered to their needs. Our mobile platform enables us to be flexible, effective and scalable. Brands know they need to mobilize. How it happens is a different story.
  • 5. Easy-to-use technologies backed by a friendly support team. Mosio’s interactive mobile technologies create one-to-one dialogue connecting brands to consumers at their point-of-experience and keep the conversation going well after the first impression. Combining live response and automated delivery, engagement happens 24x7x365. + MARS | Mobile Ad Response System Bridge the digital divide using a simple mobile technology with massive reach. + Text Chat | Mobile Questions, Comments & Feedback Put the power in their hands. Let your customers text you…anything. + SMS Newsletters & Alerts Keep your audience in the loop while they’re on-the-go. + Send to Phone Deliver mobile apps, sites and content directly to phones from the web. + Text to Screen Dynamic consumer participation and brand interaction. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Capabilities
  • 6. MARS | Mobile Ad Response System MARS is a brand’s best mobile friend. It brings digital technologies to the street, delivering mobile sites, apps, html emails and content via SMS text messaging. MARS lets consumers interact with brands wherever they are and creates an opt-in connection for future engagement. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Featured Solution Street Marketing SMS Web or Mobile Use With: Advertising Wild Postings Billboards Guerrilla Projections Chalk Stencils Deliver Digital Content: Mobile Sites + Apps Videos + Trailers Info + Collateral Coupons + Offers
  • 7. Mosio’s Text Chat Platform enables brands to: + Create point-of-engagement interaction with 99.9% mobile accessibility + Receive and respond to text messages in real-time using intelligent messaging dialogue + Send live URL’s to mobile web sites, images, videos, social networks, apps + Gather market intelligence, run usage reports and download chat transcripts + Stay connected 24x7x365 with customizable auto-responders Text Chat Software | Questions, Comments, Feedback © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Featured Solution Text Chat Dashboard Social Media Integration
  • 8. Text Message Newsletters and SMS alerts keep consumers informed and up-to-date with the latest news, events and promotions. Over 90% of text messages on campaigns are read by recipients. Harnessing the power of mobile’s most ubiquitous channel, text message marketing results in response rates 2-10x higher than online display ads. Mobile Messaging | Interactive Text Messaging + Newsletters + Alerts © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Featured Solution Build a campaign. Send a call-to-action. Get a response.
  • 9. Send to Phone | Content Sharing via SMS © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Featured Solution Discovery of mobile apps and websites is one of the biggest challenges in the mobile space. We developed our Send to Phone  function to enable consumers to seamlessly send content directly to their phones via text messaging without disrupting their online experiences. Branded Pop-Up Widgets Added to Websites Discover & Deliver: + Mobile Web Apps + Sites + Images, Videos, Links + Coupons / Special Offers + Business Info / Directions
  • 10. Text to Screen | Interactive User Generated Projections Mosio’s text-to-screen engagement solutions are designed to create high-impact interactions for events and non-traditional marketing. Text to Screen services include audience response, polling, MMS/photo posting, event marketing and promotions . © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Featured Solution Guerilla Marketing Projections Attendee Engagement
  • 11. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Clients Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Vlingo Mobile Ad Response (Billboards + Radio) Nike Women’s Marathon Mobile Ad Response (Advertisements) Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival Mobile Web + Text Message Alerts Scarleteen Mobile Q&A via Text Chat Movember Foundation Text to Screen + Mobile Marketing Information Today Mobile Website Development Pepco Mobile Customer Feedback Examples of our work.
  • 12. "Mosio makes it easy.” - Krystal London, Mobile Industry Review “Mosio presented Microsoft the perfect opportunity to combine mobile, community and discovery in a social and interactive environment.” - Hunter Hoffman, Universal McCann “Mosio is a mobile marketing agency that is on the cutting edge of how the mobile space is adapting to the way people use their phones to communicate.” - Murray Newlands, Digital Marketing Consultant "Using Mosio has given us a new way to speak with our clients and consumers; one that is simple for them and effective for us!” - Andrew Loos, Attack! Marketing "Mosio's service opens up a whole new world for us, giving us an easy-to-use component, increasing student access to KU Info.” - Curtis Marsh, KU Info Program Director "Mosio has done something very smart.” - Greg Sterling, Local Mobile Search © 2010 Mosio, Inc Buzz Interactive . Mobile . Engagement .
  • 13. Web: www. mosio .com E mail : [email_address] P hone : 877.572.9953 T ext: ASKMO to 66746 © 2010 Mosio, Inc Contact Interactive . Mobile . Engagement .