Invitation the nordic approach (nawop's first nordic interdisplinary conference)


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Invitation the nordic approach (nawop's first nordic interdisplinary conference)

  1. 1. WE HAVE THE PLEASURE TO INVITE YOU to NAWOP´s FIRST NORDIC INTERDISPLINARY CONFERENCE 18th to 20th of June 2014 in Copenhagen The Nordic approach? Past - Present - Future We would like to invite you to Copenhagen for the first conference of the Nordic Association of Work and Organizational Psychology/NAWOP. The conference will also be a place for dialogue and networking. Keynote speakers and workshop holders: Anders Risling (Sweden) Benedicte Madsen (Denmark) Helle Petersen (Denmark) Lars K. Kristensen (Denmark) Lütfieye Kaya Cicerali (Turkey) Nikolaj Lunøe (Denmark) Peter Hasle (Denmark) Søren Willert (Denmark) See more: spearkers/ Veneu: University of Copenhagen Department of Psychology Øster Farimagsgade 2A 1353 København K REGISTRATION IS OPEN
  2. 2. PROGRAMME The 18th June: Theme PAST  Registration 11.00 to 12.30  Welcome 13.00  Assembly line or socialism? Fordism - a myth of the past - Lars K Christensen Master in history and philosophy, PhD, curator, senior researcher, National Museum of Denmark  Gunnar Hjelholt: A pioneer within group dynamics and organizational psychology - Lector emeritus. Benedicte Madsen, Aarhus University and Associated Professor, Søren Willert, Aalborg University  Late afternoon reception The 19th June Theme PRESENT  Emotions during organizational change: the value of combining strategic communication with organizational psychology - Helle Petersen, Phd, MPO ass. professor, Roskilde University  Workshop: Working with big groups in practice - Anders Risling Licensed Psychologist Practitioner in Stockholm  Lunch  Workshop continue - Anders Risling Licensed Psychologist Practitioner in Stockholm  Parallel workshops:  Minisociety – Associated Professor, Søren Willert, Aalborg University  Consultant styles, taking off from Gunnar Hjelholt´s Boundary keeper – Lector emeritus. Benedicte Madsen, Aarhus University  The Nordic approach - Trine Lindemark, Licensed Psychologist Practitioner in Copenhagen  General Assembly 17.30 – 18.30  Dinner (separate entry) The 20th June: THEME FUTURE  A qualitative study on how Swedish organizations deal with workplace bullying - Dr. Lütfieye Kaya Cicerali, PhD, master in Psychology, Istanbul University  Five wishes for a better future - and an example of what it might look like - Nikolaj Lunøe, Psychologist, Practitioner in Denmark  Lunch  Development of sustainable work - is there a future for a Nordic model - Peter Halse, Professor Aalborg University
  3. 3. 14.30 Conference closing Price: Registrations fees By 2.nd April 2014 After 2.nd April 2014 Members (full) NAWOP DKK 3.270 ~ € 430 DKK 3.875 ~ € 510 Members associate or EAWOP DKK 3.610 ~ € 475 DKK 4.000 ~ € 530 Non- Members DKK 4000 ~ € 530 DKK 4.375 ~ € 575 Student fees DKK 2.250 ~ € 300 DKK 3.000 ~ € 400 1€ = 7,60 Dk.  Payment must be made in Danish Kroner (DKK) to the order of NAWOP and remitted as follows: By bank transfer to account No. 7449 1079278 (NAWOP) – IBAN No. DK 3774400001079278 Swift code (BIC-adresse) NRSBDDK24 in NRS Bank Vestbjerg, Denmark  By electronic invoice (only for Danish delegates). På grund af den lange ekspeditionstid for EAN-fakturaer, er denne betalingsmåde ikke mulig senere end 30 dage før konference start. EAN gebyr er på kr. 39,00 1 day or 2 day participation is possible. See more: Please note that VAT is not added on conference payments in Denmark, and therefore is not deductible. Final Registration Participants must register the 18th of June at the Registration Desk between 11.00 and 12.30 (outside room 1.1. 18, first floor) upon arrival at the Conference. Please remember to bring your confirmation of participation. 60€~456DKK 50€ ~380DKK 30€ ~228 DKK
  4. 4. Accommodation COUCHSURFING: If you have a couch or you would like to borrow couch for one or to nights, please contact us: We do this properly and respectful within the frame you give us either as the borrower or as provider of a couch. Reservation In order to secure accommodation suiting your needs and wishes, you are encouraged to book as soon as possible. Participants who want to book hotel accommodation should indicate the preferred hotel on the hotel reservation form. If the hotel of your choice is not available at the time of booking, the closest alternative will be allocated. If for some reason it is more convenient for you to book the hotel room after having registered for the congress it is still possible to book and achieve the favorable congress rate. You get the best price if you book direct on the hotels homepage: Thank you for your participation Trine Lindemark, Sanna Jacobsen, Morten Korshøj Andersen and Thomas Koopmann Jensen PS: Possibilities for changes in the program may occur 