The Jack Abramoff Papers: Part 1
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The Jack Abramoff Papers: Part 1

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From the Abramoff teamed up with Grover Norquest, Ralph Reed, and Tom Delay to run the "Agenda"

From the Abramoff teamed up with Grover Norquest, Ralph Reed, and Tom Delay to run the "Agenda"

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  • 1. The Jack Abramoff Papers Utah’s Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Part 2
  • 2. Who Is This Guy ?
    • .
  • 3. Jack Abramoff was a Lobbyist
    • His Clients Included :
    • Microsoft Corp.
    • Time Warner
    • Magazine Publishers of America
    • Envirocare of Utah
    • And Many Others…
  • 4. Mainly Gambling Interests
    • Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
    • Suncruz Casino
    • Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
    • Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
    • Commonwealth of the N Mariana Islands
    • eLottery Inc
  • 5. Especially Indian Tribal Casinos
    • Tribal Casinos Generate over $14.5 Billion Dollars in annual revenue.
    • To put that in perspective, General Motors reports a net income of about ½ billion dollars.
  • 6. Jack Abramoff’s
    • First shot at the National Spotlight was when he spoke to the National Republican Convention in 1984.
    • Abramoff was the elected Chairman of the Young College Republicans.
  • 7. His Election was Engineered by :
    • Grover Norquest …
  • 8. Ralph Reed was Abramoff’s “Right Hand Man”
  • 9. Then Came the Republican Revolution …
    • Republicans had control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    • Norquest had written the “Contract with America” and was close friends with Newt Gingrich, the new “Speaker of the House”.
    • It was Norquest’s plan to make sure all Lobbyists, Congressmen and other organizations were all on the same page.
  • 10. Grover Norquest Organized The “K Street Project”
    • The 1 st goal was to bring Big Lobbyists together with Republican Organizations, and Republican Political Leaders.
    • The 2nd Goal was to force Lobbying Firms to hire Republicans.
    • The 3 rd Goal was to make sure Republican Congressmen did business only with Republican Lobbyists.
  • 11. “ The Enforcer” was the 3 rd Most Powerful Man in the new Republican Congress.
    • Tom Delay:
  • 12. Norquist Promoted Abramoff …
    • As THE Lobbyist to do business with …
    • Abramoff Joined the Seattle Law/Lobbying Firm of Preston Gates and Ellis .
    • He was close to Norquest, Delay and Reed since his days as Chairman of the College Republicans.
  • 13. The K-Street Plan Had Four Major Components :
    • Norquist wrote “The Agenda”
    • Abramoff Brought in the Money
    • Delay Got “the Agenda” through Congress.
    • Ralph Reed provided “Moral Cover” and grass-roots support as head of the “Moral Majority”.
  • 14. For Example :
    • One of Abramoff’s Clients, The Mississippi Choctaw Tribe ran the largest Indian Casino Operation in the U.S.
    • They were concerned that Congress would soon pass a law that taxed their Casino Gambling Profits.
  • 15. Grover Norquest :
    • Grover also controlled the “Americans for Tax Reform” as well as “K Street’s Agenda.
    • In return for “massive” donations to “ Americans for Tax Reform” , he framed the “Casino Tax” with Abramoff as just another “tax increase” on every American Family.
  • 16. Ralph Reed
    • Norquist’s organization, “Americans for Tax Reform” served to funnel Choctaw Casino money to Ralph Reed’s “Christian Coalition”. (Pat Robertson’s old group)
    • Reed’s job was to “shut down” other Indian Tribes that could threaten Choctaw’s revenue.
  • 17. Ralph Reed (cont.)
    • To do this, he used the “Christian Coalition” to block additional Indian Casinos on “moral grounds”.
    • Ralph Reed was accused of taking over $4 million personally from Jack Abramoff.
    • Choctaw Gambling Money sent to the “Christian Coalition” via Norquist’s “Americans for Tax Reform” greatly exceeded that amount.
  • 18. Tom Delay Handled Congress …
    • His P.A.C., Americans for a Republican Majority was used to “reward” those Congressmen that voted with “The Agenda”
    • He also helped set-up the “Family Network” which took-in $345,000 of Choctaw money from Abramoff.