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Ideate - DesignThinking

  1. 1. Idea generation & Idea Selection Moses Siwale
  2. 2. Problem Statement Mr. Smith (Stakeholder) needs a way (need/problem) to have an alternative career at mid-career period in line with career objectives.
  3. 3. Solutions/Ideas to this Problem Statement
  4. 4. Obvious and Modified Solutions  Teacher needs special training to give proper advice  Mentor system with university student to give insight  Internet research  Doing a course at university  Taking part in voluntary activities at work  Networking with like-minded people  Do your undergraduate/postgraduate studies abroad  Do distance leaning studies with top universities  Go about writing a research paper about current topics/issues  Join social media-business groups to get exposed to industrial professionals and experts so as to acquire knowledge about the world  Try getting an internship with a company to gain practical knowledge  Talk to older friends  Read  Visit job subscriptions  Visit prospective companies  Conduct interviews with experts as homework
  5. 5. Obvious and Modified Solutions  Contact HR personnel to get advice  Get information in a job center  Do a course at university  Talk to family  Increase funding to education system  Access scholarships available for study and research based  Try to get access to internships in a multinational and work with the middle/top management  Work with friends who are entrepreneurs.  Do more readings to keep updated with current global issues  Try to pull your own strings to get access to government officials and request their advice and help.  Spread awareness of value-addition in class and hence make yourself an integral part of the course.  Explain the advantage of new teaching methodologies to the faculty and ask them if it can be adopted.  Undertake case study analysis.  Find a way to work at university as research assistance.  Talk to liaison teacher
  6. 6. Curious Solutions  Have faith in yourself that you will choose the right path automatically  Cry until somebody helps you  Beg if necessary to get assistance  Meditate  Work and travel  Us social media to your advantage  Go on personal retreat  Pray  Find out what you do not like  Travel around the world to find your real interests  Connect with childhood friends  Try DNA activation techniques
  7. 7. Unlimited Budget  Tests regarding special talent  Do a MBA or other special courses to qualify yourself more  Pursue doctoral studies to make yourself an expert  No tuition fees for students  Make free funds for student living expense available  Professional coachers for students  Oblige companies to employ a certain amount of interns a year  Make access to universities easier  Build more universities  Establish more entrepreneurship courses
  8. 8. Idea Selection Most Practical Idea Mentor system University academicians to act as mentor for students and give them advice and insight. Most favorite idea Study abroad/distance learning Do your undergraduate/postgraduate studies abroad, do distance leaning from top universities (whilst working ) Most disruptive idea Unlimited budget No tuition fees for students/make free funds for student living expenses available. This help to make access to education possible and have highly skilled personnel