Social Communications: Getting Prepared and Making it Happen


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With the proliferation of social channels, where should public libraries be and why should they be there? What should they post, and how can they build public interest in their social networking? This presentation includes suggestions for effective use of social communications.

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Social Communications: Getting Prepared and Making it Happen

  1. 1. Social Communications Getting Prepared andGetting Prepared and Making it HappenMaking it Happen Carol A Spencer Digital & Social Media Manager October 2, 2013
  2. 2. •Why be in the social space •The Social Spaces •Where to Share •What to Share •About Posting •Plan. Plan. Plan. •Resources Communications in the Social Space
  3. 3. Why be in the social space We’re social… • 1 in 8 US married couples met via social media. • If FB were a country, it would be the 3rd largest. • Fastest growing segment on FB is women, 55 - 65 • Gen Y (17 to 34) & Gen X (35 to 45) have abandoned email. • 96% of Gen Y belong to a social network. • Gen X and Gen Y are our families, workers, commuters, taxpayers, voters…
  4. 4. Why be in the social space We’re mobile… • US mobile penetration: 110% (phones, tablets) • There are more than 100M smartphone users in the US, up 13% since October, 2011. • Nearly 40M US mobile users access social sites every day • 74.6% of adults text message on their phones • 87% of teens text message on their phones • People just expect to get information online
  5. 5. Social & Mobile are the Norm Twitter Microblog Flickr Still Photos Google Email, Apps Scribd Documents Skype Phone, chat LinkedIn Network Pinterest Online Pinboard Foursquare Location app WordPress Blog Blogger Blog Facebook Network YouTube Video Vimeo Video RSS Feed Subscription SlideShare Presentations
  6. 6. •The options are overwhelming •Focus on the main social channels: – Twitter – Facebook – YouTube – Flickr (or other photo sharing site) – Instagram – Pinterest •Know the demographics of each The Social Spaces
  7. 7. • Facebook: more conversational; allows for longer posts (2000 characters) • Twitter: short posts with links (140 characters) • YouTube: short, interesting videos • Flickr: still photos; good for the press • Instagram: young demographic, visual, short, descriptive text • Pinterest: photos, female demographic Where to Share
  8. 8. What to Share • Pointers about how to do things at the library (connecting to wifi, new cards, etc) • What you have available • Resources a finding a job • Events: before, during and after an event • Hours, closings, other resources when closed • Digital Library, Braille Library, Home book deliveries • Cross posting with the town, schools, county, and other libraries
  9. 9. • Google Hangouts with an author • Guest blogs, then feature on Facebook, Twitter • Local artist, author interviews on YouTube • Online donations in memory of citizens, loved ones • Check-ins on Foursquare, Facebook • Contests • Library role in emergencies: charging stations Think outside the box
  10. 10. • Widgets: can be embedded in your website • Twitter Fast Follow Text ‘Follow @twitterhandle’ to 40404 All tweets arrive as text messages Good throughout the US. Can be done for any Twitter handle. • Add “like” or “follow us” buttons to your home page Expanding your presence
  11. 11. •Determine your social voice •Anything the library is doing Additions to the collection Children’s events Room rentals – anything public Audio / video collections •How the library can help Power outage charging stations Research assistance Homework helpers •Use visuals (photo / video) where possible People scan, don’t read, online Videos that add value Photos to add comfort to new patrons About Posting
  12. 12. • Identify your audiences • Design and build targeted social segments • Have policies adopted and posted • Use a social media dashboard •Hootsuite •Measured Voice •Others…. • Determine who can post and train them • Be mindful of accessibility • Put social icons prominently on your website Plan. Plan. Plan.
  13. 13. • Building a Municipal Social Presence • Web Junction (Webinar) • ALA • Morris County classes in 2014 Will be listed in the Academy catalog ( Resources
  14. 14. •Why use social media Because citizens live in this space •Know your audience Be prepared to communicate with all •What should be posted Anything going on at the library •Plan. Plan. Plan. Design, staff, training, voice, policies Practice In Summary
  15. 15. Social Communications Getting Prepared andGetting Prepared and Making it HappenMaking it Happen Carol A Spencer Digital & Social Media Manager October 2, 2013