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Mosio's Mobile Text Messaging Software and Solutions for Events | Conferences | Trade Shows | Exhibitors | Expos | Event Questions | Info - Case Study


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Mosio's case study for text messaging question and answers for ALA Annual Conference attendees. Live help and information for on-the-go exhibitors and attendees at the American Library Association's …

Mosio's case study for text messaging question and answers for ALA Annual Conference attendees. Live help and information for on-the-go exhibitors and attendees at the American Library Association's largest conference of the year.

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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Case Study: American Library Association Conference Live Help Customer Service: Mobile Text Messaging Q&A
  • 2. Mosio is a mobile technologies agency providing text messaging and mobile web solutions for businesses, brands and agencies. Our mobile strategy and development services amplify marketing programs, increase business efficiencies and reach company goals. 877.572.9953
  • 3. The American Library Association (ALA) is the largest association of library and information specialists with over 64,000 members worldwide. Mosio partnered with the ALA in 2009 to power mobile information services for their biggest conference of the year with an estimated 29,000 attendees and exhibitors. American Library Association - Annual Conference © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Description How it Worked: Using their mobile phones, conference attendees could text in questions about exhibits, speakers and events surrounding the conference and get live information from the event organizers.
  • 4. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Challenge #1: Maximize the conference experience for attendees. Challenge The ALA's 2009 annual conference offered over 300 educational programs, 2,000 committee meetings and more than 1,000 exhibitors all housed in the largest convention center in the U.S. Decreasing traveling budgets among attendees greatly increased the importance of maximizing each individual's conference experience. Many attendees came representing colleagues who were unable to attend and therefore had added scheduling responsibilities to visit more sessions, events and exhibitors than previous years.
  • 5. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Challenge #2: Accessible info to attendees on-the-go. Challenge The ALA wanted a mobile solution that would provide real-time information services to every attendee, to answer questions and provide support beyond the limited number of static information booths. The ALA faced a number of challenges in deploying an effective, efficient mobile solution: * Provide a mobile technology ensuring accessibility to the greatest amount of attendees. * Deliver a personal support experience that attendees were accustomed to at previous conferences. * Train 250 volunteer "Ambassadors" on the mobile technology interface for their one-hour shifts. * Manage all inquiries in a scalable, efficient way to ensure timely responses and delivery of info. * Disseminate details and instructions of the new service to all attendees. * Offer user-friendly experiences for both attendees and information volunteers.
  • 6. Real-time information exchanges via SMS text messaging. Mosio leveraged its expertise in real-time mobile information exchange by deploying its web-based mobile text messaging platform to enable 250 volunteer information specialists to receive and respond to attendee questions. Attendees send text message inquiries from their mobile phones, while the Ambassadors answer online via laptop computers with internet access. The mobile messaging software is designed to be "always on" by utilizing live responses during show hours and automated responses after hours, keeping the service connected to attendees 24x7. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Solution
  • 7. * Make the mobile information service available to everyone with a cell phone by utilizing text messaging. * Brand the service "Text an Ambassador" to personalize interactions and maintain the familiarity of information support attendees expected. * Present an intuitive interface for instant adoption by volunteers with no formal training. * Provide collaboration utilities to accommodate multiple users answering questions simultaneously and avoid duplicated responses. * Market the service through various pre-event online resources (conference website & wiki, news articles/blog posts, email campaign, Twitter & social networks) and on-site print materials (table tents, business cards, bookmarks in giveaway bags & daily conference newspaper). * Enable back-of-house access so administrators could monitor and contribute to "live text chat" conversations to ensure positive interactions and correct information. Working together Mosio and the ALA met the following goals: © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Results
  • 8. The resulting mobile information service delivered an engaging attendee experience turning every cell phone into a conference resource. Text messaging proved to be the ideal medium to reach the largest audience as it does not require attendees to own web-enabled phones or to download/install applications. ALA's Text an Ambassador program was a huge success and increased attendee satisfaction through a personalized "information anywhere" service . The higher level of support assistance benefited ALA and its members without having to employ extra personnel. ALA chose Mosio once again as technology provider for the Text an Ambassador program for their midwinter conference in Boston, January 15-19, 2010 and for their 2010 Annual Conference in Washington DC, June 24-29, 2010. Delivery of an engaging, live, informational mobile experience. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Results
  • 9. Best Practices: Pre-conference marketing included a &quot;Try it Now&quot; call-to-action to familiarize attendees with the service and included instructions to save the number in their phone contacts for instant access during the show. Testimonials: ( From the Client) &quot;The service was great. Amazing even. We received a lot of positive feedback from our attendees and our volunteers were able to use the technology with no formal training.&quot; - John Chraskta, Director of Membership Services ( From the Attendees) * &quot;I LOVE the Text an Ambassador service for the @alaannual ! Makes life easy!&quot; * &quot;Just tested the Text-an-Ambassador! Slick! What a bunch of smarties at ALA! #ala2009&quot; * &quot;I think the text-a-librarian feature for #ala2009 is totally rad. Thank you thank you thank you!!&quot; * &quot;ALA's Text a Librarian is awesome. I asked about registration & the buses and got an instant answer. #ALA2009, #Scls@ALA&quot; * &quot;I <3 Text a librarian. Its so cool! #Ala2009&quot; Best Practices and Testimonials © 2010 Mosio, Inc Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . More Info
  • 10. © 2010 Mosio, Inc Clients and Examples Interactive . Mobile . Engagement . Vlingo Mobile Ad Response (Billboards + Radio) Nike Women’s Marathon Mobile Ad Response (Advertisements) Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival Mobile Web + Text Message Alerts Scarleteen Mobile Q&A via Text Chat Movember Foundation Text to Screen + Mobile Marketing Information Today Mobile Website Development Pepco Mobile Customer Feedback Examples of our work.
  • 11. &quot;Mosio makes it easy.” - Krystal London, Mobile Industry Review “Mosio presented Microsoft the perfect opportunity to combine mobile, community and discovery in a social and interactive environment.” - Hunter Hoffman, Universal McCann “Mosio is a mobile marketing agency that is on the cutting edge of how the mobile space is adapting to the way people use their phones to communicate.” - Murray Newlands, Digital Marketing Consultant &quot;Using Mosio has given us a new way to speak with our clients and consumers; one that is simple for them and effective for us!” - Andrew Loos, Attack! Marketing &quot;Mosio's service opens up a whole new world for us, giving us an easy-to-use component, increasing student access to KU Info.” - Curtis Marsh, KU Info Program Director &quot;Mosio has done something very smart.” - Greg Sterling, Local Mobile Search © 2010 Mosio, Inc Buzz Interactive . Mobile . Engagement .
  • 12. Web: E mail : [email_address] P hone : 877.572.9953 T ext: ASKMO to 66746 © 2010 Mosio, Inc Contact Interactive . Mobile . Engagement .