Mosio for Libraries (Librarian Connect) - Virtual Reference Software - Webinar Demo


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The newest information about how Mosio for Libraries enables librarians to efficiently receive and respond to customer questions via Online Chat, Text Message, Emails and Facebook from a single web-based dashboard.

This webinar was conducted for public libraries in Virginia as a demo of the capabilities of Librarian Connect (powered by Mosio) as part of their Literati packages.

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Mosio for Libraries (Librarian Connect) - Virtual Reference Software - Webinar Demo

  1. 1. Patron Support Simplified
  2. 2. It all started on the mobile phone, then… “I wish we could answer all questions this way.”
  3. 3. Mosio for Libraries enables libraries to deliver better online and mobile customer service to patrons efficiently. Chat Email SMS Text Message Facebook See all of your patrons in one place and interact with them across your customer service channels from a single, simple dashboard.
  4. 4. What if you’re too busy to chat? No problem! Chat Email SMS Text Message If you are not logged in to Chat, it simply does not show up as a channel, but still encourages engagement. Facebook
  5. 5. With Mosio, libraries get to “be everywhere” without librarians having to be everywhere. Be more efficient while being more accessible.
  6. 6. Tabs, Buttons and Widgets Tabs and Buttons Gallery: Over 700 to choose from or make your own. Tabs preferred over embeddable widgets
  7. 7. Databases and Online Resources Plugins and Apps Drupal / Wordpress / Joomla! / Facebook
  8. 8. Smartphone and Tablet Ready
  9. 9. Get Social with Mosio’s Facebook App The widget pops out so users can still use your Facebook page while getting the support they need.
  10. 10. Coming Soon Custom Widget Header Notification Plugins (Firefox and Chrome)
  11. 11. Configuration and Sharing Options 1) Single Branch Setup With this set up a library branch has its own version of the Mosio (Librarian Connect) where they are only receiving and responding to questions from their own patrons. 2) Collaborative (Shared View): 2 or more libraries sharing duties This is 2 or more libraries working together to cover virtual reference for each other. They can share duties while taking advantage of our collaborative-friendly options, enabling them to provide patrons with the best possible customer service regardless of where they are asking questions. 3) Main + Branches Virtual reference is "championed" through the Main Library, but patrons may be asking questions and getting answers about their local branch. In these instances either all virtual reference questions are answered from a single group of librarians in the Main branches provide individuals to ensure coverage. Mosio (Librarian Connect) is web-based and accessible from any computer, providing flexibility to respond from anywhere.
  12. 12. Pull out your phones. Text your questions to 805-250-1350 (message and data rates may apply) Ask anything you want, but please keep it clean. ;)
  13. 13. Examples of the Support Tabs on Sites
  14. 14. Literati by Credo
  15. 15. Ex Libris Primo
  16. 16. SirsiDynix
  17. 17. OverDrive
  18. 18. Illiad (Atlas Systems/OCLC)
  19. 19. BiblioCommons (Embedded Widget)
  20. 20. 877.667.4699