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»This happened« Hamburg: Notabilia

  1. 1. NOTABILIAVisualizing deletion discussions on WikipediaMoritz Stefaner // this happened Hamburg // March 11, 2011
  2. 2. keepkeep deletekeep deletekeepkeep
  3. 3. %! discussion, but a strong cascading effect could also not be 104 2.0 excluded (see below). Conversely, in other cases consensus Distinct votes can be hard to reach and the discussion may drag for longer $! 103 periods: some AfDs in the dataset have been closed after one &()*+,-./" 1.5 year of discussion. 102 #! The absence of correlations between the duration of an AfD 1.0 0and the 10 number 20 votes 30 of accrued in that period results also 40 101 Duration (days) 1 month in a broad distribution of activity rates, as shown in Figure 3 1 week 1 hour 1 year 1 day "! Figure 4:(bottom), distinct options voteduse as a function to plot the density Number of where again we for log binning 100 0 of the duration of AfDsrates. This diversity suggests that the perceived 50 of activity (in days.) 50 10 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 Duration (sec) Delete Keep 40 importance of the topic of an AfD might play a role in deter- 40 ! sample size N = 108, 634 ning to plot the density dynamics of and of activity rates Expected mining Expected duration collective attention it receives from the of the 105 30 30 ! "! #! $! %! of AfD discussions. Wikipedia policies suggest toas a possible consequence, the community of editors, and, keep an 9 &()*+,-./! AfD discussion open at 10 20 its outcome. least for seven days, and this is Further close to the 20 clearly needed to assess clearly shown by the drop in density research is of value 104 10 this (s) = 1 (week) in type of (upper). However, aspect of this Figure 3 deliberation tasks. 10 Figure 2: AfD trajectories and their outcomes. Each line T = 604, 800 represents the cumulative number of Keeps and Deletes at whenever consensus is reached beforehand, it is customary 0 0 103 any given step of the sequence. Color codes the outcome for admins to close the20 0 10 discussion and enforce the decision 10 30 40 50 0 20 30 40 50 of the AfD. Orange: AfD that resulted in the page being 5 Herding effects the hypothesis (p = 50) that immediately. A t-test rejects deleted; Purple: page kept, redirected or merged. The circle the number of options voted for in AfDs shorterwouldday Redirect A totally unbiased discussion than 1 require voters’ prefer- Merge 102 is equal4to that of longer AfDs. Moreover, Figure 4 shows 4 indicates one AfD sequence that ends off the plot. ences this be homogeneous and thatofeach voter is not influ- to number grows with the duration the Expected that, on average, Expected vote approximately until T votes (days). This can3by the 3 enced by the = 10 already cast be other voters. This is < Xo > 101 105 symptomequivalent to say that votesthe AfD under 2 of the non-controversial nature of cast 2 by AfD participants form discussion, but a strong cascading effect could the probability of choosing an sequences of IID draws where also1not be 100 −8 104 excluded (see below). Conversely, in other cases consensus 1 10 10−7 10−6 10−5 10−4 10−3 can be hard to reach and the discussion may drag for longer 9 activity rate (votes/day) 0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Deletion_ 40 periods:0some AfDs in the dataset have40 10 20 30 50 0 been closed after one 10 0 20 30 50 103 policy year of discussion. size N 10Figure 3: (upper) AfD duration as a function of their length; 102 All open AfD discussions are listed in a single page. To our(bottom) Distribution All activity rates for AfD lasting more absence of correlations between the informalofsurvey this and the personal of Keep The knowledge and from our duration an AfDthan 24h; 101 Figure distribution ofAfD discussions. only Figure used by editors to keep watchlist functionalitynumber results also 5: ofExpectedrates, asperiod in tools 3 as a function and the number 1.0 votes accrued in are the of that of votes Delete of A 1 month track new activity in a broad shown 1 week 1 hour 1 year 1 day 100 0 lengthwhere. 0.8Each sub-plotto displays the Keep (bottom), N again we use log binning plot the density number of votes Merge 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 of activity rates. This diversity suggests that the perceived of type ofothefor AfD of size a role(circles). Redirect solid lines Red 10 Duration (sec) importance topic of an AfD might play N in deter- 5 the dynamics of collective attention it receives from 105 sample size N = 108, 634 thecommunity of editors, and, as aIID model with baseline probabilit mining linear 0.6 with an possible consequence, fit po (n) Delete Merge and Redirect the 5 104 Random Error barsFurtherof deliberation tasks.needed to assess of the mean. its outcome.10 representis clearly 0.4 this aspect of this type research the standard error 4 scade size 3 Data 103 2 Herding effects 0.2
  4. 4. 2.5 %! 2.0 Distinct votes $! 1.5&()*+,-./" #! 1.0 0 "! Figure 4 of the du ! ning to p ! "! #! $! %! of AfD d &()*+,-./! AfD dis clearly s
  5. 5. ContextFreehttp://www.contextfreeart.org/
  6. 6. NodeBoxhttp://nodebox.net/
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  8. 8. KEPT/ME